04 September 2018


I bet many of you own a lot of bags especially handbags right? To be frank, I just own 2 handbags and 1 diaper bag. LOL... I'm not really into handbags but I have an addict that's close to me which I could borrow anytime in need. She's no else than my own mum. My mothers' joy and pride are her handbags, she owns so many handbags that sometimes she forgets some of them which are usually stored in a dustbag all over the house. Among those handbags, there are also leather handbags, which over time will turn cloudy and grey but my mum doesn't really send them to the store, so when I told her about ShoeTree Project, she was the one most delighted. Keep on reading to know more.

From the picture above, you might have already guessed that ShoeTree Project might have something to do with polish, indeed they have. What we usually hear is that polish is for shoes, normally men shoes so we girls don't really care much. But have you forgotten who owns the most leather products if it ain't us girls? Yes, our handbags need to be taken care of too since their also a part of our treasures since you are aware that leathers are usually expensive but will be able to last a lifetime in proper care. To make sure your bag doesn't come to waste, give them some skincare too! Since leather is skin, the most important part is to make sure that the natural oils in leather are preserved, which helps keep the leather microstructure flexible and ultimately prevents it from cracking.

The skin care I mean has sufficient quality to take care of leather accessories and ShoeTree Project happens to have it and a very good one as well. The Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is Saphir's most renowned product which won them a gold medal in the Paris Fair 1925 and this is the skincare that your bags will thank you for. It is shipped all the way from France and ShoeTree Project is the official retailer in Singapore.

It is also generally regarded as the #1 leather care brand internationally which shoe forums usually rave about but turns out it is actually hard to find around! Why? Because not all women, including me, before was aware that leathercare products could be taken care of ourselves. In reality, any high-quality leather product, whether it be leather handbags, purses, footwear, belts etc, can last decades with proper care and Saphir's products is a medium to help.

It is made from mink oil. This is the gold standard since mink fat is chemically very similar to skin oils in leather, which ensures a complete profile of essential oils. It also contains a mild cleaner, which helps unclog leather pores to allow the conditioning oils to penetrate. Yes, leather have pores too if it's not taken care off, so why not use a magnifying glass and see if it's true. 😅 Besides that, it is really, really rich! A centimeter-sized medallion could probably cover an entire side of a handbag!

It is all natural and also makes the Saphir Renovateur suitable for a whole range of different leathers like calfskin, croc, ostrich, and even horse. This really makes it stand out from the other leather care products who use synthetic chemicals in their products. The best part of it, instead of coming from a tin container, it comes in a sleek glass jar that makes it looks more like a skincare product which I bet your bags will be happy to have. 😉

So as I mentioned above, I'm my mothers' loyal borrower when it comes to bags and because of that, I'm making sure that I care for her bags as my own, which I think of my own already. LOL... Anyways, in return, I provide her bags the best spa service with deep hydration sessions by my very own hands. Haha... Actually, my mum forced me to do it, since I'm the one using it.  😆

That's okay anyway because I found it interesting too. This is one of her bags that are 100% leather, well she says it is, I can't really tell. So back to the topic, if you see my picture above, you'll be able to see the difference in what the polish does. The area I circled is clearly more shinier and glossier than the part I didn't circle. I used their ShoeTree brush to polish the bags but you can also use a normal cloth as well. It's almost the same technique as polishing your shoes.

Now it's almost been a month since I last polished all the bags and the bags are still shiny even when I bought it out and stored them away. My mum is also happy that her bags look like brand new and also that now she could just them to me for service anytime. LOL... I still haven't touched more of the Saphir Renovateur and even for the first time I used it, it looked like it was untouched as well and it's true that its consistency is super thick that only a dime use could cover up a handbag.

Overall it's good to have one of these at home since I guess each home might own a few leathercare products, you could share between your whole family since your father would need it as well for his shoes. Unfortunately, this polish doesn't come in a smaller size so it might be pricey for those who don't own a lot of leather products but it is able to be stored for a long time. Since it's in a glass jar, I think storing won't be a problem as it looks as great as skincare, probably you'll end up putting it on your vanity table.

Product Deets
Product: Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
Price: RM98.86

Till then peeps!

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