14 September 2018


Time seems to fly too fast as somehow I feel only yesterday that my husband and I decided to take a chance to live on our own even though we were still building our savings. We were still living off monthly income at that time as I was still working and our money was just enough to survive for the months. We didn't have the luxury to splurge and always on a tight budget especially when we were also expecting Maliq to come out soon. My husbands' career in property was just starting to bloom that time, but his commission came out ages after Maliq was born and during that time, was one of the desperate moments that we've been through.

Remembering back then also makes me so grateful for what we have now. We're not totally free from financial worries as now our commitments has increased too, as last time my sister was still renting with us but she was offered a new job, so she moved out and we were back on our own again. But thank goodness when she moved out we were finally starting to breathe with our financial state. We're not saying that we're loaded now, but we have enough to survive and also have backups as well. Not like last time where we were at a critical stage where our bank accounts were mostly zeros most of the time.

The most critical time was the first few months when I gave birth to Maliq. Thank goodness my maternity leave was still covered back then because we surely were quite desperate back then. My husband commissions were still on hold at that time but we managed. Before I gave birth there were nights where we'll have fried eggs with rice and breakfast milo with dried crackers but honestly, those were the sweetest times. Even now we still do that sometimes, since my husband is so busy now, he rarely is at home after he got promoted.

No matter how much of an introvert I am and love my time alone, I hate the feeling of a quiet house during dinner time. That's the time where families usually bond and my husband rarely makes it to dinner now. The first few months with that change, of course, I was emotional, and it took me a while to get used to it. It's silly of me to behave that way since I know it's his work and checking our tracker always shows he's at his workplace or the place he's supposed to. Only sometimes I still get annoyed because after the whole day out he still goes to the 'mamak' to have a drink. 

But now I just let it go and don't think much because I'm pretty much occupied at home as well. Doing housework is no joke, it's pretty much tiring as working full-time. What uses my energy the most is looking after my son that goes everywhere now and just as soon as I want to sit down, there he goes doing things he's not supposed to do and I have to go running there. Lol... I wish I could get slimmer but I'm just gaining weight. Haha...
Maliq is growing up so fast, even though it tires me to run after him but with his all growing up, means he could be taught to behave and it also gives me a chance to do my things since I started focusing on my blog again. I can control his routine such as sleep time, eat time, play time, nap time and etc. This gives me room to adjust my time of taking pictures, shooting videos, editing and writing to complete my jobs. So at the end of the day, I kinda feel beaten up like I worked all day at the office too. Lol

As a housewife, I'm still trying especially when it comes to cooking. Since my husband rarely has dinner at home I'm also lazy to cook. But I'll still cook sometimes, depending on my mood, but usually, when my husband comes home early I'll normally cook his kinds of dish. I could say I improved a lot with Malay dishes now. I should practice maintaining cooking every day though since Maliq is growing up and it'll come a time where I'll have to prepare dishes for him every meal time. Now I just prepare his food once a day as he still breastfeeds from me.

Anyhow, I learned that you don't get everything you want. Before I wished that my husband had a stable job and we were financially stable, but now I kinda wish he had more time at home. Before we had much quality time but our financial state was unstable, but now our financial is kinda stable but my husband doesn't have much time with us. So there's always changes in everything. I just hope our future gets brighter and we'll always figure out a way to make our household a happy one and give Maliq the best environment growing up.

Speaking of that, we're also about to move out soon and move to a house that's landed instead. Husband says that we need room for Maliq to grow and he prefers a landed house instead of an apartment. But it's too early to tell details now, probably when we moved.

Till then peeps!

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