25 June 2019


Hey peeps, so yet again The Butterfly Project celebrates another year of bringing a beauty community together and this is their 6th year, which means it's been 6 years too I've been a butterfly. Still feels like yesterday when I first blogged for the community to earn a chance to participate in their event and now I've attended countless of their events which each and every one is memorable for me. Yes, I've been a very huge supporter of this community since this is where my beauty journey started and I could call myself a Beauty Blogger. Without The Butterfly Project, I'm not sure if I'll even be where I am now as it all started with opportunities that came from them, especially the spark to get into beauty. If you have yet, to know about The Butterfly Project, keep on reading.

24 June 2019


Hey peeps, Assalamualaikum.
Lama sebenarnya nak tulis topik-topik skincare macam ni tapi tak berkesempatan. Aktiviti harian banyak ambil masa nak duduk menulis ni. Pada mereka yang tak kenal I ataupun tak pernah follow I di Instagram mungkin tidak tahu yang sejak beberapa bulan lepas, mungkin tahu yang I mengalami masalah jerawat batu ataupun cyst yang agak teruk. Kalau nak ikutkan, I tak pernah mengalami masalah kulit dan jerawat yang tumbuh begitu banyak seperti ini, mungkin tuhan nak tarik rezeki kulit bersih I, so tak apalah, I accept je, walaupun hati sedih jugaklah. Huhu... Tapi I cari jugak inisiatif nak hilangkan jerawat-jerawat ni, dan Alhamdulillah, lepas seminggu I cuba rutin skincare yang baru, jerawat-jerawat semua hilang dan tak sakit lagi. Kalau nak tahu apa yang I buat, teruskan membaca.

20 May 2019


I bet you've heard of A'Bloom already. It's Althea Korea's newest launch and I'm a few of the lucky ones to have try it out before it launched. It's already launched in the market now, so don't worry. ;) If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen me share about their newest launches a couple of times, so today's post is mostly a recap and overall summary on how I feel about their newest line. If you have no idea what Althea just launched, well keep on reading, you're not going to regret with its cuteness!

07 May 2019


If your following me on Instagram, remember that I shouted out about a beauty brand giving away RM100 worth of goodies for my followers if you come to meet me at their event? Well, it's one of the well-known brands here in Malaysia which is Elianto. It was just a mini event, where they wanted me to celebrate their membership day with my followers as well. Their membership day was actually one whole month of April but you'll still have a chance to register for FREE if you keep on reading. Make sure to read on to know more about this programme!

26 April 2019


Hey peeps, assalamualaikum.
Dah lama sebenarnya teringin nak tulis topik ni lagi-lagi sejak I mula share pasal snippets apa I buat dekat rumah di IG Stories. So ramai yang tanya pasal rutin harian I dekat Instagram especially tips macam mana nak bangun awal. LOL... At first, I ingatkan, kebanyakkan housewife memang akan bangun awal sebab my mum and my mother-in-law pun macam tu. Even my grandmother and my aunts as well. Mungkin sebab style orang dulu-dulu kot, especially yang berasal daripada kampung. For me, bangun pagi was trained dari I kecil lagi but bila masuk Uni, first year I macam culture shock so tengok orang lain sedap tidur I pun sambung tidur. Hehe... But afterwards I changed back my routine cause somehow I felt like I wasn't productive enough, mula-mula nak start balik memang susah. But I managed to do it, and this is how.

16 April 2019


Hey peeps, so over the years of blogging, I kinda found a pattern on how my readers interact. Way before Instagram controlled us, my blogging days were to say something I turn to every day, and I bet most of you were still addicted to reading your favorite bloggers content. But now, we could see an obvious change in this industry where we prefer to look for the more simpler option and Instagram provides that. I also noticed that nowadays, not everyone prefer to read long sentences especially for captions on Instagram. I also noticed, that after that turnover, my blog started to decrease in pageviews statistics a whole lot which started me to question what happened. Then after a few years of denial, I finally came to my senses that I'll need to make a change. So here's my turnover so keep reading.

