Hello and Assalamualikum

First, let me introduce myself. 
My name is Amira Shaiful also known as Mira Cikcit. 
My full name is kinda long so just call me Mira. 
I've been a blogger for quite some time already focusing on Beauty and Lifestyle mainly.

But in 2018, I added one more category which is Parenting.

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Yes, you've guessed it. I'm a mother now.
Blogging has taken me so far and I'm so thankful throughout my journey as a blogger.
I started off when I was still a Diploma student, moving on to Degree then into having a Career.
But I kinda went missing when I started my career and blogged when I had time
BUT NOW, I could say
Since I'm also a full-time housewife now taking care of my son

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I've engaged and collaborated with quite a number of brands throughout my blogging career
You can go through my blog as see through
If you're looking for someone to write about your brand
Just shoot me an email away at
Don't worry, I'm a friendly introvert. ;)
Till then.