11 July 2018


Cushion cases used to be so popular or it probably still a thing. I've had these pictures in my drafts for ages. So here's to another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS. When I took these pictures, it was still fresh in Althea but as usual, back then, I got too busy to write about it. So here's a little write-up so the pictures don't go to waste. LOL... Keep on reading if you've never heard about this though.

With the wave of Korean cosmetics bringing in a lot of BB Cushions, which was a new discovery back then, some still prefer their current foundation as Korean applicators appear brighter than the popular brands in Sephora. Cushions are an alternative to a simple application on-the-go without having to bring that extra kit of brushes. So for those who wanted to try out cushions but didn't want to change their current product, well these DIY BB Cushions were for grabs. It doesn't really limit to foundation only since it's an empty case, you could get creative and make your own highlighter, blusher and so on. We tried doing this in Althea before and it worked!

I got caught in the hype of the cushions too before because it was surely easy on-the-go, but after I got pregnant I couldn't stand makeup so I left these cushions to be. Now it looks all gross so there's an expiry date to cushions. Please do not wash and reuse the cushions after you're done with the products inside as there should be a lot of bacteria and germs inside already. 

So do I still use cushions? Well no, I got rid of all my current ones but I wouldn't turn down to try out a new one in the future. These empty cushion cases are no longer sold in Althea though, it's been some time though that they've discontinued the product, but you probably may find it in other online shops.

Anyways, this isn't a review. Just letting you all know my experience on BB Cushions.

Till then peeps!

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