18 May 2018


Just a short post for today but for Mamonde lovers you'll find this skincare set interesting. Mamonde’s Pure White Ultra Active whitening range combines whitening and anti-aging care to dispel effects caused by the sun. It's the ultimate kit for protection against the UV rays from the harsh sun and living in a country which basically welcomes the sun almost everyday, it's bests to choose your products wisely.

The whitening line is especially popular during summer to maintain bright flawless skin despite the effects of the heat and UV. Mamonde’s Pure White is formulated using only the buds of the white Magnolia flowers before blooming, which contain the highest content of the active ingredients to aid in removing signs of old age, blemishes and yellow skin tone in exchange for a brighter and fairer complexion. Mamonde Pure White Ultra Active Line includes the Pure White Ultra Active Skin Softener, Pure White Ultra Active Emulsion, Pure White Ultra Active Essence, and Pure White Ultra Active Cream.

Till then peeps!

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