28 May 2018


Recently I was invited to one of my first parenting event celebrating mothers day and until now sometimes I can't believe I'm a mother. I used to be crazy all about Beauty and now I'm getting addicted to baby stuff. One of the first brands that I seemed attached to is definitely Pigeon, and having a day out with the brand was a pleasure! Held at BE Urban Wellness, we were pampered with the ultimate indulgence of soothing therapies and at the same time discover some Pigeon products. Read on to know what products they had waiting for us.

The day started off with the speech from Pigeons Managing Director, Masaki Tago which believes that happy mothers make happy families, so by providing products of the highest level of comfort, quality and convenience, it will help reduce the mothers' load as Pigeon caters products to every mother's needs.  

Then we experienced a mind detox yoga session which engages a soundbath therapy that immersed us in the healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls. This helps to recalibrate our tired minds and bodies. I haven't felt so relaxed for ages! It felt soooo good! The pampering didn't stop there, a Kegel Chair was waiting for our experience and also a soothing massage using Pigeon's Newborn Pure Skincare Series. We experienced that over a chilled and relax brunch session just after a short session of introducing some of Pigeon's highlight products.

Their Newborn Pure Skincare Series is one of their highlights for that day. This range contains a secret formulation from Pigeon called the Natulayer which stimulates the naturally forming vernix and ceramide inside a mothers body to hydrate and protect the babies skin. Maliq has been using this range since he was born, until now. You can read my review on it here: REVIEW: PIGEONS NEWBORN PURE SKINCARE SERIES

Pigeon's Disney Collection was also highlighted. Seeing it all being displayed in one place makes it too hard to resist. It features Nursing Bottles, Mag Mag Training Cup and Soothers. I feel like getting it all for Maliq but he seems to not want soothers anymore. He still uses his Mickey bottle though. It's Pigeon's SoftTouch Peristaltic PLUS Nursing Bottle, Mickey Edition, featuring their nipple teat which is 100% silicone, super fast and flexible. This bottle is to help breastfeed babies changes easily from nipples to bottles. Does it work? Read my review on their bottle here: 

Next up is Pigeon's Foaming Cleanser and it is the best! If you haven't tried it out yet, you should. From all the foaming cleansers for babies I've tried, I keep coming back to this even though it's a bit pricey it's worth it. First of all because of the bottle itself. It produces the right amount of foam in each pump and it saves a lot of your product as well. My first bottle lasted for 3 months before I had to find a refill. And I wash all his bottles, breastpump and toys with it, so I kinda use a lot daily. Secondly is the formulation itself, did you know that their cleanser is 100% made from food grade ingredients which makes it even edible? I haven't tried tasting it yet but it smells like bubblegum. Even though its made from natural ingredients, don't be surprised with its cleaning properties. It cleanses better than most of the baby cleansers out there and formulated to kill 99.99% of bacteria just by rinsing. All the milk fat and stains are gone in one wash easily. That's why I always turn back to this cleanser.

Something else that was on display was their training toothbrushes in stages. Starting to 6 months to a year, I can't wait to see Maliq using it since he just reached six months. Their toothbrushes are available in four sizes to suit the baby's developmental age and safety.

It was a fun pampering session, thank you Pigeon for hosting it. I managed to catch back with old friends which are all mothers too now. Lol... how much we've all grown in this industry.  Anyways, here's a compilation of my Insta-stories previously as I wanted to share how much I've grown to Pigeon products.

Till then peeps!


  1. Memang sejak dri awal preggy dah usha pigeon products. biarlah mahal sikit tapi puas hati!

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