20 November 2017


Hey peeps, this is something very new posted up on my blog right? Well thanks to Pigeon Malaysia, my journey as a parenting blogger has just started. This post is just an introductory post since I received a lot of feedback from most of you after watching my Insta-story that I posted about this. I know most of you are curious about it already but I'm unable to give a review about it yet since my baby is still nesting inside me. But it's already time to be prepared and Pigeon helped me with it too! Read on more to know what things you may need for your newborn.

Before we go further, here's my Insta-story if you missed it last time. They surely sent me a lot of products for greeting my baby and for sure I can't wait for it! It could be anytime soon.

As most of you may know, Pigeon is a well-known brand and their products could be found it most baby stores all over our country. Even friends have been suggesting me that Pigeons products are a good option to be considered for my newborn. Probably this is why most of you have been curious and wanting more details on the products I received. So I'm just gonna mention briefly what I received and will post out a detailed review of the product once I've managed to use it on my baby. For now, you guys could check it out first.

Their highlight is their newest Newborn Pure Skincare Series Technology which consists of 
  • Purifying Body Wash 
  • Nourishing Shampoo 
  • Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Calming Oil 
  • Protective Cream 
This range is claimed to be designed to provide a dual layer of protection for baby’s skin through a unique trademark formula called Natulayer since baby's skin is only 1/3 the thickness of an adult skin so it is best to make sure the products that we are using for the newborn will be able to give the most ideal moisturization care until their skin matures. Pigeon also claims that this is the only baby skincare range that provides a dual moisturization benefit for newborns from birth. 

So this may help you in deciding on the benefits for the Newborn Pure Skincare Series Technology seems strong enough as the first products to be used for your newborn baby. 
Maliq tried the products and check it out 👉 PIGEONS NEWBORN PURE SKINCARE SERIES

Besides making sure that your baby's skin is protected, you'll need other necessities as well. Baby wipes are important, so make sure you have a bundle of them stocked up as they say newborns poop a lot which requires you to change them frequently. Besides that, you will need a baby towel blanket to wrap your baby up once it comes out. I've already included this in my hospital bag which I may share a post about it if I have the time to do so. Thinking way ahead, I never thought of getting nail scissors and a nose clipper for my baby, but I'll surely need it soon. I didn't even know that these products for newborns actually existed, but it seems that Pigeon has it all. I might need to check on other products that I might need for my newborn after discovering about these 2 products.

Here comes the best part, of course when you have a baby, the thing that you would think of first is their milk bottle. With so many options out there, which baby bottle is the best for your baby? That usually is the question for mothers especially new ones like me. Pigeon is famous for their SofTouch Peristaltic PLUS Nipple bottle which they recently launched a Disney range for their bottles. So when I heard Disney, cuteness came into my mind and for sure the design is cute! This bottle is known for being Clinically tested for seamless switch between breast and bottle and it's 100% silicone, super soft and flexible to allow natural and smooth tongue movement. Sounds awesome but I'm curious if my baby will be able to use it. A detailed review will be posted once I tested it out and linked back to this post so stay updated.
Besides bottles, soothers play an important role as well. Babies have a natural need to suck. Soothers satisfy their needs and calm their emotions, probably that's why I was addicted to soothers when I was a baby. My mum showed me a picture of me sucking 2 soothers at once, just hope my baby doesn't follow my habit. LOL... I wasn't sure that you could give newborn babies soothers since their mouth is still soft but Pigeon's soothers are made from the softest class of silicone, shaped to truly fit in baby’s mouth. It is now available in the classic Disney Licensed characters Mickey & Minnie which I can't wait to capture a picture of it using it! It'll be so cute! 


Another thing you need to consider early is getting yourself a breast pump if you feel like you fully want to breastfeed your little one. You can also get it later after your little one is born since breast pumps have suitabilities as well. My milk has already started leaking now and I can't wait to try out Pigeon's Breast Pump Pro, I heard a lot of good reviews about it so I want to test it out on myself. Make sure to not pump your milk before your baby comes out okay, even though it started leaking already. Wear breast pads in the meantime. The first milk should be sucked by your baby as latching process is very important for newborns and will also affect the milk you could produce later.

Overall that's mostly some of the things you should consider, Pigeon not only have these products, they also have baby clothing as well. Make sure you buy at least 3 newborn clothes for your baby to be taken to the hospital. The best should be white plainclothes not forgetting their mittens and socks. The items mentioned above are mostly for your baby after you get back from the hospital, so don't put all of these in your hospital bag okay. 

So I've tried it, here's what I have to say: STARTING BREASTFEEDING FOR NEW MOTHERS | WITH PIGEON

Till then peeps

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