06 November 2017


Hey peeps, I'm already reaching near the end of my pregnancy. Can't believe it's almost 9 months now and now since it's coming to an end I feel so much more nervous now. I'm stuck being still wanting to be pregnant and having the baby delivered soon. I want it to be over quickly so I could finally meet the little one but at the same time, I wanna cherish the feel of it carrying it always with me closely.

The third trimester has not been treating me well, except I could now see my baby moving from the outside and it's stronger and frequent now. I feel happy every time this happens even though it gets a bit uncomfortable during certain timeIt'sIts very active when I sit down or lay down especially at night. Mostly my rest time is like playtime for it. Lol... but I get entertained seeing its moving patterns. It's more aggressive if I'm hungry which it won't stop until I eat something.

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The ache of this trimester is the uncomfortableness of my body. I lack sleep, back pains, lower belly pain, swollen hands and feet and fatigue most of the time. Yes, I had some complications during this trimester where my blood pressure increased a  few times. Since the weather has been intensely hot the last few weeks, it worsens my condition as well. The lack of sleep got severe which caused me to get insomnia. I couldn't focus much and haven't been productive. I kinda feel guilty with work since I sure take time to finish my task. Sometimes I need to stop for a while cause I can't focus and my head seems like it banged into something. I really wanna take an early maternity leave due to this and get some rest but thinking I have to come back early may cause more trouble later once the baby comes out.

Right now I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my belly feels so heavy. The baby weights 2.5kg now which the Dr says is normal and thank god I'm glad to hear that. I was so worried that my baby is so big and I might not be able to deliver it normally. Even though the baby weight is still normal, my belly is huge and everyone around me keeps saying that. It surely is hard to walk and stand a lot now since it aches and I feel the pressure of gravity pressing it down. I walk super slow and need to keep a hand below my belly to ease the pressure of walking a bit. Sometimes I get random people asking me if I'm okay since they see me like gonna give birth anytime soon. LOL... Usually, I'll get these questions from experienced women like the aunties. 'Sarat sah dah akak nampak kau dik, bila due?' 'Kerja lagi ke dik? Larat lagi ea.' 'Hati2 jalan, perlahan-lahan'. LOL... LOL... LOL... At least this shows that some people still care rather which usually puts a smile on me.

Well, not everything goes sweet, I still take the public transport every day at work and since I can't really stand standing long now, I will usually make sure I go the to the priority section seatings, which sadly is usually occupied with those who are not prioritized. Some of them do get up when they see me but some just turn a blind eye. Some people around will usually ask the people who don't get up to do so, but some just ignore as well. No matter how hard I try, it's so difficult for me to ask for a seat myself if the person seating there clearly seems to not want to give it. Even though I stare at them, it's just easy to pretend you're super tired and close your eyes and take a false sleep. 

Anyways, I still have within 5 weeks to go before my baby is fully cooked to be popped out anytime soon. My maternity leave starts in another 2 weeks since right now is already difficult for me to commute and walk, it's better just to take leave a bit early since the Dr says that my baby head is already at the right position and it may come out anytime soon now. I haven't been feeling so good as well with the lack of sleep and all these body aches, coming to work seems like a big challenge now especially when I have Braxton Hicks hitting me from time to time. The worst part is when I'm walking alone commuting to or back from work, but thank goodness its usually the slightly painful ones which I could still bare. The ones that hurt the most is when either I'm sitting down or laying down and my belly hardens. When that happens, breathing is also hard.

I call my mum every day and talk to her about my day, it soothes me when I talk to her about my pregnancy even though she'll usually say ' Tahu pun macam mana sakit aku mengandungkan kau dulu, tu pun melawan aku jugak'. HAHA... Sometimes it makes me wonder am I even ready to become a mum? I even haven't mastered cooking yet and there's a little one coming out who'll soon I'll need to feed and take care off. My husband looks cool and calm but when we both have a late night talk session he'll confess that he is nervous and probably that's why he's been so busy with work lately. He's worried we won't have money once the baby comes out which surely is costly. Since his pay is based on commision he's been working extra hard which now has been 3 weeks in a row he worked 7 days willingly just to make sure he has customers. Even though he's been working very hard, he still knows his duties as a husband. I'm thankful I have a husband like that could still help around no matter how tired he is. But still he's not perfect in everything, just like I am. 

So that's probably all peeps, I'm not sure if I'm gonna write anymore since it's been so hard for me to focus on anything else, but I'll try. Wish me luck for the rest of my pregnancy journey then.

Tille then peeps!


  1. comelnya! rasa nak usap² je ur tummy ni dik..
    tp mmg nampak sarat, hehehehe..
    take care mira!

    1. Thank you Kak... Take sabra rasanya oak jumpa si kecik ni


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