16 October 2017


I've been wanting to share about this for a while already but had to postpone it since something unplanned kept me occupied the last couple of weeks so I've been so busy to even open up my laptop. If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories you might have figured it out already but if you don't, I'm gonna share the news to you soon as it's also a big change to my life as well.  Heee.. You could tell how excited I am already right? Anyways back to the topic, on my 24th week of pregnancy, my husband and I decided to get a detailed scan for our baby since we are first time parents and we've been eager to see our baby. To be honest it was me actually so I kept out on a look for promotions on this and finally, I found one just nearby our home. For more deets keep on reading.

Do you see it's little hands? OMG!!! I'm unable to describe the feeling of how good it felt to finally see what I could feel but cannot see. My regular check-ups are done at our government's clinic (KK) so scans are only done if the doctor says so and I don't get to see much as well. So I've been so curious about the progress of my baby and then I came across Klinik Azimah on Facebook and they were having an opening promotion RM150 for detailed scan 2D&3D. There were also other promotions I found with the same price but this one was just 5 minutes away from home at U12 Shah Alam so we decided to go here since we both had a busy schedule. I messaged them on Facebook after dinner and asked if they were open for walk in and they said yes. 

When we arrived the Dr was already ready for us, Dr Azimah herself. I was so excited and the Dr was friendly as well, made me comfortable instantly and she answered to all my questions which felt great since I haven't been getting answers from my normal checkup. The first thing we wanted to know was its gender. Even though the Dr at the hospital has already advised before but we weren't certainly sure since she said, 'I think it's a ...' the word think made me question it so I asked again and she said it'll be confirmed once it comes out. Okay then, so I knew that was the cue to stop asking. So when the Dr was scanning below the legs, I could already tell the gender already since I saw it clearly and it looks just like what I have read online. Haha.. The Dr asked us to guess and indeed it was right. LOL...  My husband's smile was so wide that it reached his ears since he has been hoping for it. Hehe... Well both of us actually.

After we got to know the gender, we went into for a detailed scan. Since I just had dinner, the baby was super active and didn't seem to want to stay in one place. I felt happy seeing it move inside the screen and I felt it inside my belly as well but it did give a hard time for the Dr to scan since it wouldn't keep still. Detailed scan consists of .... now I can't remember cause I continued writing again after a month I left this post hanging. LOL... Forgive me as I got busy and didn't manage to cope with it.

Anyways the baby is fine and doing well. I haven't had another glimpse of my baby after I had this scan and I'm so curious to see how it looks like now since I'm already 31 weeks and the baby should be chubbier now. 

My family says the baby looks like my husband and they don't see any me in it. Haihhhh... we'll see after it comes out. I still feel overwhelmed looking at the pictures since I feel it moving every day but I can't see it. 

Till then peeps


  1. best kan bila dapat tengok! excited sangat! <3 <3

    1. Itulah, ada rasa emotional jug masa tu. Hehe

  2. Assalam Mira, semoga di permudahkan semuanya. Insyaallah.


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