08 August 2018


I received these lipbalms while I was still pregnant and thank goodness for these because I awfully had chapped lips during that time. I carried lipbalms everywhere I went and will be applying it every 5 minutes. Mentholatum has always come up with the best lip balms especially their Ice Lips range which I bet most of you love too. I've tried pretty much variation of their lip balms and most of them won my heart which made me hard to choose one. This just causes me to pick any lip balm from Mentholatum when I go shopping because I don't have a favourite. Read on if you wanna know about these lip balms.

06 August 2018


Skincare should be something you should choose very carefully and wisely and I've been guilty of not following that. From the past year, I've changed from multiple skincares and sometimes didn't even use them at all. My pregnancy hormones made me too lazy to do so, but now I'm now seeing the consequences. It hit me one day when I realised that I looked old beyond my age with fine lines appearing, seeing dull and oily skin was also a problem. Gosh! I'm only 26 and I can't look like this, even though I'm staying at home most of the time, I still need to take care of my appearance especially in front of my husband. So, of course, good skin is a basic need, as I'll need it to look strongly pretty even without makeup. LOL... And I know that all starts with skincare so I've been on a hunt for the right one and Paula's Choice made an appearance. It was my first time hearing about Paula's Choice since it's not a brand you find in drugstores so I did a little background research which in the end got me to give it a try. Read on to know why.

04 August 2018


Yes, you'ved guessed it. Here's another post on #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS but the good news is, this product is still selling in Watsons and hasn't been discontinued yet. When I first used this CC Cream it was still newly launched and the Pure Beauty brand has just entered Watsons. Their famous for the Pink Skincare range which I mentioned about it years back in a post. Now thinking of it again, I remember than CC Cream was quite a thing back then and I myself prefered BB and CC Cream over foundation at that time since it's more lightweight. Read on if you wanna know more.

02 August 2018


When Maliq turned 6 months, I was super excited to start his weaning journey, I had so much planned for him but when the time came, I only realised that I wasn't ready for it. Why? My plan was to make him fresh food every day but turns out that I have a battle with time. Even though I'm a sit at home mum, I seem to be always busy and I don't even have time to watch my favourite drama. LOL... Anyways... before we welcomed the Philip's Avent Baby Food Maker, I was cooking Maliqs' meals on the stove which was quite the hassle, it's like a game changer when I started to use a baby food maker instead. Why? Keep on reading to know...

31 July 2018


Here's another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS, and I had this for ages. Michelle Phan even left the vlogging industry and then came back already with a whole new look with .em cosmetics. This contour stick was one of their popular products before which was a 2 in 1 contour and highlighter included. It was suppose to help with easy countouring but did it really work? Well, read on to know my experience on it.

30 July 2018


Bought these lippies ages ago at Althea Korea just to try it out. You all know how I love lippies especially vibrant colours and The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips has a range of vibrant colours to choose from which is kinda rare for Korean lipsticks as Koreans mostly prefer gradient lips rather than full lips. They offered quite a number of colours to choose from but I only managed to grab five from the range. Keep on reading if you wanna know more.

24 July 2018


Yet another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCT post. I've got this one of a kind eyeliner from Althea Korea years back but I didn't really use it much. It kinda looks like a pen and writes well like a pen too. The tip is a little bit different from normal eyeliners, which makes this Magic Pole Eyeliner considered unique. Keep on reading to know more

21 July 2018


Hey peeps, it's been a while since I've posted about makeup haven't up? Well, forgive your girl as this new mum needed time to settle down with a baby. Now I think I'm finally managing to cope with it. Anyways, enough about me, I bet you guys wanna know about Pixi's Lash & Line range since I mentioned about it a couple of times on my social media. I got a lot of DM's asking how it is since Pixi is most famous for their Pixi Glow Tonic here in Malaysia. Well, keep on reading if you wanna know more...

18 July 2018


Another post that I've been eager to write about is my breastfeeding journey for 7 months. My son has now started his weaning journey so I think it's the right time to share my experience on breastfeeding as I know some of the new mothers out there may have a lot of questions as I did when I started my journey. My mother didn't have the opportunity to breastfeed me and I bet most of your mothers didn't as well since we mostly grew up at a time formula milk was the main option. Now the time has changed and studies show that mothers milk is the best option and with the encouragement to breastfeed we see in our country, it makes us more eager to do so especially for new mothers like me. I'm glad that I've been able to breastfeed my baby until now but it wasn't an easy journey, I felt pain, heartbroken, stress at the same time for me to be able to reach until now. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

11 July 2018


Cushion cases used to be so popular or it probably still a thing. I've had these pictures in my drafts for ages. So here's to another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS. When I took these pictures, it was still fresh in Althea but as usual, back then, I got too busy to write about it. So here's a little write-up so the pictures don't go to waste. LOL... Keep on reading if you've never heard about this though.

