16 November 2017


Hey, peeps, it's been ages since I wanted to post out this video and it took me about 6 months to do it too but I at least I got a 6-month testimony review on the results of this electric toothbrush from Philips. Anyways, I received this toothbrush from Philips when it launched, it's their newest electric toothbrush range called Sonicare DiamondClean which main priority is to focus on oral health care which most of us take for granted. From the video above there isn't much information that about the toothbrush, so I'll be writing a detailed review on the toothbrush here. Keep on reading because you might regret not knowing further.

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From the video, you know that I tested out the experiment on my husband. He just quitted smoking a few months before we got the toothbrush and way before that he keeps on saying that he wants to get his teeth cleaned at the dentist. He kept on saying that but he never did which resulted in him brushing his teeth until his gums bleed every time and the worst part he doesn't even seem to mind because he wants to get rid of all the black stuff sticking at his teeth. I bet you smokers may know what it is, I can't seem to get the right word now. Since he had that habit, after a week I'll have to get another toothbrush for him because his brush turns into a toilet brush and till now I still don't understand how his toothbrush could turn out that way. At first, it was funny but after a while I kinda got worried.

When Philips contacted me to review the toothbrush, I instantly thought of my husband and I thought this would be great for him. Improper oral health care routines cause a deeper problem than just on the surface of your teeth, sinking deep into the gums and affecting your entire mouth, thus posing a potential risk for gingivitis and periodontal diseases. These diseases can cause excruciating pain, loss of teeth, infections and indeed affect people’s daily lives and overall health. 

Philips claims that their SonicareDiamondClean is the best creation so far that provides oral healthcare solutions which are clinically proven to remove plaques up to seven times better and provides superior teeth whitening up to four times better compared to manual toothbrushes, and superior gingival health after just two weeks. I'm not sure about 2 weeks because I didn't track it but for sure after 6 months there was a clear result seen. Philip aims to help maintain a healthy mouth by complementing an oral healthcare routine with a smart and convenient solution that will ensure a thorough clean for teeth and gums of its users.

Philips also took the effort to the word of the importance of good oral healthcare through their partnership with the FDI World Dental Federation. They joined them in celebrating the World Oral Health Day in March, themed “Live Mouth Smart” which empowers people to take control of their oral health months back. Through their technological innovations, Philips wants to offer people greater convenience which resulted in designing the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean with modern lifestyles in mind. They understand how important it is to maintain oral health with efficiency and ease in the midst of a hectic daily schedule which I bet all of us are guilty of. They hope people to be proactive about teeth and gum care and are equipping them with the best tool to do so.

It seems that Philips is up with its promise. This toothbrush surely is a tool to look forward too. Just look at the obvious result.

Remember in the video I mentioned above the modes offered from the Diamond Clean toothbrush? They have 5 modes offered which each has a designated task to serve for the teeth. Well here's the breakdown of it.

1. Clean (2 mins): 
The ultimate in plaque removal (Standard mode)

2. White (2.5 mins): 
Whitening mode of 2 minutes to remove surface stains, plus an additional 30 seconds to brighten and polish your front teeth

3. Gum care (3 mins): 
Complete mode combines Clean mode with an additional minute to gently stimulate and massage your gums to improve gum health

4. Sensitive (2 mins): 
Extra gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums

5. Polish (1 min):
Quick 1-minute mode to brighten and polish your front teeth

On average it only takes about 11 minutes roughly to use all the modes to complete a brushing session but my husband takes 20 minutes each time when he brushes his teeth. He'll make sure he's in front of the mirror and cleans thoroughly checking his teeth every time he changes modes. Thanks to his determination, obvious results were seen even though you don't have to go through 20 minutes just to brush your teeth. Sometimes I get annoyed because we're late and he's still brushing his teeth.  LOL... Not funny actually.

What I'm most thankful for this toothbrush is that the head is able to last long. The unique diamond-shaped bristles on DiamondClean toothbrush heads are known for Philips Sonicare's best whitening brush head, which provides a wider surface area and denser bristle pack that effectively yet gently sweeps away plaque and extrinsic stains, providing an exceptionally clean and significantly whiter teeth. Upon using it twice every day, the brush still manages to stay in shape even after months of usage. My husband changed the head twice only within the 6 months and both heads are practically still usable without it turning into a toilet brush. But still, for hygiene purposes, make sure to not use it more than 3 months each. 

Philips sure thinks ahead for its users as well. The Sonicare DiamondClean also comes in a compact size that is handy for travelers, the travel case shown in the video not only does it keeps the brush safe and more hygienic, it also charges the toothbrush as well! It's super convenient to travel with and it easies me as well when I have to pack for him because previously it's a hassle to travel with normal toothbrushes since we don't have a case that is hygienic enough so I end up just purchasing new toothbrushes for travel which is such a waste. But now, we never forget our toothbrush and the best part, the travel case provides room for 2 heads to be included so each of us could bring our own head brush.

From our point of view, this toothbrush is worth the investment. It's super easy and convenient to use and with their chargeable glass holder, it's so easy to make sure that the toothbrush never runs out of battery. The battery could actually last for 3 days without charging and there is also an indication when the battery is low. I actually love the chargeable glass holder because it has a modern touch to it and makes it look so fancy and expensive. LOL... 

Anyways, the overall usage is satisfactory. I have a head of my own so my husband and I have been sharing this toothbrush together by changing the heads everytime we use it. Just that for this post I focused more on my husband since he is the one with oral problems. I still remember he used to have really bad breath in the morning due to his smoking habits before. That's also one of the reasons why he takes time brushing his teeth and will have to use mouthwash as well. But now, I can't seem to recall any bad breath in the morning. He doesn't even use mouthwash anymore and rely 100% on his brushing session. So it could be concluded that this toothbrush does the job it's purposed for. He's so proud of his teeth now that he doesn't even mention to visit the dentist anymore.

There was one time we went back to our parent's house and I forgot to pack the toothbrush with us so I bought a new normal brush and he was not pleased, but he couldn't really blame me for it. So now he usually packs his toothbrush first everytime we need to travel. He surely is attached to it by now and I usually will use a normal toothbrush if we don't travel together. I know, I'm a good wife. :p

So that's mostly it, I don't think we're ever gonna change back to a normal toothbrush even after this one reaches its serving time. Especially my husband and he's already attached to it, we'll need to be stocking up more heads though.

Product Deets

Name: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
Price: RM999
Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery and The Gardens Mid Valley, both in Kuala Lumpur, and in Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru; at Philips Experience Stores in Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya and in Penang; and at retail partners and distributor stores nationwide and online via Blip.my. The Philips Sonicare DiamondCleanin purple is available only at dental clinics.
More Info: www.philips.com.my

Till then peeps!

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