Amira Shaiful a.k.a Mira Cikcit

Assalamualaikum and Hellooo blog readers!
Welcome to Scribbledydum.
A place where I scribble everything down.
So there's
Bitter, Spice and lil bit of Sugar

Curious about me?
Well, there's nothing to be.
I'm just a typical Malay girl.

My name is, well my full name is a bit long,
but people know me as Amira Shaiful
a.k.a Mira Cikcit.
Lulzz..  Try guessing what that means.

Here's a bit of background about myself. I'm petite and some may think I'm small, but I'm not that small. To be continued...

Hope you guys are excited to discover Scribbledydum!
Thank you for taking a bit of your time to drop by here.

To contact me you guys could either tweet to me at @miracikcit
 or just send me an email at

Till then people.