06 July 2018


Maliq is 7 months already and he pretty much doesn't wanna lay still when we stroll around anymore. He's becoming more active these days and gets really excited when we bring him out which causes him to scream out loud if we lay him down in a new adventure. This gave us no choice but to look for another stroller option as the one we currently have isn't suitable for him anymore. If you've been following me on social media, you'll know that I recently changed his stroller into Beblum's Navi Stroller and have been using it for a month over now and many have questioned if it's a good one since the brand is not among the ones we are used to hearing. Well here's my review on it, keep on reading for more deets!

27 June 2018


25 years ago, The Body Shop revolutionised body moisturising from a squirt to a scoop, introducing the first ever Body Butter. And now, here comes another game-changing formula one you can smooth on and it’s set to completely transform the way you moisturise. Yes, these new invention from The Body Shop will have you girls addicted to moisture as you'll no longer feel the icky feeling once it's all rubbed in and that only take a few seconds with these absorbing yogurts. Comes in five sensorial scents, there's surely a scent for you. 

19 June 2018


I've always loved Mentholatum lip balms and until now it's still my favourite choice. Mentholatum is surely a brand my family and I trust since I can't remember. LOL... Well, early this year Mentholatum launched a new edition to their lip balms which are lip crayons. I was surprised when Mentholatum sent me this as I thought they now produce lipsticks. These lip crayons were sent to the office when I was on my maternity leave and I only got to use it starting from the middle of this year. When I first tried it on, I was surprised! Read on to know why.

11 June 2018


Remember back I posted a post: AN EVENING WITH THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!? Well, I received a pair of tickets to see the show but I couldn't make it, so I had one of my lucky readers/blogger friends to see the musical. Of course, I chose someone who would be crazy and screaming for it, no other than my fellow ex-colleague, The Thinkerbell Anis! Since she had an amazing night, I'm a bit jealous that I couldn't come join in the fun so I bullied her to do a post so I could know if the show was as amazing as it sounded. So if you're a Phantom of The Opera fan as well, let's here what Anis has to say. Keep on reading to know...

10 June 2018


Recently I was invited by The Body Shop Malaysia to the launch of their newest fragrance, the Black Musk Night Bloom. I've been a fan of the Body Shop since school but mostly because of their skincare products. Fragrances are new to me even though I know they have had different ranges since forever but I wasn't really keen to try since I'm not the type that like fragrances. Why? I easily get headaches with scents, especially strong ones. That's why I don't tend to randomly scent fragrances and a good thing my husband is really picky with his perfumes as well. Surprisingly he reacted differently to the Black Musk Night Bloom fragrance. Even before I managed to open it, he took it from my hands first and sprayed it which his first reaction to it was not what I expected. Keep reading to know why.

08 June 2018


It's a personal post today. Have been wanting to write this since my birthday which was 1'st May but May was a very busy month. On May also I've been learning how to take care of my own family and also the arrival of Ramadan with a child. So May has mostly been a learning month for me and also the first we actually had a lot of quality family time together as 3. Just before May arrived, my husband surprised us with our own family trip, (well it wasn't actually a surprise since I bought it up) but unexpectedly he said 'Yes, let's go' so it's considered a surprise to me. HAHA... And our destination was Melaka! Always Melaka for us, don't know why but Melaka seems to always be our holiday choice. Most of the hotel's in Melaka we've already stayed in, but of course, it was our first time with Maliq. Since it was his first trip we were kinda nervous and turned out exactly how we expected. Keep on reading to know how it went.

28 May 2018


Recently I was invited to one of my first parenting event celebrating mothers day and until now sometimes I can't believe I'm a mother. I used to be crazy all about Beauty and now I'm getting addicted to baby stuff. One of the first brands that I seemed attached to is definitely Pigeon, and having a day out with the brand was a pleasure! Held at BE Urban Wellness, we were pampered with the ultimate indulgence of soothing therapies and at the same time discover some Pigeon products. Read on to know what products they had waiting for us.

25 May 2018


I've been wanting to write this for so long but only now. I plan to write down as many parenting experiences as I can for my future reference and at the same time share with others who may want to know as well. Today's post is about Doona, a quite famous stroller that I bet most mothers and also fathers may know about. The speciality about the Doona stroller is that it's 2 in 1! It's a stroller and also a car seat which makes it the ultimate stroller in the market. I've been using the Doona stroller for almost 6 months already, so if you're reading this to know if the stroller is worth the investment, well this post is for you. Keep on reading to read my thought on it.