15 April 2019


Hey alls, post ni santai je, nak share pengalaman lepas bersalin, sebab rasa setiap orang pengalaman lain-lain. Macam I lepas bersalin normal, complication tak ada, Alhamdulillah. Masa berpantang darah nifas keluar tapi tak banyak sangat. Seminggu pertama banyak tapi bila dah masuk minggu kedua dia dah mula sikit, dan minggu ketiga dah mula kering tapi masih ada lagi keluar tompok-tompok. I ada baca dulu kalau darah nifas tak keluar habis maksudnya rahim kita tak sihat. Haha... tak tahulah, tapi masa I lalui nifas dulu tak ada rasa sakit apa-apa pun, sengugut pun tak ada. Lepas nifas keluar, I lama tak keluar period sampailah setahun, puncanya sebab breastfeed. Tapi dalam setahun tu ada beberapa kali dia macam acah-acah keluar. Haha... Teruskan baca kalau nak tahu.

05 April 2019


Hey peeps,  Ramadan is next month so you'll know we could already smell the scent of our new dress in the morning of Syawal. Haha... I usually like to find mine last minute since I prefer ready-made dresses instead of sending them to a tailor. Ready-made dresses usually follow the latest trends and they are much prettier and affordable. To be honest, I haven't bought a new Raya dress since 2 years ago, because I didn't much feel like dressing up with Maliq still small, I wasn't really comfortable with myself. Anyhow, this year, I kinda feel like me again and feel like dressing up glamorous like I usually do on first of Syawal but the problem is, I gained weight after I got pregnant and now I'm a little chubbier than before. Wuuuuu... That troubles me because it's not easy to find a ready-made baju kurung for a larger size but then I came to know about Adryssa Atelier X Serina Redzuan. Keep reading on to know.

31 March 2019


I'm sorry I haven't been updating much on life, I miss writing too but I couldn't find time to sit down and put it all down in words. If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been very hectic these past few months. The big news is we've moved! We moved to a more rural area so we could cut cost on rent. It may sound like we're downgrading our life but actually, it's more to upgrading. We managed to rent a bigger home for a lower rent because we're renting with our family, my father in law to be exact. He had this unfinished home that was abandoned like over a decade ago, so my husband who works nearby that area asked his father if he could rent the home. He planned it over almost a year already though but only on February did we manage to move in.

28 March 2019


Back during my study years (I studied event management in Uni if you didn't know), I remembered I had to keep a list in mind for event spaces even if we did a lot of events in our University's main hall but still we had a lot of events we did which sometimes we needed event spaces to do so. If I was still back in my Uni days, I'll gladly put this new ballroom to the list of event spaces but since I'm not studying anymore, at least I'm glad to know that there is a modern event space nearby my home. I didn't look for event spaces during my wedding because I knew there wasn't exactly a nice place nearby, even my friends' had to find event spaces at Klang or Shah Alam to hold their wedding, which is quite far. Now knowing that a new event space is offered at Bandar Saujana Putra which is approximately 20 minutes from my place, this should be a nice place to recommend. If you wanna know more about the event space, keep on reading.

16 March 2019


Lately, I've been into trying different types of maternity bras from brands sold online. As I mentioned once before, I don't want to wear cheap bras anymore as I find they don't help to support the breast properly and when you're breastfeeding, you'll need that support. I've been breastfeeding for a year over already, and I just realized how important nursing bras play a role too just recently. But if you noticed from my recent posts on maternity bras, most of them are quite pricey. Well, today let me introduce to you a more affordable brand you can get online in Malaysia.

10 March 2019


Anyone longing for a holiday? I know I am, it's been a while and with just moving to a new home. I need a break to lift back my mood. So this means, a whole lot of giving hints to my husband and of course, 'kena ambil hati'. LOL... How I usually do it is, of course, be extra nice to him and at the same time find promotions and propose to him. My husband loves traveling and vacations but since bringing the family costs a lot too, so he always makes sure the offer is really good to book. But it's not easy too, I have to make sure all details are included such as hotel, reviews, pricing, he needs to know everything so I turn to Traveloka. Why? Keep on reading to know.

28 February 2019


One of the minor problems I faced since I had Maliq was taking care of his personal hygiene, which is when he gets mucus and when his nails grow long again. These things may seem simple but without proper care, it could be a big issue, especially when you're dealing with babies. So when I found out about Joylee's Nose Cleaner and Nail Trimmer, I just had to own each of it. Why? Because I'm such a modern mum. LOL... I'll tell you in detail if you read on.

