15 November 2017


I just had to write about this! If you have been following me on my social media you would know that recently my team had a surprise baby shower for me and me being me, I never suspected it even though it seems they had it planned for quite a while. The mastermind behind it, of course, is no other than my boss +Tammy Lim , you know she's a professional when it comes to surprises like this. I bet most of you who knows her, knows how well she organizes events and having a happening team included made the party more memorable.

The first time I told my team I was pregnant I was so nervous. Since I already took a lot of leaves last year for my wedding, now I'm pregnant, I kept thinking I might be dismissed anytime soon. LOL... No joke, I was literally sweating and shaking to spill the news out but eventually, I had to do it anytime soon. So when I did, it felt great but I can't remember how my team reacted to it though and how I reacted after as well. The rest of the office only knew when my bump started showing but most of them had already figured it out seeing the drastic changes from me.

As most of you may know, at our workplace, we have team bonding every month where we could go anywhere and have a session together. Our team bondings are always a great one since Tammy always know what excites us. Most of our team bondings are a surprise from her which makes it even more fun. Mostly we went to hotel buffets, staycations, but lately mostly lunch and movies because I couldn't cope up with the team's energy anymore. Thank goodness everyone was so understanding. This month was my last team bonding before I prepare myself to give birth and Tammy already had the date prepared since last month with the colour theme of our team bonding session this time. She usually does this so I surely didn't suspect that it would be my baby shower. 

Actually, if I paid attention I should have figured it out though. Tammy kept bringing up if I'll do a baby shower just a few days after the team knew I was pregnant. I actually never thought of it since I'm not really the type that celebrates occasions with parties, I wasn't really exposed to parties like these until I started working with the team. I even tried to enter Drypers contest where their main prize is a baby shower party which was perfect, even the team helped nominate me as well, but sadly I didn't win so I didn't get too held a baby shower of my own but that's okay, I was thankful enough already.

Our team bondings were usually on a Friday and on the week of the promised date I was absent for 2 days due to my condition. I didn't have the energy to go to work and check-ups were also draining me. I was that close for not coming that Friday also but I needed to discuss back with HR and Tammy about my maternity leave as I needed to take it early and Eros's birthday was close and I thought that we were gonna celebrate his birthday for team bonding so I didn't really want to miss it. Even the team were talking about buying Eros's birthday present so I thought Tammy surely had everything planned for Eros. Turns out, I'm just slow. HAHA...

When I walked in I was surely taken by surprise cause everyone was looking at me. Good job +Anis Farhana , for being a great actress cause I hitched her ride to Glasshouse Seputeh and she acted like she knew nothing. When everyone shouted surprise, I was confused at first since Eros was one of them. My brain literally had to generate a few seconds before I figured out it was my baby shower. HAHA... Now everything makes sense why we were all told to dress in baby blue.

The party design was lovely! I felt so touched that it made me speechless. Then I look around its filled with all my favourite food. Haha.. Seriously carbs and sugary treats, everything tasted good! My team knows me well. HAHA... I feel disappointed that I didn't take many pictures of the food, the desserts made all of us drool but we all couldn't finish most of it so we took it back to the office for another party. 

I know, I still can't believe it too. The office are better parents than me though as it seems they did the most research. 😂 I'm still clueless on the important stuff and I figure they already expected this from me. 😅 The Electronic Steam Sterliser was from @hellotammylim herself. The first ever present bought just weeks after I told the team I was pregnant. My baby was still a lump of blood that time. I know, she's always the fast one. 😽💗 The starter kit was from #TheCreativeComm #GlamSquadOnVacay 👉 My Awesome Team. 😻💕 👉 @anisfarhanaaliman91 @somethinkblack @fishmeatdie @bokoaz @deahamdan @julleboisen and @pingorin Jynn They even gave me a tutorial on how I should use it which would make it easier for me once I come back to the office. 😉 #SweetKan? They say the starter kit won't be complete without the breast pump, so the rest of the office got it for me. 😃 👉 @kwee_eliza @minniefatty Jo, Elise, Dan, Josephine, Hairi, Dave, @jinho__so @mr_monsters Felicia, @yilingyeap & May Yee. ❤ Yeahhh... It's complete and it's all @tommeetippeemy. I bet most of you that's familiar with this brand will 😲. Yeahhh... That was my reaction to it too! I'm so touched that they all made me speechless, last year they did the same for my wedding, now it's for my baby. What else could I ask for when I have such great people around everyday. Thank you again everyone. Love you alls! 💙💚💛💜 And my baby name will be decided by me thank you. 🤣 #UGuysCantImagineWhatNamesTheySuggested #NamesFromAllOverTheWorld #INakNamaBudakKampung #NotShahAlamNearlyPangkor #CikcitPeksTiny
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Not enough with the surprise baby shower, they also got me presents. What more could I ask for? They surely did more research than I did and got me the complete set of breastfeeding. I think because of that my milk started to leak already (the shock!) and I'm surprised too because I wasn't expecting it since my family has history problems with breastfeeding. I feel so blessed, happy, touched to tears. I can't describe my feelings any further. So I'm writing this so that my baby knows that it been blessed even before its born and its mum had great people around her so it'll always know to be thankful.

I'm always going to remember this, working with these people has totally changed my lifestyle. I'm glad I was accepted as part of the team back then, and after almost 2 years passed our team kept growing welcoming more awesome people. It's definitely hard to be blessed with a team that you could work and play but Tammy made it possible for all of us to get along. This is one of the reasons why most of us are still working for her. Thanks again guys for being such amazing people! I'm not tagging you all cause I don't feel I have expressed my gratitude enough. LOL... I'm just so touched and I wanna always cherish these kinds of moments, what better way then to keep it treasured on my blog.

Till then peeps!

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