21 October 2017


It has been my dream to have a house of my own and live the way I want it to be. I left my parents home when I did my Diploma and since then I started adjusting living on my own. I only come back on weekends and because of that, I don't have my personal space anymore. I started renting rooms after diploma when I worked while I was waiting for my Degree and from there I learnt surviving skills. Now I'm married and processing a baby along the way, and after 10 months hitched, we've finally decided that our little family should start living on our own. Sounds scary... well for us.

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I came across many sharings on Facebook about true or untrue stories about the early years of marriage which most of them start small first and then grow. Rezeki bertambah unexpectedly and all that kind of stuff. I bet most of you have come across those sharings right? And some of you might have also went through it as well or are going through it just like us.

Thinking back a year ago my husband lost his job just after we got engaged and preparing for our wedding. His company went bankrupt and he had to depend on his freelance jobs to earn a living, this kept going until we got married and after our honeymoon period things started to turn down again. My husband's back pain started to get serious and he couldn't continue in his field anymore which requires lifting heavy things. He was devastated especially when I was the only one working at that time. He really struggled to get a job but it was hard since his 7-year experience in jobs were only on the field he was in. Even his qualifications we're all in that field.

Months passed and he tried keeping calm while his savings were almost running out. He applied for so many jobs and went to a few interviews but a different type of rezeki came. I was pregnant! He had no reaction when the news spilled out, I understood that there should have been a lot that came into his mind that time. After a few weeks, the rezeki that both of us waited for finally was given. Alhamdulillah in those desperate moments my husband was offered a job. In fact, 2 jobs which the other one came a week later where my husband had already accepted the first job.

Still, the job was risky and did not guarantee or worrisome free as it had no basic pay and 100% depended on commission. While the other job had a basic salary but it was such a small amount and needed to stay in the office which my husband was never used too. All his jobs before had flexible timing and never sat in one place for hours. So he took the risk and believed in his guts and still went for the job without any basic.

Knowing my husband he's very dedicated when it comes to working and he does it wholeheartedly. His performance in the first month was already outstanding and his boss offered a basic pay for the first month for him to survive. The first few months were a challenge but he managed and without knowing it, he discovered that he had the skills all along, he just didn't know it and needed it to be brushed.

Now it has been half a year since he started the job and we managed to survive. Alhamdulillah, rezeki sentiasa ada walaupun tak semewah mana. He's a property agent and you would know that the money comes in rarely but in big amounts. We managed to to taste 2 of his commissions for now and with that, we're surviving until his other commissions gets approved. In his field, there are surely ups and downs and I ask him everyday how was work today. Everyday there's a new story and I'll never able to work in his field. I'm don't have enough patience. LOL

Anyways, back to the main topic. We finally rented our own place after so many discussions about it. It has been a month over now and we both we're excited to get our very first bills. Again, we're both so grateful that urusan semua dipermudahkan. Keluarga  masing masing banyak membantu when we first moved in. Even our landlord is a good one, we were lucky to get a newly renovated house for a cheaper rent and when we moved in, our landlord made effort in making sure that everything was working well.

Our new home is near to my husbands workplace and also nearby the MRT and LRT station which is important since I take it to work. If my husband can't fetch me I could take the MRT which there is a bus that I could take straight to my home. But usually, my husband will fetch me and send me to the LRT station so I don't have to travel so far with my condition carrying a belly right now.

We're doing our best to work together and support each other. So far it feels great but that doesn't mean it's always a bright day. We do bicker over small things but that usually doesn't last long and we tend to just overlook it. I've been more sensitive with these pregnancy hormones which kinda triggers him but he tries his best to calm down and be patient with me.

For now, I'm still trying to get the hang of it, having our own place. With working and heavily pregnant right now I'm always exhausted at the end of the day but I still make sure I do the house chores. Right now I still slack off with cooking, I usually cook simple things but my husband is okay with it. I make sure the house is clean and his clothes are always prepared. Only cooking meals I do it when I can, sometimes my husband cooks. He actually loves cooking but I get annoyed because I'll still be the one cleaning after that.

So that's basically it. I know it not much of a story but I just felt like writing. I know in another 5 years I'll read this back and will question myself. I was like this back then.

Till then peeps


  1. Awhhh! You both did it together! This will make the family last and happy in future. I wish all the best for you Mira. Hope you and your baby nanti sihat. Goodluck, Keep moving forward! HUGSSS!

    1. Awhhh.. Thank you beb! Nanti jemput datang rumah tau. Tak jauh sangat dari Damansara

  2. takpe dear,
    itu semua dugaan utk newly wed couple challenge to become stronger mira.
    insyallah all went well, makin success & bright future!
    follow the flow je & yg paling penting sabar+tabah ya


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