18 January 2018


When you think about babies, the first thing that comes to mind is milk bottles. Well for me it is. It's because every baby will own a milk bottle of their own which will be carried around everywhere even though they are breastfed. When I knew I was pregnant, the first thing I wanted to look for was indeed milk bottles but it turns out that was the very last thing I got. That's because there were so many good brands on the market that I had a hard time to choose which was the best. In the end, I ended up with Pigeon's Nursing Bottle which was given to me for a review and after testing out this bottle, here is what I have to say. Keep on reading if you wanna know more.

The bottle I received is Pigeon's latest nursing bottle which features our favourite childhood mouses. I think the mothers will be more excited for this since Disney is actually from our childhood memories which include me as one of them. The first thing that caught my attention was indeed the bottle. This Mickey bottle (there's a Minnie bottle as well) is a new range from Pigeon's Nursing Bottle with SofTouchTM Peristaltic PLUS Nipple. These nursing bottles aim to ensure your baby gets your precious breast milk even when you are apart. Which should be a great thing for working mothers like me. 

Pigeon promises a great nursing bottle with their SofTouchTM Peristaltic PLUS Nipple. It's 100% silicone, super soft and flexible allowing a natural and smooth tongue movement which you all know is very important especially for babies who are breastfeeding. This is to minimise nipple confusion for your baby. The nursing bottle also is clinically tested for a seamless switch between breast and bottle as I mentioned earlier, nipple confusion which could cause problems for breastfed babies to properly latch again to their mothers. 

Not only that, having an anti-colic system helps minimize swallowed air which is important as well since it could be dangerous for the baby that swallows air too much. You can google that up for more info. The bottle is made from high-quality polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material with high heat resistance and excellent durability which means that it goes well into sterilizers. Nowadays you don't know what kind of germs exist around you and making sure you have a clean bottle everytime helps minimise the risk of your baby getting sick in the future. What more can you ask for in a nursing bottle, its also BPA/ BPS-free and available in 160ml and 240ml.

What I love most about this bottle is that its plastic seems kinda has like a glass texture and it's so easy to clean. Even if it's rinsed, it's clean without spots of leftover milk still sticking to the wall of the bottle. Even if Maliq is drinking using the bottle, once the milk is finish there is still no spots of leftover milk which most bottles have and it looks like it hasn't been used at all.

Maliq is directly breastfed so I don't feed him by bottle that much. Only on times that I really need to since I'm trying my best to stock up milk before I start work again. I'll write a post on my breastfeeding journey so far and Pigeon has helped a lot too. Maliq is only 1 month and a few weeks old so he still finds it soothing to be fed at my chest. At certain times where I'm unable to feed him, the bottle I choose for him is definitely this one. This is because this nursing bottle does not drip milk on its own unless it's sucked by the baby. Doctors and nurses that I met said to use bottles like this so the baby won't reject direct feeding since milk flow from breastfeeding is slower than sucking from a bottle. It seems to be true since Maliq has no problem changing from bottle to direct feed and still latch properly. This makes it easier since I'm gonna leave him at my mums for a while when I start working and may not be able to breastfeed him every day. I really hope he could maintain switching easily after this because he sure spends a lot of his time on my chest. Sometimes not even drinking, just for comfort and that's why Pigeons newest pacifier comes to the rescue.

Babies have a natural need to suck. Soothers satisfy their needs and calm their emotions but for Maliq he prefers to stay put on my chest most of the time and reject soothers to calm him. He wants the original if you know what I mean. Lol.. That's why sometimes I need to lay down with him to calm him and put him to sleep and it does get exhausting since he's not drinking but just sucking for comfort. So the solution is to trick him, when he seems almost falling to deep sleep, I'll quickly change and give him Pigeon's pacifier instead. Sometimes I do fail and he'll start crying instantly but I've been successful most of the time. Haha..

Pigeon's soothers are made from the softest class of silicone, shaped to truly fit in baby’s mouth. It's developed in collaboration with Paediatric dentist in Japan that's uniquely shaped to reduced effect on teeth growth and alignment and promises to have a psychologically stabilizing and calming effect on babies. Which seems true since my son sleeps calmly even after I changed to this soother. Once he's asleep he lets go of the soother and sleeps like an angel looking so cute with the Mickey mouse cartoon on it. That's usually when he really falls asleep, he has times where he sleeps only for a few minutes and I'm back to square one.

Pigeon also have Minnie soothers from this range for baby girls and these soothers are available in 3 sizes to suit baby’s developmental age
- S (0+ months)
- M (3+ months)
- L (6+ months)

Maliq is using size S and indeed the soother is so small, I already started using it on him after a week he was born since he keeps on wanting to suck all the time. So if you're having the same problem as me, you could consider using a soother to solve it. The shape of the soother also is very different from other soothers in the market since I mentioned above that this soother is meant to reduce the effect on teeth growth. (Tak nak anak jongang, cuba ni

Hello mama's friends, ain't I cute using Pigeon's Disney New Calming Soother and Soft Touch Nursing Bottle? ✌ These 2 Disney licenced products has sure been a big help to my mother to take care of me. She seems so lost when I start crying so sometimes I just cry to tease her, I don't even have tears. 😂 She has been using these products on me since I was still small, hihi... I mean when I was only a few weeks. Every time she uses it on me, she'll say, 'alaaa comelnya anak bonda' then snaps tons of pictures. 😑 I know I'm the star here but it gets tiring mama. 😁 See, I'm falling asleep already. 😴 Anyways, mother says to go read her blog because she just posted a post on these 2 products she keeps using on me. Maybe she want to tell you all the secret behind these products. Head down to mama's blog at www.miracikcit.blogspot.my 👉 @pigeon_malaysia
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So don't miss out on these cute Disney licensed products. I certainly am satisfied and I think you would too.

Get Pigeon products at these participating retailers: Parkson, Isetan, Lazada, Shopee and Motherhood.

Till then peeps!

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  1. then now, your son's teeth tumbuh okay tak when you used this soother?


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