19 June 2018


I've always loved Mentholatum lip balms and until now it's still my favourite choice. Mentholatum is surely a brand my family and I trust since I can't remember. LOL... Well, early this year Mentholatum launched a new edition to their lip balms which are lip crayons. I was surprised when Mentholatum sent me this as I thought they now produce lipsticks. These lip crayons were sent to the office when I was on my maternity leave and I only got to use it starting from the middle of this year. When I first tried it on, I was surprised! Read on to know why.

I'm fascinated with these lip crayons, they're a balm and a lipstick in one! Since I'm a mother now I think my taste on makeup has changed. No matter how I love going out with dark Matte lips but the struggle to maintain it while having to entertain the needs of the little one is hard work. I'm still at the stage where I'm unable to balance between my son and me, so I end up choose easy and light makeup. This is where these lip crayons come in a saves the day as their light and moisturising but still adds a little sheer of colour to the lips.

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The first time I tried it on I was a bit disappointed with the colour because it didn't seem to stand out much but then I applied a few layers then only did the colour show, but still, it wasn't so clear as Matte lips. You'll get a sheer light colour which actually brings a nice natural lip look. The best part of the lip crayons is that it's cooling as well! I was stunned because I didn't expect it and the whole time I was wearing it I kept thinking I had lip balm on as it was moisturising as well.
For me, these lips crayons are great for daily wear but for occasions might not be the right choice as you'll be needing to reapply quite fast. It also leaves stains but at least the stains easily come off. 
Overall it's a good product for daily wear and I keep one in my everyday bag as well. It helps to hide my zombie face when I have no makeup on to go to nearby shops.

Till then peeps!

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