26 October 2017


Here's another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS post and this was taken late 2015. Anyways, I used to love L'Oreal products, owned a few of them and even have my own collection on my blog here: CHECK IT OUT HERE. It's a bit dusty now since I no longer have many products to share. LOL... Anyways, the L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Primer was the first ever primer that I have owned and used for quite sometime before I came over it after a while. Read on to know the deets.

First of all, let's talk about the packaging if you're into the elegant type of packaging you'll love this. Well, I love it too, it's gold even though it's plastic. Hehe... I remember that this primer wasn't that cheap as well but it did last long and for me, it should be worth the money.  Before I was introduced to any other primers, this was my only one and I think I've  been accustomed to it by then.

Talking about the product itself, it's in a liquid form which is quite watery so it tends to spill easily and gets messy. The lid doesn't really help much as it still spills out even after you tighten it all your might. I remember having problems with my makeup pouch because of this and keep having to clean up the mess. Probably that's why I stopped carrying it around. 

But what got me hooked to the primer is that it enhances my makeup and of course helps to make it last longer. Just a few drops of the primer and it works like magic. It has a bit of shimmer hence it enhances shimmery eyeshadows and also creates a nice look with matte eyeshadows. 

I actually used up all the primer when I wanted to create a DIY highlighter cushion which kinda turned out really nice. I remember I did take photos of the results but I don't remember if I still have them. But I eventually had to clear the primer up since it was gonna expire after such a long time, so better not waste something good.

Let's go back down to memory lane on my Instagram and see some of the pictures that I've used this product before.

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Till then peeps!

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