14 January 2019


Hey peeps, my first review for this year I suppose. If you've been following me you'll know I've been using the Nion Beauty Opus Daily for a while now since the end of last year so I thought it's time for a blogpost to see if it really works. If you're not sure what it is, it's a cleansing device for the face. These kinds of devices have become popular now as it helps boost the daily skincare routine. Read on to know what I mean.

I've been wanting to give these a try since the first time I knew it's existence, somehow I felt that normal cleansing with the hands does not really cleanse enough even with an expensive cleanser. This is because cleansing with the hands can't really help to cleans deep within especially at the pore prone areas where you could obviously see ugly pores sticking out. Ughhhh... Yucksss.., I hate that seriously. So when I received the Opus Daily I was so eager to give it a try.

The Opus Daily is Nion Beauty's most popular face brush that supercharged with 70% more negative ions and packed full with pioneering features. Here are some of the key benefits highlighted for the Opus Daily:

3-Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing Vibration
• S-ion Technology silicone body with auto-contouring head
• Audible Notification
• Dual purpose cleansing and anti-aging skin lifting surfaces
• Easy to clean
• Bathtub safe
• Operates on 2 AA batteries
• Available in 3 Colours

I upgraded my beauty routine with the Opus Daily from @nionbeautymalaysia. The Opus Daily looks almost like the Opus Express but the difference is that the Daily has a silicone body and has a massage function at it's back. Cool right? It's now almost a months since I've been using the Opus Daily and I could say this device does wonders to the skin. Did you know that it helps to eliminate negative ions which helps cells restoration, detoxifies, acts as an anti-aging property and also boost skin immunity and improve circulation of the skin. Each time after cleaning my face with it, I feel absolutely fresh! Just use it in circular motion and you can instantly feel the goodness. Now cleansing my face isn't the same without it. I also nocticed that my pores are also reduced and it's been a while too. The best thing about the Opus Daily is of courss it's silicon body and it's 3 stages of speed. So each press you can change the vibration speed but I like to stick to number one. Actually you don't really have to brush hard but I'm doing it out of habit. Lol... I've always been a but rough. I so love the feeling brushing in between the corners of my nose because that's the part where I usually have tons of blackheads and whiteheads. But sine using thia device, it's like magically gone. No kidding. Currently Nion Beauty is having a SALE FOR ALL THEIR DEVICES NOW! Yes ladies, SALE! Which includes this Opus Daily. On top of that, with any purchase above RM200 you stand a chance to win an Opus Daily. Wohoo!!! . P/S: If you're planing to get the Opus Express, better get ot now as I've heard it's gonna be discontinued soon. 😔 . #NionBeauty #OpusDaily #butterflymsia
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My Review:
After a few months using the Opus Daily, I find that I'm super attached to it now. I'm using it on a daily basis and even when I travel I carry this along as it completes my skincare routine. Since I've become dependent on the Opus Daily I noticed an obvious change to my skin. I usually get blackheads and whiteheads so easily but after using this, I don't see much of it anymore. I kinda doubt that it completely helps to remove pores as just before I started to use Opus Daily I had a facial which totally cleaned out all my pores. But what I'm sure of is device helps to maintain a clean face and prevent pores from popping up again. It took a while for new blackheads and whiteheads to pop up too but it's way less than what I had to deal with before.

So overall, I could say the Opus Daily has surely upgraded my skincare routine. It makes the skin super plump and smooth after each use and helps skincare to completely absorb as well. You can instantly feel it no doubt. Anyhow, I don't feel much about the contour part at the back. LOL... I just ended up not using it as the silicone doesn't glide well unless it wet. So I gave up on that as I don't see much difference anyway. While for the battery, it could stand a month using double AA Energizer batteries, so it doesn't use much batteries as well but I was kinda hoping for the price of the Opus Daily, it has a charging hub as their Opus Luxe range. 

Product Deets
Name: Nion Beauty Opus Daily
Price: RM319.90

More Info
Website: nionbeauty.com

Till then peeps!

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