27 June 2019


Hey peeps,
I bet most of you parents have already heard of Parklon's Baby Playmat from Coby Haus Malaysia and probably most of you have it in your wishlist already. The real question is either it's worth it with such a price tag, as you can also get a nice quality fluffy carpet with the price. With such price tag, its resonable to have looked for a more affordable option as most of us have a mindset that our babies are not gonna use it for that long, I was like that too until I actually owned one of Parklons Playmat. Now, after almost a year of using it, I could say that it's worth every penny so keep on reading to know why it's worth in investment from my point of view.

Parklon's Playmat is originated from Korea which is somehow popular here for a reason. These playmats are available at most major retail outlets and could get them easily at Baby Fairs too. Their main distributor here in Malaysia is Coby Haus. You may have heard a lot about the brand, but did you know they have various playmats options you could choose from and the one I'm talking about is their Pure PVC Soft Mat. So below are the reasons why I think every parent should own at least one:

Since we've got this Parklon Mat, it's now the favourite spot for our little family. I remember my husband and I were debating ages ago why he wanted to get a carpet but I wanted a Parklon instead. His reason➡️ Looks proper and best to lay down n chill My reasonS ➡️ 🔹️It'll also be a playmat for our son 🔹️It's waterproof so no worry for spills 🔹️We got no vacum, hence still easy to clean without it 🔹️Easy to wipe of dust too 🔹️Simple and nice dual designs back & front 🔹️and the list goes on... So the debate went on for so long that in the end we both just left the hall empty until a Parklon made way into our home. I welcomed it with most joy while my husband looked like he lost a battle. 😅 He just played like he wasn't interested but slowly the Parklon kinda lured him on it. 😂 It started because of my son, since he's mostly on it playing, my husband sits down and play with him too. But after a while, it gets cozy and he starts to lay down. With its soft and cooling texture, I bet he couldn't resist the comfort that he can't even feel the hardness of the floor. Then comes the pillows accompanied by the Telly which is just in front. He says that he's playing with our son but after a while, I see him all comfy and ASLEEP! LOL... Guys and their ego, I think he didn't know what a Parklon was before and imagined it was those thin rubber mats. Now we spend most of our time on this mat, we have our meals there, spend quality time there and have naps there sometimes too! So guys, if your wife has a long list of reasons why she needs something, just cut the debate and give it to her okay. She knows you'll love it even though you don't know it yet. 😝 . P/S: Thanks @cobyhaus_malaysia for the Parklon 💕 . #Parklon #ParklonPlayMat #CobyHausPlayMat #CobyHausParklon . . #MaliqSays
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1. Various Designs
You'll be totally captured with the designs they offer. Not only are they suitable for your baby but it could also blend into your home deco as well. They also have a lot of grey and white options which is great for those who have a modern home interior. I myself prefer these kinds of designs as it looks simple and neat.

2. Safety Features 
This is the most important feature of why each parent should own a baby playmat. Our kids need a certain space where they could sit and play instead of sitting on the cold floor. Parklon's Soft Mat are all tested for their safety and certified too which makes it safe to be used for newborns too. 

3. Dual-sided
Having this is just a great advantage, think of it as getting two mats for the price of one. Why? When you get bored of one side of the design, just flip it over and you'll get a feel that you bought a new mat. I've been doing that every 3 months now. LOL...

4. Waterproof
Spills are always a problem with carpets, but not this mat. I had all sorts of spills on my mat and its no problem to me. I let my son eat on this mat too. It's just always wipe ready.

5. Easy Cleaning
That's the best thing about it, I can just use a simple microfiber towel and a spray to clean this mat. It's easy to clean food stains too. Not only does my son eat on this mat, but the whole family also does.

6. Good Quality
I could say this as I've been using this for about a year and it's still in perfect condition. This mats PVC is 1.2cm thick and very dense. So when you step on it, you can't actually feel the floor. Maliq learned to walk on this mat, which he had a lot of falls but it's okay as the mat protects from hard falls. 
Now I have two of Parklon's Playmat at home, one in the living room and one at my sons play area upstairs. We chose to use Parklon mats instead of carpets as we feel its much easier to clean and safer for our son playing around. Our home collects dusts very easily as there's a construction in front, so with this mat, all I have to do is clean the mat everyday so it should be dust-free. Besides that, the whole family tends to love laying down on the mat. It's soft and we don't feel the hard floor, making it comfortable for short naps or even long ones. Eheeemmm... my husband sometimes could past out on it, having the time of his life sleeping there. LOL...

We intend to get the larger size mat once we have the money for it as our household seems comfortable with this kind of mat already. We've tried cheaper types of playmats but it couldn't beat this one. Even on hot days, laying down on this is cooling too, even my son could fall asleep on the mat itself after getting tired playing around. Somehow we find the mat to be more hygenic compared to carpets as the surface of the mat enables us to clean it better. Besides, the designs they offer are really nice too.

More Info:
Website: www.cobyhaus.com

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  1. Masa Harraz kecil dulu TB pun mencari gak playmat yang sesuai.. tak jumpa yang ni.. nampak menarik corak dia..ketahanan dia pun boleh tahan yea.. yang penting hygenic.. selamat untuk baby guling2

  2. Sangat bagus. Corak daripada negara Korea memang tak mengecewakan. Sama macam kain viscose pulak. Tapi, bila saya cuba besarkan gambar nak tengok harga mat ni, adoii! Mahal yang amat. Awak siap ada dua ya. Kena menabung dulu la baru dapat ni. Saya pun ada baby. Boleh dipertimbangkan. Terima kasih sebab share. Satu ilmu baru

  3. Cantik nya semua design. Airah punya baby pun dah nak pandai menerap merangkak semua so memang perlukan mat macam ni. Should buy one soon

  4. Pelbagai warna dan corak buat para ibu bapa rambang mata , lebih cantik baby turun sama sukakan..

  5. Quite good. Senang baby nak explore merangkak sbb lantai keras kesian kat baby. At least ngn matt ni selesa la dia nak main2.

  6. Playmart ni orang dewas juga boleh baring atasnya lembut jer dan selamat hehehehe tapi tengok anak mira happy jer main ayahnya pun suka bukan main lagi wakakakaka...

  7. Menarik perkongsian ini, hari tu kawan pun ada tanya mana nak beli playmat ni, nanti nak sharring dengan kawanlah pasal ni! thank you

  8. comelnya... cute2 design, ala2 korea and baby pun mesti suka kan.. hailaa kalau dah ada anak sendiri saya pun beli juga playmat macam ni

  9. I think all parents should have this at home for their babies. It looks comfy and safe for the kids. Plus, it is very colorful n i am pretty sure the kids gonna love em.

  10. I love Parklon too, in fact I have two set at home, one in the living room and one in my bedroom, it's so easy to clean and fashionable at the same time.

  11. To me, it is worth every penny because not only it has beautiful designs, it is also practical for everyone for a long time too. Good one for standing up for Parklon hahaha

  12. Glad that you shared this. A lot of parents will surely appreciate it as this playmat is suitable for toddlers and babies a like. :)

  13. Hurmm...maybe I can get this for my baby niece. I think my sis have been using a lower quality one for now. My baby niece really loves to walk and she is only 7months old. Hahaaha and since you said they have minimalist designs too, I think it would perfect.

  14. nampak menarik..boleh la hadiahkan pada anak buah AM yang bakal melahirkan anak hujung bulan ini.. bagus bila bab waterproof.. design pun menarik


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