26 September 2018


Last month I was invited to Mamonde's Garden in the City located at Mid Valley to experience Mamonde's Newest Flower toners first hand. Mamonde's success with their Rose Water toner now introduces an addition of 4 more different toners specifically curated for each skin type concern. They even upgraded the formulation of their famous Rose toner that I bet most of you has heard of already. Even my mum suddenly requested me to buy this for her last year, so I'm betting the Rose toner has reached the hearts of many of us including myself as well. If you have been using this toner, you'll come to joy knowing what Mamonde has in store for you. Keep on reading to know the deets.

Mamonde has discovered the nourishing properties of five selected flowers which bring women’s beauty back into bloom. We all know that flowers intrigue us with its unique beauty and sweet scent, but it also invigorates the skin and heals the body with its natural therapeutic benefits. Inspired by flowers, Mamonde introduces us to their latest Flower Toner Series which are ranged as the Damask Rose, Plum Blossom, Chamomile, Buckwheat Honey and Heartleaf Houttuynia. What's different this time is that the Mamonde Flower Toner Series allows you to choose your skin type as it is formulated with flower-derived active ingredients to accommodate different skin needs.

So let's explore these 5 toners so you could get a better idea of its purposes.

1. Aqua Peel Toner (Plum Blossom)
Price: RM 85 (250ml)
Suited for: Dry & Combination Skin
Purchase: shopee.com.my/Mamonde

Derived from Plum Blossom, Mamonde found that the Plum flower contains anti-oxidant properties that are effective in moisturizing and purifying the skin for a clear and flawless complexion. The Plum fruit, on the other hand, is known for its skin tightening and soothing effects as well as its high content of organic acids which helps give a boost to the skin cell turnover.

As results, the Aqua Peel Toner is a refreshing peeling toner that wipes away dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, leaving skin feeling smooth and moisturized. When applied, the components of the Plum macerate dead skin cells on the skin surface, while the plant-based enzymes stimulate the skin’s turnover process to exfoliate skin effectively. 

It also ensures an effective exfoliating care to the skin as it offers triple peeling effect- a combination of bio-peeling originated from plant-based enzymes, chemical peeling with natural AHA as well as physical peeling when wiping off the skin using cotton containing the Aqua Peel Toner. It is free from the following: animal ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic color, and triethanolamine.

2. Pore Clean Toner (Heartleaf Houttuynia)
Price: RM 85 (250ml)
Suited for: Oily Skin
Purchase: shopee.com.my/Mamonde

Heartleaf Houttuynia, also known as Eoseongcho which is native to Japan and is used widely as herbal medicine as it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamin B. Mamonde uncovered that the Heartleaf Houttuynia contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits that can help purify excess sebum and impurities in whisking blackheads away on skin’s surface, thereby reducing inflammatory response and preventing the development of acne and pimples.

Which resulted in this double layered toner that is formulated with Eoseongcho tincture and mud from Korea’sWest Coast. While the Eoseongcho tincture contained in the Pore Clean Toner helps control excess sebum and tightens the pore, Korea’s West Coast mud on the other hand aids in absorbing sebum and takes away greasiness to keep the skin soft and supple. The Mamonde Pore Clean Toner possesses the following properties:
  • Controls excessive sebum production and relieves pores and blackhead concerns
  • Comes with a soft and non-oily finish
  • Safe prescription with a high content of natural ingredients & natural-originated alcohol
  • Free from animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, coal-tar dyes, and silicone oil
3. Chamomile Pure Toner
Price: RM 85 (250ml)
Suited for: Sensitive Skin
Purchase: shopee.com.my/Mamonde

Chamomile Plant was first mentioned as a cure for fever, often referred to as the “ague”. Being a native to western Europe, India, and Western Asia, the Chamomile is widely used as an herbal tea for its well-known benefits of relaxing the nerves, especially for those with sleeping troubles.  The plant also contains soothing properties that help sooth and alleviates inflammation and roughening of the skin.  Mamonde’s Chamomile Pure Toner is formulated using the following 6 ingredients to help combat sensitive skin: 
Chamomile extract
Extracted by refining natural Chamomile through a quadruple filtering process. Provides excellent soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin.
Provitamin B5 
Helps strengthen the skin barrier and provides ample hydration to the skin
Purified Water 
Provides moisture and nutrient to the skin
Provides skin texture and moisturizing care
Provides moisture and nutrient to the skin
1,2- Hexanediol 
Provides moisture and nutrient to the skin
The Mamonde Chamomile Pure Toner is dermatologically tested, free from fragrance, animal ingredients, mineral oil, Polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl urea, Triethanolamine, and synthetic color.