19 May 2018


I've been having serious hip pains problem since I got pregnant and I still do now. I was never really concerned about having hip pains because I've never really experienced it before this but after it stricken I felt so helpless. There are many causes of hip pains and to my surprise, it's actually very common even though it hurts like crazy. Honestly, the most painful one I experienced was a few months earlier that made me feel so weak, I couldn't even do any house chores. Arisa Chow came to know I had been experiencing this and suggested me to use a 'modern benkung' to help soothe the pain. This is when BMama came in and helped.

18 May 2018


Just a short post for today but for Mamonde lovers you'll find this skincare set interesting. Mamonde’s Pure White Ultra Active whitening range combines whitening and anti-aging care to dispel effects caused by the sun. It's the ultimate kit for protection against the UV rays from the harsh sun and living in a country which basically welcomes the sun almost everyday, it's bests to choose your products wisely.

17 May 2018


Alhamdulillah, masih lagi diberi peluang untuk merasai Ramdan kali ni. Sementara ada masa sikit ni aku baru teringat yang aku ada hutang satu post. Since aku tengok post aku bersalin yang aku tulis dulu dapat pageview yang banyak, aku rasa ramai yang curious especially mummy2 yang bercadang nak bersalin di Hospital Shah Alam kan? Sekarang aku sambung balik pengalaman aku bersalin di Hospital Shah Alam. Sorry sebab dah lepas 6 bulan baru aku update so mungkin aku ada lupa dah sikit-sikit, tapi I'll try my best untuk ingat balik. 

15 May 2018


Have you ever heard about Ceramide before? Well, ceramide has been widely known to be the most important component making up the skin layer since it accounts for about 50% of the lipid that also functions to supply ample moisture to the skin. It acts as the body’s outermost walls that protect us from the external environment. With ceramide in a skincare, it actually beats moisturisers as research has proven that products with high concentration of oil and moisture may help form a protective layer to reduce the skin’s moisture loss but they may not essentially increase the amount of moisture in the skin. This is where Mamonde's NEW Advanced Moisture Ceramide Range comes to the rescue.
Keep on reading to know why.

08 May 2018


I'm pretty sure that most of you are already familiar with the brand name Elianto. This local brand has seen to open new stores in some of our popular shopping malls throughout the country with a brand new look to it which are also introducing new lines of products for makeup to skincare almost every month now. As seen from my insta-stories, I recently went to one of their stores to try out some of the newest beauty products they are offering and was I surprised that I never knew Elianto carried so many products. I've used to love their eyeshadow sticks which were one of my carry-on makeups every day and after going to their store I kinda now have a wishlist of items I should get. Anyways, keep on reading if you're interested to know what Elianto has more to offer.

01 May 2018


Who doesn't love flowers? Well I know some of you don't or may be allergic to it but I'm one whose heart melts when receiving a bouquet. Flowers are usually gifted to say something and each flower may have its own meaning. Ask any florist, they will know the meaning of a flower. As roses for example, from what we learn watching dramas is that there are meanings behind roses which mostly depends on the colour. For some people who love to give hints rather than saying out loud, flowers are one of the best options to do so. I'm not really the type that understands hints and meanings behind something, so my understanding of flowers have always been gifting. To say thank you, to say welcome back, to say get well soon and mostly everything that's direct. I just moved back to my own home after staying most of the time at my mums who also took care of my son while I was still working. Since I finally moved out after months staying there, it felt like I left home once again and I felt bad, so I wanted to gift her something to show my appreciation and the only thing I could think of was flowers. So read on if you wanna know why I chose flowers.

30 April 2018


Hey guys, I bet you all heard the news already. Just last month Althea Korea launched their very own skincare set after the success of their first product, the Petal Velvet Powder. As some of you may have known, as an EX magical creature from Althealand, the things we do here are pretty magical, so of course, the results you see should be magical as well. Lol... That's actually up for you to decide. Anyways for today's post is about my thoughts on these juicy gossips. Keep on reading because there might be something pretty exciting at the end.

19 April 2018


"It's been a month since I started working again and being a new mother who breastfeeds sure isn't an easy task. No matter how stressful it could be sometimes, its a move I'm willing to make for my son and here are some tips for you mothers who are in the same boat as me."
Well obviously if you've been following me, you've known that was ages ago. Yes, it was, I wanted to post this out while I was still working but didn't quite have the time to finish the last part of this post, so I'm continuing it now while it's still fresh in mind. So if you're a mother and going to start work soon but still want to continue breastfeeding, this post is for you.

