15 December 2018


Dear Santa & Altheans,
Here is what I wish for Christmas.
Okay, this is not actually a wish list but more to a sharing post. I have 5 products that I want to highlight to you guys. These products are like gems to me from Althea Korea, who knows you might find it worthy to you too. Another 5 are products that has rested in my cart for who knows when, so I wish that Santa will grant me the gift to have it checked out. HAHA... Okay kidding not kidding. Read on to know:

My Recommendations

Below are the products that I've used and currently using which I repeatedly bought from Althea Korea. These products are my must-haves from Althea so I think it might be useful to you too. The products are all affordable so you can certainly add it in your shopping cart anytime.

1. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 
Price: RM11
Get: my.althea.kr/drawing-eye-brow-new

I've repurchased this ton of times! Yes, it's that good and it's very cheap too!! I first got this as a free item from Althea Korea years ago and after that, it has become my must-have item. I have like 7 of these and if you noticed my videos on Instagram, all of them is using this eyebrow product. To be honest I don't really own any other brow products at the moment as I'm hooked to this one. If you guys have not yet tried this out, you should.

2. Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway
Price: RM43.00
Get: my.althea.kr/petal-velvet-sunaway

This SUNAWAY is amazings! Amazings okayssss...  I've used this a couple of times in my IG videos but I use this every time I go out now.  With or without makeup, this stuff is amazings (yes I mentioned that already) so you all can tell how much I love this product. It's so light that you don't really feel you have it on and it keeps the skin moisturized for quite some time. It's not sticky and it absorbs pretty fast too.

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3. Althea Petal Velvet Powders + Limited Edition Lavender
Price: RM16
Get: my.althea.kr/petal-velvet-powder | althea.kr/petal-velvet-powder-pink-lavender

Althea offers 3 different types of Petal Velvet Powder which include their Limited Edition Lavender. I have all 3 and I keep getting more of these as this powder is a must every time I do my makeup, My look doesn't seem complete without it now. I mostly use it for baking and of course for setting my makeup. It leaves a really nice finish and it helps avoid makeup from becoming cakey and patchy. The best ever.

4. Petitfee Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patch
Price: RM31
Get: my.althea.kr/ruby-bulgarian-rose-eye-patch

If you've been following me on Instagram for the longest time you'll know that I'm a masking addict. I used to mask a lot in the office and my favorite masks were from Petitfee, their hydrogel range, I was going to recommend that but sadly I think Althea discontinued the range as I can't find it on their website anymore. But you could read my review on it here: REVIEW: KOELF PEARL SHEA BUTTER HYDROGEL MASK PACK. I actually tried all the range over the years and my favorite is their Bulgarian Rose one. I actually bought a whole bundle of the Rose mask before using Althea's promotion at that time 1 + 1 Promo which I bought 10. So I got 20 altogether, it was really a great bargain and my skin was so happy at that time too.

But when I got pregnant, I got so lazy, like seriously lazy that I didn't even want to put on skincare, what more masks. But masking was one of the ways to keep me fresh at not sleepy during work, so I then gave their eye patches a try. Of course, my choice was the same as my favorite mask which is Petitfee's Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patch. The texture and essence are exactly the same as the mask but it's in eye patches form. I used about 2 bottles of these during my pregnancy at work, yesss you guess right. I used it like every day at work. LOL... These patches are so good and instantly gives you a wake-up call in the afternoon after lunch. 

5. CFC Lab Argan Glow Hair Oil
Price: RM45
Get: my.althea.kr/argan-glow-hair-oil

This Argan Hair Glow from CFC, I had it on my wishlist for ages before I actually got it, but not this ones, I got their Grapefruit one which is the 2nd picture on the left. Why did I get that one? Well, the Argan Glow Hair Oil is always out of stock and I keep missing it, so I gave up and bought the grapefruit one which used to be sold in Althea but I can't find it anymore. Probably discontinued but I'm glad I managed to buy at least one of the range.

I bought it when I was pregnant last time because I had really bad hair fall and frizzy hair problem but I didn't use it until a couple of months ago. Haha... I recently found it because last time I was almost due when it arrived so I stored it away. So I gave it a try and after a week my hair feels amazing! The amount of hair loss also reduced and my hair wasn't frizzy anymore, I look more proper with my hair down now, if not I'll always have to tie it.

No wonder this hair oil received a lot of positive reviews, it works wonders and smells so so so good! I wear it every morning and night just after I apply my skincare on. It makes me feel so good with my hair. I really hope Althea brings in the full range of CFC's Argan Glow Hair Oil.


So these below are the products I've been aiming to get but still haven't had the chance to try it out yet. So I hope I get to at least try out one of these before the year ends.

1. Banila Co Prime Primer
Price: RM66
Get: my.althea.kr/prime-primer
This has always been in my cart but I've never really bought it probably because I don't know if the price is worth it for a primer. I've heard good reviews about it but when it comes to purchasing I'm always on a tight budget so I make sure everything I get is worth the deal. So yeah, I still haven't found the courage to purchase this yet.

2. Missha The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist 
Price: RM135
Get: my.althea.kr/the-first-treatment-essence-intensive-moist

I have always wanted to try this since it first launched before but yet again the price makes me think twice about. I'm the type that will only splurge once I'm 100% confirmed that what I'm going to get will do me wonders. I've read so many good reviews about it but still, if I haven't tried or tested it for myself I'm not easily convinced. So yes, let this sit down in my cart until I have the luxury to buy this and not worry about regrets.

3. Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin Blusher
Price: RM60
Get: my.althea.kr/by-rodin-blusher

I already own the Rodin highlight and I love it so now I want to give this one a try. I wasn't really expecting much blings from a Korean product though but the Rodin highlight & contour was amazingly pigmented I just have to try this one out. This almost made it out my cart for my last purchase but I chose to get The Saem Cream blusher which is out of stock now. Haha... Thank goodness I carted that one out first.

4. Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 
Price: RM102
Get: my.althea.kr/freshly-juiced-vitamin-drop

I'm among those who are happy that Klairs now is available in Althea Malaysia, it wasn't available before okay. So I couldn't get Klair's CC Cream that I loved before, seriously that CC Cream is a must have too and Althea carries it too! But for Klairs I'm eager to try out their skincare and one of them is their Vitamin Drop. I read good reviews on this too but yet again I'm not really convinced if it's gonna work for me. I wish I could have a tester for this though.

5. Laneige Time Freeze Face Fit Roller
Price: RM178

Okay, you guys can laugh out loud for this but I have wanted this since it launched and Althea offers the lowest price for it. I still can't afford to splurge on this Face Fit Roller alone. Hello, it's worth almost a month of my lunch worth but reviews make me so wanna have it. I have such a round face, so owning a V-Shaped face is literally a dream for me. HAHA... ok bye

So that's 10 products! 5 from my recommendation and another 5 in my wishlist. I hope you guys benefited from this and now know some of the things to get from Althea. Trust me, from all the sites I've been to offering Korean Beauty products, Althea Korea is among the one that always offers the lowest prices and even free shipping so easily! Who doesn't love free shipping right?

P/s: Dear Santa, please let me unbox at least one of the items in my wishlist for Christmas.

Till then peeps!

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