08 January 2019


all, it's been a week after the start of a new year. I bet everyone feels refreshed and recharged with full of new resolutions and hopes. I feel the same way too but it's been a hectic start. We haven't been able to stay at home since our parents birthday was early this week.  
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Since the end of the last year, we've already been changing our lifestyle to make it healthier and more productive. My husband has been really committed to it so since he's all pumped up, I'm like that too. Which is good, makes us on the right path to achieve our goals. If you read my new years resolution, you'll know that my aim this year is to become fit. So here are the steps we've made so far.
1. Changed our diet
2. Taking more greens
3. Stop fast food
4. Last meal at 8pm
5. Sleep early, 11 pm the lights are all closed.
We even switch off all our phones so we tend to sleep on time.
6. Steps implementing light exercise

Yup, we've been doing that for 2 months now, my husband lost a lot of weight, even his belly is half gone. Lol... While for me? Well, I'm maintaining since I constantly cheat. Haha... I still need to take sugar since I'm breastfeeding Maliq. I get damn cranky if I don't get some sugar. Are some of you like that too?

Anyways, I've been cutting carbs a lot and been eating mostly the same meals as the husband with an addition of a bite of chocolate after every meal. I just don't take crisps anymore, so much sodium scares me too. Thank goodness I haven't been having bad cravings for junk foods. Our fridge now is full of fruits and vegetables and we have mostly cleared all our instant and junk food. It's like an old person fridge right now. LOL... But we know it's for the best and we're planning to make it a habit so Maliq grows up to be familiar with these kinds of food.

Anyways, I just reached home after a long holiday skipping from one parent to another parent home and now I'm back I'm all ready to get productive again. I don't know why but I really can't focus anywhere else besides my small room which I call it as my studio now. LOL... I even already marked the room in my new house where I'm gonna set up my new studio. Haha... Not long now as our new home is already under renovation.

Okay then, I don't really have the luxury to write a lot now, simple posts will do. Now I need to do the house chores first before I could start taking product pictures. Hope 2019 will be a good start for my career in blogging again. LOL

Till then peeps.

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