12 April 2018


When I started a relationship with my ex-boyfriend 8 years ago I never thought about building a family, I just wanted a great relationship that could keep me going through my ups and downs. Well, it seems my wish came true, but the journey wasn't always bright, we did take a break after 3 years in a relationship as we both were starting to look beyond our comfort zone. It took 6 months after our breakup that we finally realised that we both needed each other and somehow got back together for another 3 years then finally tied the knot. Now Mr Ex-Boyfriend is now my husband which is also the father of the child I carried. Time seems to be moving very fast as what seemed to be a fling back then, turned into a thing and now we're a something. Today we're parents of a 4-month-old boy and from being responsible for our own selves, we both now have responsibilities for the little one which also includes additional financing. This, of course, adds another thing to worry about but does this affects our relationship? Well, read on to know our relationship score.

06 April 2018


Musical fans you'll be pleased to hear that The Phantom of the Opera main leads is coming to Malaysia for a one-night performance! The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show on Broadway and in conjunction with their 30th anniversary, their having a one-night-only musical concert on April 18th, 8.30pm at the Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  Since it's a 1 night show, tickets should be limited and if you've been wanting a taste of this iconic tale of mystery and romance from this bestseller world theatre, this musical concert should be able to satisfy your cravings. Read more for more deets.

04 April 2018


I finally have the time to write about this trip after months! Well, I bet most of you are already used to it now since this year I haven't been really productive in blogging. Anyways, this Sabah trip was planned early this year and we went during the 2nd week of Raya. My husband was the mastermind of it since my family wanted to go because my cousin got married to a Sabahan and had a ceremony there. We didn't get to attend the ceremony but we managed to visit their home after a day of the ceremony. Our main agenda was actually to explore Sabah since none of us has been there before, so here is our 5 days 4 nights trip breakdown to Sabah.

01 April 2018


Last month I was diagnosed with Herpes Zoster also known as Shingles. To be honest I never knew a  disease ever existed. Shingles come from the very same virus as chicken pox. For those who had chicken pox before, the virus still remains in your body but in a hibernating phase in your nerve cells. So if you caught Shingles it means that the Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) is active again and instead of catching poxes all over your body, you'll get small like skin rashes with blisters at one side of your body or your face. So is Shingles contagious as chicken pox as well? The answer is YES. If yes then could I still breastfeed? Is that still a question to ask though? Well yes, keep on reading to know more.

30 March 2018


Health drinks have become a very popular product among us and there are so many brands available. My post today is yet another health drink we have here in the Malaysian market but what differs Sista Stardust from the others? Well for starters, this brand offers 3 types of health drinks which consist botanical mixes for weight loss and inner and outer beauty. Sounds the same as other health drinks offered but with the technology from Japan, you'll be wanting to try it out I guess. Keep on reading to know more.

24 March 2018


Believe or not but I have control over my husbands' whereabouts. Lol... That sounds so wrong! If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see that I posted a few of my husbands' whereabouts from time to time in my Insta-stories. #BINISTALKER He can never lie to me nor has he so far (as from what I know) because I'll always be checking if he has been somewhere he isn't supposed to be. I know, I sound like such a bad wife but I bet you're curious to know too! Don't lie, because you're sure gonna be hitting the read more button below.

22 March 2018


Hey peeps, some of you may have known that I worked for Althea Korea and hearing the news that I resigned from this company might have shocked you as some have approached me asking why. For those who are new here, Althea is an online shopping platform where you could shop authentic Korean products which ships them directly from Korea itself. Its been almost 2 years since I worked there as a Social Media Executive from a fresh grad until now, which the time has finally come for me to say goodbye. Which to my surprise seems to be shocking to some of you as you've seen my insta-stories where I mostly post about the things we roll there which looks like a dream job for everyone. So why did I leave all that when its so hard to find a job now, especially when I've found the perfect job which I know most of you are still struggling to find. Well here are the reasons.

10 March 2018


It's been a while but here's another post of #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTSThis was back in 2015, LOL... that long already. I don't know where this lipstick is already but it must be expired already, at least I remember using it quite a lot to class. I was in my final year of Degree when I received this as a door gift, at that time I loved taking pictures of products so I could keep it as a memory here on my blog that I've used this product before, for future reference if I should buy it in the future or not. Turns out my time was so packed that I only managed to draft out a writing in 2018. LOL... Anyways, there was no requirement for a post back then, I just wanted to share my opinion on this product, plus I already took photos, it's such a waste to delete it after all this time. So if you're curious to know more, keep on reading.

