18 July 2019


Hey peeps, as most of you are aware; I've been trying and exploring various kinds of skincare products to treat my skin problems. Luckily it healed after 2 months’ worth of experimenting and consistency in wearing skincare. My sister kinda had the same problem too. She was suffering from dry flaky skin which then led to acne probably because her skin naturally produced a lot of oil to overcome her skin condition. She felt insecure and of course uncomfortable with her skin condition, so when I received NUViT MoistLoc Series to try out, I read about it and felt that it should be more suitable for her since she has dry skin. So I gave this set for her to try out and see if it works, keep on reading if you wanna know the result.

NUViT Moistloc Series consists of 4 main products which I'll be sharing about it all below. So before I go more in details, here’s a rough elaboration of what this skincare range is about.

MoistLoc Series: Triple Action Hydration Complex by CeraHA+

This series is said to be suitable for all skin types but with its infused hydrating properties, it focuses more on those suffering from dry skin. However, we all know that the key to nice supple skin is hydration, so this doesn't mean others with different skin conditions aren't suitable. After reading NUViT's marketing pamphlet, I feel that this should be a perfect skincare range for my younger sister who has been having dry skin problems for a long time. The ingredients contain not only focused to give hydration but also to repair the skin and set a stable skin barrier. Below is a rough breakdown on the ingredients this skincare series carries:
  • Ceramide: Restores Skin Barrier
  • Viola Tricolor Extract: Activates Moisture Circulation
  • Hyalusphere PF: Retains Optimum Moisture
Another reason why I feel NUViT MoistLoc is suitable for my sister is that it's free from harsh chemicals. She's aged below 20 so it's best to use products that are as listed below:
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
NUViT MoistLoc happens to have these properties and it also contains 5-in-1 Benefits of CeraHA+ which are:
  • Long-lasting Hydration
  • Activates Hydrating Circulation
  • Healthy Skin Barrier
  • Fresh and Soothing Skin
  • Plumper and Elastic Skin
Sounds wonderful right? So if you're looking a skincare range yourself or for someone who suffers from dry skin, you can bare this range in mind and read below for a detailed review on each product from this series.

Price: RM27.90 (100ml)
Purchase: www.nuvit.com.my

Focuses: Hydrates, Anti-Pollution, Cleanses
Key Ingredients: Licorice (Soothing)
This is a 2-in-1 Gentle Cleanser and Makeup Remover as well. The consistency of it is rather thick and milky but it doesn't produce much foam, which is good to know that it doesn't contain heavy chemicals. My sister is so used to using a foamy product in her previous cleansers, so she finds it a bit hard to accept that it isn't that foamy. But she loves how good her skin feels after a face wash as she feels that her skin in instantly moist.

Price: RM33.90 (150ml)
Purchase: www.nuvit.com.my

Focuses: Strengthening, Replenishing, Hydrating Toner
Key Ingredients: Botanical Extract Complex (Promotes Healthier Skin), Vitamin B5 (Softens Skin), HA Complex (Hydrates)
Their hydrating toner is just like any other toners but what I like about it is that it consists of Vitamin E as well, which is a good ingredient to help with repairing the skin barrier and reduce acne from growing. Doesn't have a scent to it but it refreshes the skin instantly. My sister loves using the toner as she feels that it adds more freshness and moistens the skin.

Price: RM60.90 (30ml)
Purchase: www.nuvit.com.my

Focuses: Deeply Moisturizing, Restorative, Brightening Serum
Key Ingredients: HA Complex (Hydrates Intensively), Vitamin B3 (Brightening), Licorice (Soothing)
The serum is clear and has a watery consistency. It doesn't have much of a scent and it absorbs pretty fast in the skin. Usually, serums are a bit thick, but this one runs down easily and not sticky at all. This is my sister's first-ever serum and she was very eager to try it too, she says it's nice that it's not sticky and easy to apply.

Price: RM50.90 (50ml)
Purchase: www.nuvit.com.my

Focuses: Long-lasting Moisturization, Auto-replenishing, Refreshing Gel
Key Ingredients: SymCalmin & Plantal Extract Complex (Relieves), patcH2O (Long-lasting Hydration), SACRUM Algae (Retains Moisture).

