30 March 2018


Health drinks have become a very popular product among us and there are so many brands available. My post today is yet another health drink we have here in the Malaysian market but what differs Sista Stardust from the others? Well for starters, this brand offers 3 types of health drinks which consist botanical mixes for weight loss and inner and outer beauty. Sounds the same as other health drinks offered but with the technology from Japan, you'll be wanting to try it out I guess. Keep on reading to know more.

If you're following me on Instagram I shared with you my stories about this health drink that my sister is consuming right now. Well, the health drink is indeed Sista Stardust's Fib're Rose, which focuses on helping to lose those extra weight gain. Why am I not drinking it? Since I'm still fully breastfeeding my baby, I better not take any kind of supplement without the Doctors consent. Even this brand states to make sure to get your doctors approval before consuming any of their drinks for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers. So my sister got eager to try it out since she heard that this will help in shedding a few kilos. She started consuming it 2 weeks ago so let's see if it works. Before that let's get you all pumped up a bit with knowledge of this product.

Sista Stardust's health drinks are all made from botanical mixes with rose petal extract which includes a whitening ingredient from Japan No.3818483 that states to be a symbol of natural beauty. It's formulated to function as a beauty agent using 100% natural skin beauty nutrients from Japan. Its extract contains the nutrition for beauty that is absorbed into the bloodstream and could reach up to 60 trillion cells inside the body. The active ingredients contained in the rose petal extract is also clinically proven in Japan showing a strong anti-ageing effect. It has attracted much attention to the cosmetics industry because it helped the skin to recover from the wounds which are also capable of maintaining clear white skin. While the Fib're Rose on the other hand specifically helps to control your appetite hence help with your weight problems.

Besides just helping to control your eating habits, other benefits of the Fib're Rose consists are:

  • To increase body metabolism
  • Helps your digestion system
  • Get rid of unwanted toxins
  • Controls your eating habits
  • For a lighter and energised body
  • Burns fat and slims down body size
  • Help gain a healthy body
  • Contains high antioxidants
  • Flattens the belly

There are 60 packets in a box which could last for 2 months with an intake once every night. The Fib're Rose is in a powder form which its sachets contains 10grams to be diluted in 150ml water. Make sure to mix well and drink right after. The intake of the Fib're Rose should also be accompanied by enough water intake throughout the day for optimum results.

So what did my sister say about this health drink?

"The drink tastes nice, I love it and been taking it every day for the past 2 weeks except during my period. The first day I tried it I had a pretty bad stomach ache and kept going to the bathroom. It was kinda torturing that day but after a while, the pain went mild and now it doesn't even hurt anymore, even though I do have to visit the toilet quite a number of times. It really helps to get everything out and I feel so good after that, it surely does cleanses and detox the body. I also noticed that I'm more energised without the feel of being sluggish. My appetite, on the other hand, has kinda decreased and I don't feel the urge to indulge much as I used to as well. I didn't manage to see any signs of weight loss though, probably because I just consumed it 2 weeks ago but I'll keep my sister updated so she could update the post here as well. Overall I'm satisfied with Sista Stardust's drink product, hope my sister buys me another one soon. ;)" - Qistina Shaiful

Product Deets
Name: Sista Stardust Fib're Rose Mix Botanical Drink
Price: RM150 x 60pcs
Availability: sistastardust.com & registered agents

That's all peeps!

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