04 March 2018


Boy, how fast time flies and my son is already 3 months old. From a person who doesn't really like kids and babies, I could say I've changed so much, probably my motherly instincts are growing stronger by day. It's hard to be apart from my son and when I am, I'm constantly thinking of him. The journey has not been easy, there was a lot of struggle along the way, even now I'm still trying to get the hang of it since I'm unable to be with him every day. The hardest part is always being away from him. Why am I apart? Well, I'm still a full-time worker.

28 January 2018


Sambung post aku yang sebelum ni, aku memang dah nekad nak bersalin dekat hospital shah alam jadi aku banyak google pengalaman orang bersalin dekat sana. Aku terus ke PIC, dari pintu utama tu belok kiri, betul-betul sebelah emergency. Masa daftar hanya ibu mengandung je dibenarkan masuk so tak payah la nak suruh sesiapa teman. Masa daftar nurse tanya kenapa datang hospital, aku cakaplah ketuban dah pecah. Dia minta IC dan buku pink lepas tu suruh aku baring dekat katil. Tak sampai 5 minit ada nurse datang pasang tali dekat perut aku. Aku tak pasti apa nama mesin tu tapi yang aku tahu untuk baca contraction. Lama jugak aku dalam bilik tu sebab nurse cakap bacaan tak cantik, baby aku tido and aku masih tak faham sebab apa dia pasang mesin tu dekat aku. Haha...

27 January 2018


lt's mostly every mothers dream to give the best to their child and it usually starts with feeding. We all now are aware of how good mothers milk is to our baby. During our generation mostly we've been fed by powdered milk which actually is quite hard for newborns to digest but still most of us grew perfectly healthy, so it's really up to the mother on how she prefers to feed her newborn. For me I've been leaking milk even before Maliq was born and since I do have milk to give, I'm trying my very best too fully breastfeed him and honestly, it's a challenge. Read more to know...

26 January 2018


Sebelum bersalin lagi aku dah bersemangat nak update pengalaman bersalin aku tapi bila dah bersalin busy sangat jadi niat nak update tertunda, sebab tu blogpost ni ada present tense dengan past tense bercampur. LOL... Maaflah kalau campur BM dengan BI, rasa kekok menulis BM tapi sebab aku nak entry ni santai aku tulis BM, nak macam diary la. Sebab aku nak ceritakan pengalaman aku terperinci so mungkin panjang sikit entry.

Sabtu 25 Nov 3.56ptg
Aku belum bersalin lagi ni, tengah rasa rajin pulak nak update blog. Sbb dalam kepala aku, aku tak nak lupa moment2 bersalin anak pertama ni. Aku dah la kuat pelupa, nanti bila baca balik entry ni mesti rasa menyesal kalau tak ada detail spesifik, mana tahu aku nak prepare untuk anak kedua nanti. Hehe... okay so jom mulakan part 1. Aku dah 2 minggu ambik cuti bersalin sebab dah tak larat, mana taknya, perut besar gila, hari2 jalan naik public, jalan terkedek2. Baik aku cuti duduk rumah mak, sbb hubs sibuk kerja memanjang. Aku dapat tengok muka dia 2 kali je sepanjang aku dekat rumah mak, sampai merajuk aku. Maklumlah hormon tak betul, asyik2 nak sentap je.

18 January 2018


When you think about babies, the first thing that comes to mind is milk bottles. Well for me it is. It's because every baby will own a milk bottle of their own which will be carried around everywhere even though they are breastfed. When I knew I was pregnant, the first thing I wanted to look for was indeed milk bottles but it turns out that was the very last thing I got. That's because there were so many good brands on the market that I had a hard time to choose which was the best. In the end, I ended up with Pigeon's Nursing Bottle which was given to me for a review and after testing out this bottle, here is what I have to say. Keep on reading if you wanna know more.

09 January 2018


I'm so thankful that I've prepared this early because once the baby was out I surely had no time to go shopping or even studying what is the best for the baby, as you know first-time mothers are mostly clueless. Even though the products were given to me for a review but I still made sure I knew whats going to be used on my baby and of course hearing the name of a familiar brand makes you already 50% sure that the product could be trusted. Well for me though, I'm not sure about you but PIGEON has surely been one of the trusted brands here we have in Malaysia. Keep on reading to know why I believe so.

07 January 2018


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Hey, peeps! It has been a while and yes the baby is out! Welcome our little bundle of joy, Maliq bin Syafiq, born on 28th November 2017, 3.50am at Hospital Shah Alam. Weighing 3.19 at birth, I burst into tears just seeing the sight of him after I gave birth to him. I'll share my birth experience pretty soon. Today's post is just an introduction to our son and you can expect more adventures of this little one on my blog very soon.

Till then peeps