04 August 2018


Yes, you'ved guessed it. Here's another post on #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS but the good news is, this product is still selling in Watsons and hasn't been discontinued yet. When I first used this CC Cream it was still newly launched and the Pure Beauty brand has just entered Watsons. Their famous for the Pink Skincare range which I mentioned about it years back in a post. Now thinking of it again, I remember than CC Cream was quite a thing back then and I myself prefered BB and CC Cream over foundation at that time since it's more lightweight. Read on if you wanna know more.

Pure Beauty's CC Cream functions to instantly corrects complexions with extended skin care benefits. It primes, moisturizes, provides SPF protection, oil control and smoothes the complexion. It's dermatologically tested which is suitable for all skin type. I remember using this daily before I tried out another CC Cream which then this ended up with my mum.

The CC Cream is so lightweight it's like powdered water which was one of the reasons why I loved it. Back then I was still a student and of course I didn't want a heavy makeup to attend class, so I prefered something lightweight like this that could still cover up the flaws. This lasted long enough until I wash it of and it's easy to get it off as well. It doesn't make it such obvious that I had makeup on. This CC Cream is suitable for daily use and of course you won't be getting a full coverage with this. Turns out my mum loved it as well and repurchased this 2 times before she changed to something else. I still remember that she kept bugging me that her CC Cream has finished and she needs more. LOL...

Till then peeps!

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