14 August 2019


One of the biggest challenges I've faced and still am facing now is having my son to wean off. I have come to the stage where my supply is not enough for him which I know as he constantly wants to latch all the time which is tiring for me. His cries of hunger sadden me. Adding things worse, he easily rejects food and has minimum appetite most of the time. I struggle a lot to have him eat and it worries me that he isn't getting enough nutrition especially when he doesn't get enough milk he should be. That's why I've been putting in the effort to give him additional formula milk but sadly he mostly rejects them. I've tried almost all the brands in the market yet I failed, so this time, I came to suggestions of giving another type of formula milk, so I changed to goat milk instead. Interesting how I found out how goat milk could be more beneficial for toddlers. Read on to know more on this.

I came across a documentary on TV quite a while ago, I can't really remember much but it opened me up to have Maliq, my son try goat milk. For months I've been giving him formula milk from cows, which I bought so many brands, but he keeps rejecting. If it isn't him rejecting to drink, his body shows signs of rejection instead, which is normally him having trouble to 'poo-poo'. So then I thought, to finally try goat milk instead which I knew was highly beneficial.


1. Easier To Digest
Goat milk is said to have smaller fat molecule. The fat globule size of goat milk is ⅓ the size of cow’s milk. This causes it to make a more uniform mixture of fat in the milk and is easier to digest. Studies show that once the milk reaches the stomach, the protein in the milk reacts with stomach acid to form a curd. The softer the curd, the quicker it passes through the stomach. Goat milk protein forms a softer, smaller and lighter curd than cow’s milk, which makes it easier to digest.

2. Higher Level of Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics)
Goat milk naturally contains 5x to 8x higher level of oligosaccharides than the cow’s milk. Oligosaccharides are a type of prebiotics that supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and builds immunity in children. Studies have also shown that these oligosaccharides found in goat milk ease digestion.

3. Gentler To Tummies
Goat milk is absent of A1 type of Beta-casein (A1) protein. A1 protein can be found in cow’s milk which can cause an inflammatory response in the digestion. This may result in abdominal discomfort, cramping or bloating. Instead, goat milk contains A2 type of beta-casein which research shows that A2 is gentler to tummies than A1.

4. Full Of Healthy Fats
Goat milk is full of healthy fats, especially high levels of medium and short-chain fatty acids. These fats are easier to digest because the fat globule size of goat milk is much smaller than the cow’s milk. Therefore, they are rapidly digested and absorbed, providing a quick boost of energy.

5. Contains Higher Nutrition
Baby Steps BBs-3 is exceptionally high in DHA, compared to other milk powder, and this is especially good for visual and brain development. Goat milk contains higher natural nutrition such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, manganese, iodine, zinc, selenium and magnesium and also Vitamins A, D, B2, B6, and B3 compared to cows’ milk.

Just in the right time for my hunt in goat's milk, I was sent one. Luckily Maliq was lucky to have Baby Steps send in his first goat milk to try out. The distributor of the brand was also generous enough to send me a whole supply of healthy snacks to snack on too. Nyummsss...

Anyways, Baby Steps BBs-3 is originated from New Zealand manufactured by one of its leading brand of NIG Nutritionals Limited. NIG Nutritionals Limited is part of the New Image group of companies since 1984 and has been at the forefront of dairy-based nutrition in New Zealand. Their official distributor here in Malaysia is CareMark Sdn. Bhd, Maliq was sent Baby Steps BBs-3 to try out and after reading more about this milk, I couldn't wait to have Maliq give it a try as I wanted him to have all the benefits he could.


1. Formulation Design
BBs-3 is nutritionally Fortified with:
  • Omega-3 DHA: support healthy brain and visual development.
  • Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C: support a normal immune system function
  • 16 Key Vitamins and Minerals: support your child’s normal growth and development
2. Gentle Goat Farming
Good farming practices and animal welfare are emphasized. It ensures that there is NO use of antibiotic, hormones or pesticides. Goat farming practices are more gentle on the environment than most traditional dairy farming practices.

3. Fresh Goat Milk 
Sourced directly from dedicated farms located in Patumahoe and Kingseat, South of Auckland, New Zealand and tested for quality. Their dedicated farms are located within 30 minutes drive from their dairy processing plant, so this close proximity maximizes freshness and quality of milk which is easily monitored.

4. Tested in Labs
Raw materials and final products are tested by independent government-owned NZ labs for their quality and safety

5. Advanced Wet-Blend Manufacturing Process
Liquid goat milk is wet blended with other ingredients to ensure a uniform mix of all nutrients and then spray dried into powder. This allows toddlers to get a consistent and uniformity of nutrients in every single serve.

6. Unrivaled Supply Chain
Their supply chain is integrated and controlled from the farms that produce the milk to the final product. With having control and management of their supply chain, their products are of the highest quality, safety, and value to consumers.

7. Authenticity Protection
Jointly with Asure Quality (NZ Government-owned), they have created an unrivaled supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeiting protection solution to guarantee the true source, authenticity, and safe products. Every product is individually coded which enables traceability of product right back to the farms. Consumers just need to scan the QR code or enter the 11-digit unique numbers to check on each individual can.

As I mentioned earlier, my son has problems accepting formula milk. We tried so many type of formulas, gave him in bottles, sippy cups and plastic cups and each serving was a try and error based. Finally, we found a trick on how to have him drink milk, is with us drinking milk with him using the same type of glass we would drink in. Only then he'll copy and manages to drink more from the cup. Thank goodness it's easier to prepare his milk in cups.

