30 April 2018


Hey guys, I bet you all heard the news already. Just last month Althea Korea launched their very own skincare set after the success of their first product, the Petal Velvet Powder. As some of you may have known, as an EX magical creature from Althealand, the things we do here are pretty magical, so of course, the results you see should be magical as well. Lol... That's actually up for you to decide. Anyways for today's post is about my thoughts on these juicy gossips. Keep on reading because there might be something pretty exciting at the end.

The Bare Essentials consists of 3 main products which are the Contour Cleanser, the Primer Water and also the Fixer Cream. Santa Althea's aim was to create a high-quality skincare for a more affordable price, which resulted in this 3 step skincare range.

Before I go into details of how I feel about these products, let's first of all talk about packaging. I'm head over heels for the simple elegant look of the bare essentials. The look that's so neat and clean made me more eager to take pictures. I've been obsessed with white since I had my own home and I try my best to get everything white especially for my stuff on my vanity table. LOL... And having this displayed on my vanity just completes the whole look. Okay, probably I'm going a bit overboard, but I bet most of you love a nice clean look to look at everyday right? The most interesting thing about the packaging is the caps, the tin engraved with the Althea logo completes a simple vintage look to the packaging.

So first up is the Contour Cleanser, it promises a detox solution to obtain a V-Shape for your face. Interesting right? Its main ingredients are Ice Plants, a water storage plant found in the deserts of South Africa, said to help provide a cooling effect which refreshes and soothes the skin at the same time hydrates it. It's also added with Lemon Verbena which acts as a strong detox effect that contains vitamin C, E and citrus. Its said to help purify toxic energy inside the skin to help create a clear and smooth skin. Besides that, this cleanser also promises to improve blood circulation hence able to create the V-Shape look. It contains microcapsules to gently exfoliate dead skin.

I've been using it for more than a month now and it really does help get a clean and refreshed the skin but I'm not so sure of the V-shape look though as I've always had a round face. I love the feel of the Micro Capsules scrubbed on my face and the citrus scent of lemon afterwards. Just a small pinch of cleanser creates a foamy wash to cleanse, so one product should be able to last for quite long.

Next is the Primer Water and it is LOVE! The primer/toner is something to look forward to with the technology of Snow Lotus and Dewdrops. Snow Lotus acts as a brightening agent and evens out the texture of the skin to create a natural smooth radiance. It could also clear out dark spots and has a superior anti-ageing effect as well. Besides that, this primer is patented with dewdrops formulation, which this technology it could revitalize the skin and provide immediate effective moisture. The dewdrops purpose is to improve suppleness by filling the gaps between pores and skin.
The consistency of the primer is rather thick so it helps to pat it on your face easily without even cotton pads. It's not sticky and it absorbs pretty fast. Just a few drops are enough for every use and yes, it does provide instant moisture to the skin.

The last product from the Bare Essentials is the Fixer Cream. Made from key ingredients of Trehalose, Boabab Tree, Wild Green Tea and also Lavender. The fixer cream is supposed to give a long lasting hydration to the skin since powerful moisturizing properties were packed in it. You could look forward to a 24 hour fresh and revitalized complexion. It's also loaded with antioxidants to help reduce age spots and wrinkles.

I haven't noticed many changes to my skin yet but I noticed that my t-zone is less oily than before. I love the scent and how it absorbs quite fast in the skin which only leaves just a slight stickiness, but that's okay for me.

Overall The Bare Essential is doing its job. It's been a while since I've fully taken care of my skin because I got so lazy to do so. Now with this 3 step skin care, my skin seems to be improving with a brighter complexion and a less oily face at noon. It's great that I managed to try this out and It should be great as well if you could try it too!

So this is why I'm giving away 1 set of the Bare Essentials which includes the Contour Cleanser, the Primer Water and also the Fixer Cream to 1 of my readers for you to try out. What you have to do is simple, just head down to my Facebook Page and found out how you could win it. Don't worry, it's just a simple giveaway, so make sure you head down here: facebook.com/heymiracikcit


Product Deets
Products: Althea Contour Cleanser | RM23
              Althea Primer Water | RM43
              Althea Fixer Cream | RM50
Availability: my.althea.kr
Instagram: @altheakorea
Blog: blog.althea.kr

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