01 May 2018


Who doesn't love flowers? Well I know some of you don't or may be allergic to it but I'm one whose heart melts when receiving a bouquet. Flowers are usually gifted to say something and each flower may have its own meaning. Ask any florist, they will know the meaning of a flower. As roses for example, from what we learn watching dramas is that there are meanings behind roses which mostly depends on the colour. For some people who love to give hints rather than saying out loud, flowers are one of the best options to do so. I'm not really the type that understands hints and meanings behind something, so my understanding of flowers have always been gifting. To say thank you, to say welcome back, to say get well soon and mostly everything that's direct. I just moved back to my own home after staying most of the time at my mums who also took care of my son while I was still working. Since I finally moved out after months staying there, it felt like I left home once again and I felt bad, so I wanted to gift her something to show my appreciation and the only thing I could think of was flowers. So read on if you wanna know why I chose flowers.

So as you all may have known, my mum has been taking care of me and my child since I gave birth until now, and now I'm back on my own so I wanted something to show my appreciation. I just wanted something simple and I thought the best gift should be flowers. My parents just came back from Umrah also last week so flowers should be great as a thank you and welcome back gift. I didn't have time to go out and buy them as I'm busy with the little one and driving alone with the kid along in the car seat at the back of the car scares me. So no thanks, I'll just do the shopping from home. I wanted a bouquet that could be displayed and at the same time bring a cheerful scene to my mums' house and at the same time provide the same day delivery. That's where Flowerchimp came to mind. My mum lives outside of town at the edge of Suburbs which most services don't offer delivery but Flowerchimp managed to deliver it and it was a quick one too!

If you head into Flowerchimp's website right now, you'll see Mother's day promotion offers which are quite interesting and you'll surely have a hard time to pick which flower should it be. Their bestsellers look amazing!

The great thing about Flowerchimp that is its website is organised which makes it easy for you to search the exact kind of flowers you're thinking off. Below is from their Mother's Day Collection which mostly was bouquets. I wanted something that my mum could display and look at it and then I saw another collection.

The Vase Arrangements was perfect! If you look at the pictures below everything looked sweet and pretty. I seriously had a hard time choosing, but me being me I always read reviews before I purchase anything. Which ended me picking their bestseller anyways, try to guess which one it is. 

Yes, you've guessed it, I picked Romy one of their bestsellers and which was also on a promotion that time. It was perfect to welcome back my parents with a big bunch of flowers displayed in a vase. They don't really get many fresh flowers so getting them fresh flowers should be refreshing.

Another great thing about Flowerchimp is that they have a lot of payment options you could choose from and orders made before 1pm get fresh flowers delivered on that very day! You can also order without even creating an account, it's that simple, plus their website is mobile friendly. I usually don't shop anything through mobile but I did for this order.

I'm glad that my parents liked it, especially my mum. Since Mothers Day is coming up, why not gift them a bouquet instead. Since it's my Birthday today, use my coupon code MIRA15 for a 15% discount store-wide on flowerchimp.com. The code ends 31 May 2018, so take your time, you have one month to celebrate my birthday! Oppss... I mean celebrate your Mother with a flower bouquet. ;) 

Till then peeps!

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