08 June 2018


It's a personal post today. Have been wanting to write this since my birthday which was 1'st May but May was a very busy month. On May also I've been learning how to take care of my own family and also the arrival of Ramadan with a child. So May has mostly been a learning month for me and also the first we actually had a lot of quality family time together as 3. Just before May arrived, my husband surprised us with our own family trip, (well it wasn't actually a surprise since I bought it up) but unexpectedly he said 'Yes, let's go' so it's considered a surprise to me. HAHA... And our destination was Melaka! Always Melaka for us, don't know why but Melaka seems to always be our holiday choice. Most of the hotel's in Melaka we've already stayed in, but of course, it was our first time with Maliq. Since it was his first trip we were kinda nervous and turned out exactly how we expected. Keep on reading to know how it went.

We went on a 3 Day 2 Nights trip and chose Novotel Melaka to stay this time, even though we both were aiming The Pines Melaka at first because it was the hotel we stayed in just after we got married and we both loved their service from the room, utilities and also the food. Sadly the price spiked up from last time and it was really expensive compared to 2 years ago for their Deluxe room, so we got a great discount for Hatten Hotel and Novotel, but since we already stayed in Hatten before, we decided to give Novotel a try.

The trip was actually kinda last minute, we booked the room 2 weeks before the trip and there was a lot of things to prepare especially for Maliq since he has never been taken on a holiday before. The first thing I was eager of was his swimming essentials. LOL... My son has always loved the water, bath time is the time where his smile is the widest so I was so eager to see his reaction in a pool. So I went into Shopee straight away (since it's cheaper and faster there) and I got everything needed just before the trip. If you ever need anything, Shopee really is a great platform, I've been addicted to it recently.

Anyways, the day had come and I was super excited, got all outfit planned for my boys. (fefeeling che ta) We had white, red and blue theme for those 3 days. HAHA... We kinda departed late from Subang because my husband had to settle some work at the office first, so we reached Melaka late afternoon and we both were super hungry. Since Maliq got a bit cranky sitting in his car seat for quite long, he refused feeding on the way, so as I mother now, he's at the top priority than my hungry tummy, so I fed him first while my husband went out and packed up some food. When my husband got back Maliq was already sleeping and we both got to eat like we did on our last trip to Melaka. It kinda made me remember the old times and it was a great feeling. 'Nasi Bungkus' and 'lauk' has always been an option and I love my husband feeding me. Haha... Yes, suami I suapkan I sebab I mengada-ngada since before.

For dinner, we went out that night to look for a restaurant called 'Kopi Ngences' and after going in circles at the same place after 3 to 4 times, did we only realise that the information we googled might have been outdated and the restaurant might have closed down since another restaurant was at their lot. Beria tau google 'Makanan best di Melaka' and in the end we ended up eating Sushi King because we were that hungry and Aeon was just in front of us. Thank goodness Maliq was behaving, but Maliq is already used to malls so it's nothing new. Right after dinner we looked for snacks and head straight back to the hotel. Since we're bringing a baby we can't really go out much at night, so yeap... back in the hotel room watching TV.

My husband and I love food so dinner enough wasn't enough for us so while again I fed Maliq and put him to sleep, my husband went down to find late night snacks. Maliq slept like a king, in the king sized bed, even though we requested a baby cot, he didn't want to sleep in there. He wanted the bed, which we turned the baby cot into our towel hanger. Honestly, the room wasn't that cosy compared to The Pines and Hatten, it's way too small and the utilities in the room ain't that great as well. My husband and I had great chat down memory lane that night while eating snacks. So that explains why both of us are so round now. Haha... Maliq interrupted halfway calling for milk so my husband took the opportunity to play games. Guys and games, I don't understand until now, so I kinda put on a long face afterwards and he started laughing and asked me to make tea for him. So I did make tea but because I'm still not satisfied with him I kept overlooking the most important clue. Lastly, he held my hand and told me directly to go to the pantry and fetch him the white bag, and I looked from afar I saw a Pandora bag.

As soon as I saw the bag my husband laughed out loud looking at my reaction, so nevertheless he took the time to tease me. I couldn't control my happiness either so I just let him tease me. I've been telling him I wanted a Pandora bracelet while we were still studying together, and his answer would always be 'nanti saya mampu saya belikan' and after all those years he did. Which made me more touched because it has been that long and he remembers. I wasn't expecting anything on my birthday though because the years before he usually wishes me with prayers and says that he loves me, even though with words, I see his sincerity every year. That's why I was so shocked and he kinda made that night romantic somehow when he put on the bracelet for me while telling me each and every meaning of the charms he chose. I almost cried so I gave him a big hug and thanked him even though I was trying to aim for camera lens. HAHAHA (tak sedar diri) No la... joking, I was satisfied enough with the trip already.