I usually prefer gel types of moisturizers because of its lightweight texture and quick-absorbing. It's great for those who experience acne problems as well. I came to know that my sister never knew there were gel types of moisturizers so this is the first that she trying it. She can't get enough of this now as she says it absorbs really quick with minimal stickiness. She feels more comfortable applying skincare as the final step makes her skin feels dewy and moist.

Before I recommended to my sister to use NUViT MoistLoc Series, I did a first-time trial on myself. But since I already had a steady skincare routine, I thought it's best to see if this ranges really works as it states it does with dry skin. With my sister current skin condition, I believe it best to have her try it instead of me to see if it truly works. So below is the result after 2 weeks.

These pictures are taken at the same place around the same time with no filters or editing applied. If you look closely, you can obviously see that at the left picture, she had acne showing and popping out. It isn't severe but she didn't feel good about it. She also frequently feels slight stings before due to her dry skin but after 2 weeks, she said she doesn't get it anymore. She also feels more comfortable with her skin and impressed that her pimples are gone and the scars fading like magic. She somehow notices that her skin tone is a bit brighter than before.

The overall results were satisfying, especially for my sister as she's the one who has been using it and noticing the changes. She loves that there's no new acne popping up and her scars are fading but what she loves the most is the feel of hydration in her skin. It doesn't feel flaky nor even stings anymore. She loves how her skin looks dewy and moist from afar without the feel of oiliness that she usually gets in the middle of the day. She approves of this range I kinda feel it's a success too. What's most important that these products are safe even for teenagers to use.

Till then peeps!


  1. Bagus ni! Cx jenis kulit kering. Bagus untuk cuba produk yg khas ntk dry skin. Cx pon tgh nak beli new product to try sbb yg lama ni ntk dry skin juga tapi tak berapa nak in dengan kulit. Dia buat kulit jd berminyak pula lps pakai. Cx nak cubalah nanti

  2. Ohh this is my first time hearing about this brand, thanks for sharing. Looks great and I love the fact that it’s free from harsh chemicals! In addition, your sister’s skin does looks better from before, so yeayy good for her!

  3. Woah nampak perubahan kat muka your sister! Cool review, sangat membantu ni. Tak pernah jugak dengar jenama ni tapi looks interesting pula bila baca your review. Plus harga dia pun rasanya berbaloi tu. I pun dah ada steady skincare routine but will surely consider and suggest ni kalau ada kawan atau ahli keluarga ada problem yang sama.

  4. Love that they dont use paraben and other chemicals usually found in most skin care kan. Sounds promising too from your review, especially for dry skin type like me.

  5. Selalu tengok orang bagi good review untuk produk Nuvit ni. Iza tak pernah try. Tengok adik mira pakai macam sangat berkesan je. Tapi Iza combination skin, boleh guna jugak ke? or dia memang untuk dry skin je?

  6. Ramai dah kita tgk orang review kata product ni best. Macam nak try je sebab kulit kita dry gilaaa.

  7. Never heard of this product before. Maybe bcs my skin type is oily, so i don't really explore products for dry skin. The active gel looks convincing. Love to see the difference on your sister, the products really does it work.

  8. Pertama kali dengar product ni. Product kecantikan dan kosmetik ni kalau berkualiti dan harganya berpatutan, mesti akan ramai menggunakannya

  9. Nampak pada testimoni tu NUVIT MOISTLOC SERIES ni ok dan berkesan. tp x sesuai la untuk kulit saya yang berminyak ni .

  10. can see your sister skin looks brighter and able to control the small acne that going to pop out. Glad that works for her. Mouse mommy skin is combination skin type.

  11. First time emi dengar pasal produk ni. Tapi bila baca perkongsian mira ni, agak convincing jugak ye produk jenama ni.

  12. harga murah! bagus.
    cantik packaging nyer, mira.
    aida dan anak-anak berkulit berminyak.
    hmmmm payah nak cari skincare yg sesuai tau.
    keep trying mencari yg sesuai.

  13. For dry skin is better eh? I want to try this too after seeing the Before & After.
    Yes, her skin does glow too.

  14. Produk baru ke Nuvit ni? Tak pernah dengar lagi rasanya. Though it's free chemical tapi harga dia suprisingly murah je and makes wonder on your sister skin.

  15. Murah jugak ek harga dia. Nampak macam produk mahal gittew. Tapi ok la, nampak kesan dia


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