25 October 2017


Honestly, guys, these pictures have been in my draft for the longest time and but I still wanna share it. After my previous post on the other range of Makeup Revolution's Vamp Shade Lipsticks, now I take another year to write about the other range which is the Scandalous Lipsticks. I know what's the point of sharing it now but I don't wanna waste my pictures and I'm trying to clear my backlogs drafts. Besides, these lipsticks were bought by my own money, it's just that I was super ambitious back then when I wanted to blog about every makeup product that I own. LOL... Obviously, I didn't manage to do such a good job but keep on reading to see some of my work using these lipsticks.

I remember these lipsticks only cost me RM8 each and at that time I was really eager to try out bold colours. I was on the verge in exploring makeup during that time and I didn't want to splurge so much in colours that I'm not sure would be suitable for me. So taking the advantage of a cheap price I bought 2 of the colours just to try out and bright blue and purple at that time was so risky. The names of the lipsticks we're also something, Immoral and Depraved and I surely wanted to created that bad girl feels back then. Hey, I was young and single, and I think that time I was also emotional caused I kinda had a drama thing going on with my ex-boyfriend which is my husband now. HAHA... 

Anyways, just look at those colours, would you dare to wear them even now? These lipsticks I think has expired already and I didn't even use half of it and yes I can't even throw them out. I keep it nicely stored on my makeup table just for the satisfaction of looking at it. It's hard to explain but if you're a makeup hoarder I bet you know the feeling. It's hard to let go.

At least before these lipsticks went to waste, I managed to take a few pictures of my art and thank goodness Instagram was around! It's great to look back at your timeline and see, hey... this used to be your work! Sounds like I feel so proud of myself. LOL... Don't get me wrong but I actually am. Okay, muntah sekarang. Anyways here are 2 of them which I posted out in Instagram back then.

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Till then peeps

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