Hey peeps, Assalamualaikum
I'm Mira also known as Cikcit. 
I've been blogging for a long time now that first started as a public diary. Now as years passed by, I tended to have found interest in sharing on beauty and other stuff. Which you could check out on my floating menu bar. If you're on 'Mobile View', check out my 'Website View' for a detailed list.
Anyhow, thank you for dropping by my blog and I appreciate it very much. 
Read on to know a little more about me...

I was born in the year 1992, which makes make me a millennial that managed to experience the  best of both worlds with and without internet. I started blogging in Uni when at that time I only had complete access to the internet with my own personal laptop, which made be easier to blog. So what first I started as a fun hobby has now turned into somewhat I'm keen on doing. I won't say profession as I'm pretty much-doing writing as I please.

Anyhow, over the years I've encountered some appreciation for my work and also credit. Here are some of them:

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I've also been honored to be able to represent some brands: