16 April 2019


Hey peeps, so over the years of blogging, I kinda found a pattern on how my readers interact. Way before Instagram controlled us, my blogging days were to say something I turn to every day, and I bet most of you were still addicted to reading your favorite bloggers content. But now, we could see an obvious change in this industry where we prefer to look for the more simpler option and Instagram provides that. I also noticed that nowadays, not everyone prefer to read long sentences especially for captions on Instagram. I also noticed, that after that turnover, my blog started to decrease in pageviews statistics a whole lot which started me to question what happened. Then after a few years of denial, I finally came to my senses that I'll need to make a change. So here's my turnover so keep reading.

I noticed that my posts in Bahasa Melayu are simply gaining much attention from my previous top posts. I actually noticed this a few years back but I'm so used in writing in English that I didn't want this to become the reason why I'm changing my way of writing. But seeing how bad my page views dropped, it's kinda killing me slowly, so after putting in much thought, I think it's best that I change my writing to my mother tongue language which is Bahasa Melayu. To be frank, I also asked my followers on Instagram about this and 80% who responded voted to change to Bahasa Melayu.

I can actually guess why people prefer to read in Bahasa Malaysia is because it feels much closer to the heart. Plus, I mostly blog about life which I feel my readers feel more at ease to read in a simple language like how we talk. As most of you know, my writing in Bahasa is horrible sometimes, I get it mixed up with words that are not even in the dictionary and sometimes well most of the time I get the spelling wrong. LOL ( I actually misspell a lot in English too)... Anyways, I also found out that blogs usually become the main source of a search on google, which I do too. And I usually google in BM too because it's easier to get linked to sources that are in Malaysia. Usually, if we search in English, results that usually show up are from different countries. Which also explains why my blog usually ends up getting a lot of readers from overseas.

So I'm making this announcement just to let my dearest readers know why suddenly I'm frequently blogging in Bahasa. I don't think I'll blog 100% in Bahasa either, some post I'll still probably stick to English since I still have a wide audience from overseas. And I can't promise I'll be posting in perfect Bahasa since I feel writing in Bahasa is more complicated unless if you write in an easy style, which is the style we talk, (bahasa pasar) LOL...

Till then peeps!

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