20 September 2018


Lip junkies, may I have your attention as these NEW Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid Lipsticks has made its way into Malaysia early this month. With 6 variants of colors to choose from, these lippies will just get you hooked! I promise that because most of my friends that are into Mary Kay says these Matte Liquid Lipsticks are a fast seller and you'll understand why soon. Keep on reading because I know you're curious.

As most of you know already, I'm a big fan of matte lipsticks and this is the first time I tried Mary Kay's variation of matte lipsticks and truth be told, I'm impressed which got me a bit carried away playing with them. To start, their packaging is quite simple and it doesn't really show the different colours through packaging except for the colour labels, so there could easily be a mix up if you don't read carefully, but the most important thing is what's inside.

What really got my attention, instead of a soft sweet variation colour which we usually play safe with, these At Play range offers irresistible vibrant colours that just sparks a boost of confidence for those who tend to wear them. When I first swatched the lipsticks, I simply couldn't resist, all of them seem to be simply my colour. LOL...

Before we go any further, here are some points of their unique features for these lip colours:

  • Flexible coverage with a matte finish
    • It sure is, the problem with most liquid lipsticks is that it just dries too fast when you're still applying it on and when it does, you can't really seem to get the coverage right which equals to a messy application. But these At Play lipsticks glides so easily for a smooth application which helps to control on how thick you want to apply. The results create a perfectly matte finish without making it look so dry.
  • Controls oil and shine for 8 hours
    • I'm not sure how lipsticks could control oil but no doubt it does stay long enough on the lips as it only slightly transfers. It somehow is able to control shines from lip balms and still make the application mattified even if you apply lip balms before an application. Some matte lipsticks just make an application greasy with lip balms applied beforehand and it doesn't look good. But these lippies managed to beat that.
  • Feels light as air on skin
    • Couldn't agree enough with this one. While most matte lipsticks tend to feel very heavy after an application as it dries up your lips, this one just absorbs beautifully but not drying your lips moisture no matter how much application you put. I'm surprised too but after a while, you don't really feel that you have anything on your lips.
  • Six shades designed to match a range of skin tones
    • As I said before, from all the shades, I can't really decide which truly looks good on me as I feel each one does. LOL... I see other people posting out looks with different variant skin tones with these lippies and they all look good. So probably yes, their lip colours are able to match with variations of skin tones even with colours vibrant as these.

The colours are just breathtaking, I somehow feel my lips could do lip modeling now. HAHA... Kidding, but to be frank I'm quite impressed with how it looks on me even when I don't really have that perfect shape of lips.

Overall, my thoughts on these lip colours remain the same as I mentioned above, these are quite impressive and they're easy to apply as well. Being a mum with a growing toddler doesn't really allow you much time to get ready so matte lipsticks have been my second option previously as I didn't wanna risk the time with smudges. But these At Play lip colours glides the right consistency perfectly that I don't really think much to apply these, but of colours be careful with the edge of your lips. It's better to use lip pencils too so you'll get a perfect application.
For me, it does transfer a bit but I don't really much as the colour still stays for quite some time so reapplication isn't really necessary. What is most important is that it doesn't dry out my lips making me comfortable all day. The colours are all amazing and as I said, it's all my colours, and feel confident wearing them all.

Product Deets
Name: Mary Kay At Play Matte Liquid Lip Colours
Variation: Taupe That, Pink It Over, Bold Pink, Neon Nectarine, Red Siren, Vivid Violet
Price: RM39 each
Purchase: Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants | marykay.com.my

More Info
Contact: 03-77117500 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Website: marykay.com.my

Till then peeps!

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