4. Flower Honey Toner (Buckwheat Flower)
Price: RM 85 (250ml)
Suited for: Consumers with extreme skin dryness and signs of early aging
Purchase: shopee.com.my/Mamonde

Mamonde discovered that the Buckwheat honey produced during the flowering season contains a high level of enzymes and powerful antibacterial features that can protect the skin from external stimuli. An essence toner formulated with Buckwheat Honey, the Mamonde Flower Honey Toner helps nourish and firm up the skin by strengthening the skin barrier to improve skin’s texture and elasticity. It is also infused with Propolis a natural homeostatic substance produced by combining plant sap and bee saliva, which functions to protects the skin from external stimuli with excellent anti-bacterial, sterilizing and anti-inflammatory effects. The Mamonde Flower Honey Toner is free from mineral oil, synthetic colour, silicone oil and polyacrylamide.

5. Rose Water Toner (Damask Rose)
Price: RM85(250ml) / RM119 (500ml)
Suited for:  All Skin Types
Purchase: shopee.com.my/Mamonde

There are many different species of rose, but the most precious of hundreds of rose species is the Damask Rose. Mamonde discovered that the Damask Rose contains soothing and moisturizing properties that help soften rough, flaky skin for a clearer and vibrant complexion. This has resulted in the development of the Rose Water Toner.

Infused with 90.97% rose water, Mamonde Rose Water Toner helps provide excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. When applied, it absorbs into the skin immediately and softens rough, flaky skin to reveal a clear and vibrant complexion.  The Mamonde Rose Water Toner is free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl urea, a preservative, triethanolamine, silicone oil and synthetic colour.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Rose Water for:
  • A Facial Mist (by pouring into a mist bottle)
  • Foundation blender (by soaking a makeup sponge in the Rose Water Toner and blend the foundation for a radiant, dewy look)
  • DIY Moisturising Makeup Remover (by blending it with facial oil)
  • DIY Sheet Mask
  • Customised skincare (by mixing it with any powder such as green tea and use it on top of a paper sheet mask) & 7-step toner layering (to achieve soothing and moisturizing effects for the skin)
In addition to the Rose Water, Mamonde just recently launched new products to compliment it which I'll list below:

1. Rose Water Toner Pad
Price: RM 70 (40 Sheets)
This is a rosy pad soaked in Rose Water Toner that can be used as a toner or a sheet mask. Functions are similar to the Rose Water Toner, it provides excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. It's ultra-lightweight and upon application, the rose pad fits closely to the skin to remove dead skin cells and aid in delivering the rose water deeper into the skin. Through research conducted by Mamonde’s R&D team, it was shown that placing the Rose Water Toner pad on the skin for 15 minutes helps increase skin’s moisture content of up to 187% as compared to applying with hands, which increases skin moisture level of up to only 110%.

2. Rose Water Gel Cream
Price: RM 99 (80ml)
It's a refreshing moisturizing cream effective for soothing and intensive skin moisturizing care. The Rose Water Gel Cream is light-weight and has a non-sticky texture. When applied, it forms a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for an extended time. To achieve an optimum result, use the Rose Water Toner/Rose Water Toner Pad followed by the Rose Water Gel Cream for a double-layered moisturizing effect that will result in a smooth, and dewy skin inside out.

3. Rose Water Soothing Gel
Price: RM55 (300ml)
The Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel is a multi-purpose soothing gel infused with 90.81% of rose water that penetrates quickly onto skin and provides the skin with rich moisture. It comes with rose fragrance and a cooling formula to help soothe dry and tired skin on the face, hair, and body. The Rose Water Soothing Gel can be used as: 
  • A cold pack or an overnight mask pack
  • A rose-scented hair essence on hair roughened by UV rays
  • A fragrant and cooling body lotion in the summer
  • Refrigerate the product to enjoy the cooling sensation.

More Deets
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Till then peeps!

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