Okay, so if I made you guys puke! You can quite hear if you don't wanna read a lovey-dovey post, I'm just into it right now. So we had a good night sleep and after Subuh I couldn't sleep and kept staring at my bracelet, my husband went straight back to deep sleep after Subuh and my son too after I fed him. Looking at my boys sleeping made me so thankful and blessed, Alhamdulillah. Around 8am I was already hungry and bugging my husband to wake up for breakfast, the trick was to wake Maliq up first so once Maliq is up my husband will have to get up as well. Haha.. Pandai kan saya? So yeah,   we went down for breakfast after I fed Maliq again and changed his diapers, but just as soon as I smelled the sweet scent of pastry at the buffet hall I was disturbed with a poo poo smell coming from my son. Haihhhh... I told my husband and he laughed and gave the room keys to me which made me half annoyed as he with glee reached out a plate and scooped out some Nasi Lemak. So yeahhh... lovey-dovey gone overnight.
Maliq seemed to have pooped a lot and stained his pants so explains the picture above. He doesn't look happy with the choice of clothing I chose for him either but I was badly hungry. As soon as I reached down, my husband already finished a plate and took Maliq while I go hunt for my food. The reason why my husband and I prefer hotels for holidays is because of their breakfast buffets and we were, kinda disappointed with the breakfast for Novotel as well. Not because it didn't have much variety but its tastes were kinda bland, thank goodness the pastries were okay but The Pines is so much better. After breakfast, my husband wanted to sleep some more but I got cranky and forced him in his swimsuit, we're going to the swimming pool. He said we'll go in the evening but I could never trust those kinds of promises and it's a good one too because it rained.

Took Maliq swimming for the first time and honestly I was the most excited. We actually planned this trip 2 weeks before and there were many things that I didn't have for the trip including Maliq's swimming things. I've been eager to see Maliq's reaction in the pool since he's never cried when being bath. He loves the water so I imagined he'll love the pool so of course I wanted everything to be perfect. Just after I booked our trip I went onlie to shop for Maliqs float and swimming pants. I had no idea where to find it in stores, online shopping was easier but the risk was delivery. Could it deliver in a short time? My only option was through Lazada and Shopee and after going through so many times I noticed a lot of points going to Shopee. It's way cheaper and delivers less than 5 days. Lazada birthday sales price is more expensive than shopee, seriously. Anyways I was so happy the items arrived on time. Maliq had a great chillax session in the water. He neither cried or laughed. 😅 He just floated and daydreamed like he usually does when I bath him. Let's see what happens in the next session then. #MaliqSyafiq
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I think I was more excited compared to Maliq, I was the one eager to go the pool while Maliq's reaction in the water was nothing much. He might have thought that it's just his normal bath session since I hadn't bathed him yet. In the end, we didn't hang around long in the pool since the sun was starting to rise. Probably should wait until Maliq is a little older then only it'll be a fun session at the pool. 

We went back up and got ready to go out for lunch. Our them that day was blue and green but I didn't manage to take a picture because we barely went out. LOL... Bringing a baby on a holiday isn't easy, my husband wanted to eat 'asam tetel' at the stall we went before but the place was crowded with people. Thank goodness it was only 5 minutes away from the hotel, even though we had to use Waze to find it. The place was so packed with people and it was super hot outside, so we didn't want to risk Maliq being exposed to the open air which I bet a lot of people will be smoking freely. So husband told us to wait in the car with a sad face since he already paid RM5 parking. HAHA... He bought the food he wanted and packed it so we could eat at the hotel.

When we reached back at the hotel Maliq got cranky again because he skipped a sleep session so I fed him and put him to sleep. So again my husband suapkan makanan and we talked about life while Maliq was asleep. We thought of going out again after lunch but our eyes were heavy, HAHA... dua-dua jadi badak sebab tengok anak sedap tidur. Plus the sun was blazing hot outside so we weren't so eager to meet the sun and decided to go out in the afternoon after 4pm.

At 5pm we were already in the car and headed off to a famous restaurant called Mee Besen. The speciality is that the food is served in big bowls and thank goodness we went there early because the place started to become crowded after a while so we got a good seat that Maliq was also comfortable with, he even slept while we ate. The food was good and the portions were also generous for the price we paid, no wonder there were a lot of customers. Right after dinner, we went straight back to the hotel since it was already dark and Maliq needed milk. Even though I bring him milk in a bottle everytime we go out, he won't drink it.

As soon as we reached the hotel, my husband already expected that we both are going to be hungry, so he says he wanted to go out and look for food. I was so tempted to follow him since Dataran Pahlawan was just across the road but Maliq looked tired, so I gave in and stayed in the room. I should be proud of myself but I requested so much from my husband. HAHA... I asked for Starbucks so that I could redeem my birthday cake, I also requested ice-cream, finger foods and pastries. Since the list was long, he surely took his sweet time. He was gone for about 2 hours before I started ringing him. His excuse was that there were so many people at Starbucks. Hmmm... ok....

So we had our late night snack and our deep chats, it was a nice feeling. Maliq slept soundly in the King bed, so the hotel should have some credit for the comfortable bed. Breakfast the next morning was almost the same as yesterday but they did have a change in menu. My husband still wasn't satisfied with the breakfast spread at the hotel and kept saying next time it'll be The Pines again.
We went back to bed after breakfast and woke up for check-out. Haha... It's such a lazy holiday but the important part was the quality time we 3 shared together. Just after checkout, we walked to this chicken rice ball restaurant where my husband discovered coincidently while he went astray the 2 hours last night. He said that there were so many people waiting in line, so the restaurant must be famous and turns out it is.

We spotted Siti Sarah and her family together with Mark Adam having lunch at this place as well. The food was okay but it was a bit pricey for the portion, we ended up being hungry again after a few hours.

Overall it was a really lazy trip, we hardly went anywhere and did anything besides sleep and eat. HAHA... but that's good enough for us. Let's wait for Maliq to grow a bit bigger for a more adventurous trip. I'm longing to go to the zoo!

Till then peeps!

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