13 November 2017


Hey, guys, I received this special homemade soap the end of last year and oh my, it took me almost a year to update about this. So yet here's another post for #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS. Nora Beauty Shop sent me one of their best sellers the Mint Green Tea bar soap which is said to own a lot of beneficial properties as good as drinking it. It was sent to me in a cute little paper bag and tied with a ribbon. Made it look vintage suitable with their homemade theme. Read on if you wanna know more.

Nora Beauty Shop is a soap shop that specializes in handcraft soaps with properties for cleansing, moisturizing and rejuvenating from head to toe. They first started for personal use which then evolved into a small business which now they managed to ship it internationally. Their soaps are all organic which is one of the strong reasons how they managed to capture the hearts of their customers.

What is interesting about the soaps are their quality control of the process to make sure only the freshest bars of soap are personally delivered to their customers. They make small batches of soap each time and also have a one month curing period for the soaps to naturally dry up and harden. They make sure that the entire process is manually maintained so only the highest quality of products will be shipped out. While for their ingredients, they strictly use only wholesome and all organic ingredients derived from the earth and readily available in nature.

Just reading about the soaps should excite you right? Well, the Mint Green Tea bar soap that I received is supposed to help improve the skin complexion, flush out toxins, remove scars,  eliminates inflammation, enhance skin elasticity, anti-ageing and also rejuvenates the skin. While the mint inside is also an effective ingredient to battle acne and nourish sensitive skin.

They claim that is bar is loaded with brewed green team and fresh mint leaves, ground green team leaves and handpicked mint leaves. Essential oils of peppermint and spearmint also contribute to the benefits and give this bar a distinctive minty scent.

I'll be completely honest and say that I've only used this a couple of times since I'm not really good with bar soaps. I prefer liquid ones better so after a couple of tries I didn't use it anymore. But the sensation of the soap is nice, it feels like a pampering session as well especially when you use it once a while. I kept it for about 3 months before I had to let it go, don't think that organic soaps should last that long after used especially when I just placed it in the bathroom.

Product Deets
Name: Mint Green Tea Bar Soap
Price: $7
Availability: Nora Beauty Shop

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