27 February 2019


Hey peeps, if you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that I've been really active with makeup recently. Yuppp, I think I'm back to my old self as I were before I got pregnant. LOL... Sorry I haven't been sharing much on the blog. Anyways, recently I received a special box from Althea Korea filled with their newly launched exclusives which I've been waiting for them to release. Non-other than MAKEUP. Woots...Finally! I got so excited since I've been with Althea since their beginning, even worked there... LOL... And now they have their own makeup line. I'm just stunned, seemed so fast too. So without further ado, if you wanna know the treats in the box, keep on reading.

26 February 2019


Hey alls, so early this month we thought of doing a family gathering to celebrate us moving to a new home and also to celebrate my MIL's birthday. The whole family came down to Shah Alam so my husband and I wanted to treat everyone with a good dinner. The problem with treating everyone at the same time is that they all have different tastes of food, so we didn't want anyone to feel left out too. Besides that, we wanted to bring everyone to dine comfortably but we were also on a tight budget. After brainstorming, where to go, we were lead to D'Kayangan Steamboat and it was just perfect. Keep on reading to know the reasons why we chose D'Kayangan Steamboat.

20 February 2019


I've been dependent on strollers ever since the first day I bought my son out after my confinement. Probably that's why I own a few strollers now as I use strollers according to it's best functions but the strollers that are always in my car trunk are from Beblum. LOL... No kidding, I do carry around 2 strollers and my husband doesn't seem to mind as well. Usually, he'll start making a fuss that his car trunk is full bla bla bla... but he seems fine with it for this. Our main stroller that is a must in the trunk is the Beblum Navi, we use this most of the time, especially when we go to malls as its features are just very helpful. Most probably because of it's reclinable seating, Maliq could sleep longer in there. The other stroller we recently just had is Beblum Micro, which is a compact cabin-sized stroller perfect for travel and sudden need. Why do we carry this stroller around to? Read on to know more deets.

17 February 2019


Hey alls, it's been a while, I've been really active on Instagram lately if you missed me here. There's a lot of makeup videos too so do follow me on @miracikcit. Last week, I shared a post on Sarr’e By Sari Lipmatte a new local brand making its way in the market and it's just stunning. Keep on reading to know more about this product.

30 January 2019


My obsession with V-Shape products still isn't over, I think I've tried plenty enough but it's not easy to achieve it unless you shed a bit of weight. LOL... So still not giving up, this time I tried ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack to help me achieve that V-Shape I so longed for thanks to The Butterfly Project. It's one of the newest product from ID.AZ that is now offered in Malaysia. I've used it for about 2 weeks now, keep on reading to know the results.

25 January 2019


Followers on Instagram may already know that I bought a new phone recently after my beloved S7 Edge died, it served me for 3 years already even though with a broken screen. Since I don't want the same history repeating itself, I made sure I had my newly bought S9 covered with maximum protection. LOL... I don't think I could afford another heartache with high-end devices, especially when I'm paying it monthly. With my baby growing up and has the habit of throwing things around, I couldn't take the risk by buying a normal case. If the screen cracks like my S7 Edge, I'll be miserable as ever, I'll know it. So as soon as I bought the phone, I googled the best cases that could withstand drops and harsh falls that the market could offer. I even asked around and this is where I found out about Lifeproof.

24 January 2019


Everyone does laundry, I know but now since I've become wife and mum, I'm in charge of doing laundry for the whole family. Even though there's only 3 of us but I do laundry almost every day when I'm at home but it's worst when we come back from traveling or short trips. I usually take the whole week to clear up laundry since we own such a small drying space at home, I can't wash everything in a go. My husband doesn't really like to go to the dobbies unless we have big blankets to wash. But honestly, it's tiring especially when I see a big pile of laundry waiting to be washed so one of the solutions to that is to wash clothes even on our trips but as I said earlier, my husband doesn't fancy doing laundry in public dobbies. So recently I discovered a manual washing machine that's almost pocket size. Seriously I'm not bluffing, continue to read to know how this is possible.

14 January 2019


Hey peeps, my first review for this year I suppose. If you've been following me you'll know I've been using the Nion Beauty Opus Daily for a while now since the end of last year so I thought it's time for a blogpost to see if it really works. If you're not sure what it is, it's a cleansing device for the face. These kinds of devices have become popular now as it helps boost the daily skincare routine. Read on to know what I mean.

08 January 2019


all, it's been a week after the start of a new year. I bet everyone feels refreshed and recharged with full of new resolutions and hopes. I feel the same way too but it's been a hectic start. We haven't been able to stay at home since our parents birthday was early this week.  
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