09 January 2018


I'm so thankful that I've prepared this early because once the baby was out I surely had no time to go shopping or even studying what is the best for the baby, as you know first-time mothers are mostly clueless. Even though the products were given to me for a review but I still made sure I knew whats going to be used on my baby and of course hearing the name of a familiar brand makes you already 50% sure that the product could be trusted. Well for me though, I'm not sure about you but PIGEON has surely been one of the trusted brands here we have in Malaysia. Keep on reading to know why I believe so.

Pigeon backs up with 40 years of credibility and experience which rather makes it a specialist in baby skincare by extensive research and development from world-class scientists. The Pigeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series is an example of its unique trademark formula, NatulayerTM that provides a dual layer of protection and comfort newborn’s from its first day. It's also scientifically proven, that NatulayerTM offers a double layer of protection and moisturization. It simulates Vernix, a waxy protective moisturising layer found on newborn babies, and moisture-capturing lipids, Ceramide, to help maintain the baby's supple, hydrated and nourished skin. Not only does it maintains the skin’s fatty protective layer by ensuring balanced pH levels, it's also dermatologically tested, free from Paraben, Formaldehyde, Alcohol and any other ingredients that could cause skin irritation which makes it completely safe for your baby to use.

Pigeon was truly generous by sending me their whole range of their new Newborn Pure Skincare Series for my newborn even before he came out. When Maliq came out after 6 days only did he get his first bath since we were both held at the hospital for that long. My mum gave Maliq his first bath since I was unable to do so and thank goodness I prepared all his stuff beforehand. I surely was eager for him to try out the products and only after a month did I manage to take pictures of Maliq's bath routine. Below is the breakdown of the products that Maliq uses every day.

Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash (200ml) | RM59.00
The body wash is specially formulated to gently cleanse and purify the baby's skin without causing any irritation. It contains moisturizing ingredients that mimic the natural coat of protection on the baby's skin during birth which inspired Pigeon to create their unique trademark formula, NatulayerTM. Not only does it have amazing properties but the scent smells amazing and I could go on sniffing my child all day long with the scent but of course the scent doesn't last all day which I say would be so surprising if it does. The body wash also creates a right amount of foam, which I love and it so easy that it comes with a pump. With these last days in confinement, I'm already practising to wash my baby and it sure ain't easy holding him with one hand and reaching for something else with the other.

Newborn Pure Nourishing Shampoo (200ml) | RM55.00
This ultra-gentle shampoo is the ideal product for newborn babies to cleanse and protect the newborn's sensitive scalp which is enriched with unique ingredients in their formula. It gently penetrates and nourishes down to the hair roots and as similar to the body wash, it offers a dual layer of moisturization and protection with their trademark formula. As you can see my son has quite thick hair and the shampoo is just perfect because the scent smells just as amazing as the body wash but the best thing is that it lasts long too.

Newborn Pure Moisturizing Lotion (200ml) | RM59.00
It says that the Newborn Pure Moisturizing Lotion is part of their first premium newborn skincare series to include a dual moisturizing property. This lotion has a light and refreshing texture which provides instant hydration using their latest ground-breaking technology for a soft and supple skin. To be honest, I myself is secretly stealing a bit of his lotion. Hehe... The scent is wonderful and its so light which quickly absorbs into the skin. 

Newborn Pure Calming Oil (100ml) | RM59.00
The Pure Calming Oil is Pigeons latest innovation to solve the growing demand for a more natural approach to bond with your baby combining traditional massage therapy with advanced skin technology. This oil contains a uniquely crafted formula that helps soothes the skin and provide a calming sensory experience for the baby. As the other products in this series, the calming oil also contains their trademark formula as a protective coat and provides moisture which fruit oil is added to complement the formula. This calming oil is more as a helper for the bonding sessions with Maliq and his dad.

Newborn Pure Protective Cream (50g) | RM49.00
Pigeons Newborn Pure Protective Cream is aimed to strengthen a newborn's skin barrier which offers a crucial defence against harsh external conditions. This cream offers moisturization in neglected areas especially such as the lips, elbows and knees. Since Maliq's face is dry I'll make sure to add this cream after giving him a bath. It's great that the cream is not sticky or even oily because my house could get a bit warm during the day.

Pigeon's Newborn Pure Skincare Series is a range you should consider for your newborn. With the properties designed it surely will make sure your child's skin is moisturized and protected at all times. I'm glad that I was introduced to this range, the scent again is amazing and the products does the work it was aimed for. My son's skin was dry when we came back from the hospital (since we spent some nights there) and after using this skincare series it smooth just like the first time I touched him. Now it has become Maliq's daily routine with these products and it seems I'm already attached to it. 

Products available: Selected departmental stores, baby stores and pharmacies
Website: newbornpure.com.my

Till then peeps
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