After almost 2 weeks of consuming of Baby Steps BBs-3 goat milk, I could say Maliq has learned to accept this formula milk. I'm not gonna lie, he still has difficulties in drinking formula milk if we don't trick him into it but the improvement is quite great. He'll have a few sips at first then declines, but after a while, he'll manage to finish it but it takes a lot of time and patience. We'll constantly have to keep showing him to drink, and yes it's a lot of effort but at least he's drinking. I usually give him early in the morning while his dad gives him at night before bed.

What's great is that his body accepts the milk too. He doesn't seem to have any difficulty pooping after he started to drink this and his poops are the 'healthy poops'. He also is still able to find interest in food even after drinking a cup of milk but as I mentioned earlier, it depends on times. He constantly doesn't have much of an appetite but I don't worry that much compared to before because at least he's drinking formula milk a bit. In the form of taste, I've tested it a bit and it is not that sweet too, probably the main reason why my son doesn't reject it as much as the other formulas we gave him before.

Product Deets
Name: Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk Formula
Price: RM113.60 (900g)
Purchase: caremark.com.my
Also available at: 
Ben’s Independent Grocer, City Grocer, de Market, selected Jaya Grocer, SOGO, Urban Fresh, Village Grocer and ISETAN

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Till then peeps!


  1. goat milk is great for kiddos.. provide complete nutrients needed for the kids... time to try out this brand for my kids.. first time heard of it though..

  2. 1st time tahu brand ni. good sharing. kalau bayi bawah 2 tahun boleh consume juga ke?

  3. Waaaa nampak sedap je anak mira minum susu ni. 1st time tahu brand ni. Susu kambing mmeang sesuai untuk anak terutama anak yang tak boleh minum susu lembu.

  4. Tengs sharing mira, nice post. Datang singgah sini nak ucap salam sayang dari blog baru: ematunz.blogspot.com

  5. first time dengar pasal this brand dan tak pernah tau ada susu kambing yang dah diformulasi utk anak-anak..good sharing Mira

  6. Susu kambing, saya seumur hidup belum pernah mencubanya. First time juga saya dpt tahu pasal Susu kambing utk anak kecil. Bagus lah lepas ni. Ada variasi jenis Susu. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ya

  7. Wau. Baru tahu pasal jenama ni. Susu kambing memang Bagus kan untuk Kanak-kanak.

  8. Terima kasih berkongsi produk ini. Ramai para ibu bapa tidak mengetahui produk sebegini. Kena ada pendedahan sbegini

  9. Dari sis hinggalah ke anak mmg x minum susu kambing. Tahu bagus tapi x boleh nak telan, makan kambing pun pilih2 jugak..kalau ada bau hamis sikit pun x makan. Bagus di ajar dr awal kat anak2 supaya mereka suka sampai ke besar

  10. Bagus susu ni didik anak dari kecik minum susu kambing sedapnya :)

  11. Ramai yg xtau kebaikan susu kambing ni...bagus berikan anak minum susu kambing awal usia begini...thanks for sharing..

  12. Wahh. Susu kambing, mesti sesuai utk anak demam kuning kan? Tapi tulah. Selalu susu kambing ni agak mahal. Tapi baik utk kesihatan. Demi anak2 kita jgn berkira sgt 😬

  13. Anak2 yg bf ni mmg ssh skit nk terima susu selain susu mama dia kan.. Anak2 I semua sama.. Lepas ni boleh la try yg ni.. Mana tau boleh terima tekak diorg

  14. Ramai parents sekarang bagi susu formula kambing pada kanak2. Kalau tgok review semuanya nmpak positif. Bagus ada dlm bentuk susu formula mcm nie sbb certain xsuka bau susu yg fresh tu

  15. sis ni kurang gemar daging kambing TAPI sis cukup sukaaa susu kambing! sungguh ckap.. sbbnya bg sis suka kambing lg rasa berlemak dari susu lembu. agaknya sbb tu anak2 pun ikut suka susu kambing berbanding susu lembu.. hehe

  16. I pun tengah ajar farhanah minum susu tepung..nak wean off kan dia..penat haishh..hahaa..i pun ambil susu kambing juga..nnti cuba yang ni

  17. thanks..for sharing...k mid dah tak da anak kecik tapi bolelah syorkan pada cucu-cucu.

  18. oh, mek masih lagi bagi anak-anak susu lembu. tk pernah cuba untuk tukar. but ada baby yang alergic susu lembu, boleh try this one. formulated nampak sesuai dengan umur bayi.

  19. Alahai sukanya dia minum susu. dah pandai guna gelas ya. semoga membesar dengan baik ya.

  20. Thanks tau bagi review produk ni...nak cuba la untuk baby Ummu nanti...Sebagai tambahan je coz semua anak saya sebenarnya 2 tahun baru berpisah susu dengan ibunya...

  21. Wah nampak macam best je susu ni. Banyak betul khasiat untuk baby newborn.Boleh syorkan dekat kawan macam ni. Semoga membesar dgn baik..

  22. Khasiat susu kambing ni memang banyak dari susu lembu. Ramai yang mengamalkan minum susu kambing sekarang untuk kesihatan. Untuk kanak-kanak pun sesuai dengan tumbesaran mereka.


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