10 March 2019


Anyone longing for a holiday? I know I am, it's been a while and with just moving to a new home. I need a break to lift back my mood. So this means, a whole lot of giving hints to my husband and of course, 'kena ambil hati'. LOL... How I usually do it is, of course, be extra nice to him and at the same time find promotions and propose to him. My husband loves traveling and vacations but since bringing the family costs a lot too, so he always makes sure the offer is really good to book. But it's not easy too, I have to make sure all details are included such as hotel, reviews, pricing, he needs to know everything so I turn to Traveloka. Why? Keep on reading to know.

I've been a fan of Traveloka since the first year it started, I can't remember when anymore but I've booked with them a few times too. This is because they always offer great discounts and coupon codes too, especially during their first year of launch. I remembered I kept going into the application because I couldn't have enough. Our last trip using Traveloka was a short trip at Philea Mines for a weekend getaway a few months after I got married. LOL... That was millenniums ago now. That's why I'm seeking for another holiday as I came to know that Traveloka is currently having a Saleabration! Woots!!! (Holiday alert!)

Even though Matta Fair is around the corner, Traveloka's Saleabration seems as tempting as it too! The best thing is that offers can be checked online at the convenience of my home, so there's no need to go out too. I actually hate attending crowded places, but sometimes I force myself so I could get great deals. LOL... I'm totally a queen when it comes to promotions and discounts. But with my experience from booking with Traveloka, I bet their Saleabration is gonna offer discounts as great as those packages in Matta Fair promotions. So I think it's better to check out Traveloka's Saleabration first before you head out to Matta Fair 2019 to avoid any disappointments. Since it's just online, call it a hassle-free sale! Haha...

For those who are not yet familiar with Traveloka, let me tell you why I prefer Traveloka when hunting down a holiday.

1. Great discounts
Even without a sale, Traveloka does offer great discount. Every time I go in and check prices, there's always a coupon code too. I even get emails with coupon codes too, and generous ones too. 

2. Honest Pricing
The thing I worry the most planning a holiday is going over budget but with Traveloka, you get honest pricing most instantly which includes surcharges and taxes. So you can estimate easily the ones within your budget.

3. Great Application
I don't like installing travel applications on my phone since it takes space, but I have Traveloka installed for their offers. LOL... Not only because of that, but I also find that it's easy to use their application too. The pictures for hotels and reviews are very easy to find. It's even more convenient when we have a booking under them too. During check-in, I can just show them my booking through the application. It's just that convenient.

4. Guest Reviews
We find guest reviews very important before we decide to book a hotel. Sometimes pictures could deceive us, so guest reviews are usually our main reason why we book a hotel. Traveloka offers over 2,000,000+ verified reviews from real hotel guests and it's easy to find and read reviews too especially in their application.

5. Optional Flights + Hotel Packaged 
Honestly, I haven't tried booking their Flight + Hotel packages since we mostly like to go nearby getaways only, but I'm eager to try this out for Langkawi, we've been planning to go there, ages already. My friends said that their packages are not bad and I've been doing some research too and the prices seem reasonable. So there's no need to do double booking for flight and hotel as it's way more convenient to have it all in one application.

So there's my reason why I usually choose Traveloka to book my holidays, it easier. I usually just share the offers with links to my husband from their application so he can see everything from pictures to reviews to pricing. So when he likes what he sees, my, my chances of getting a holiday is on! He'll say 'booklah' seems like asking me to marry him again. HAHA... Okay, I'm exaggerating but still, who doesn't love a holiday right? I can't wait for Traveloka's Saleabration to start! I already gave hints to him I wanna go Langkawi for my birthday this year. Heeee...

Buttt.... I do have a strong feeling I'll be visiting Langkawi this year too since he keeps mentioning Langkawi too. Seriously, I can't wait for the Saleabration to go live since I won't have to drag him out to check out offers. Senang kan zaman sekarang? So if you wifeys are like me too, get prepared, the Sale is starting soon!

More Info
Traveloka Saleabration: www.traveloka.com

Till then peeps!

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