12 August 2017


Girls I know that most of you now are obsessed with magical objects inspired by unicorns, mermaids, fairies and all creatures from the magical realm. I plead myself guilty too as I cannot control myself as a muggle born when I come across the world of magic. LOL... I've been craving for magical wands but I got unicorn horns instead which of course no unicorns were harmed during the process. Remember, it's the highest level of dark magic if you kill a unicorn to benefit from them. Hehe... Okay, enough joking around, and let us take the time to admire the beauty of Unicorn Makeup Brushes by Witchery Malaysia. I received their eye set in The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Bag, so let's take a closer look at these magical brushes.
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We often see these kinds of magical brushes on foreign Instagram accounts and I bet most of you wonder does our country even sell these? Well, don't be surprised because it won't take long before it reaches Malaysia and now we even have an online shop that sells fun and quirky products like this at Wunderlust Things Malaysia. If you check out their website be prepared for some damage because  I  know it'll be hard to resist the magical attraction you'll find in there.

These unicorn brushes are simply to adore for, made by the finest unicorn hair it's created to serve the magical. LOL... Its bristles are synthetic and the handles are basically plastic. A closer look on the brushes you'll see a brush available to serve for everything you need. The bristles are also colourful just like a unicorns hair which makes it great for shots. 

It may look good on pictures but I don't find the brushes to be exactly good to do the job. Probably I'm used to a specific brand already which has shorter and denser bristles and I've already accustomed to that feeling. It does manage to pick up quite an amount of product but I just don't like blending with it especially at the crease. It does seem to do a smooth job with nose contouring though which I'm happy with. Even though there are 10 brushes with different jobs, you can always use each brush for a different purpose. The ones that I don't really feel it, I use it for a different purpose which solves the problem of unused brushes.
Another good thing of the colourful bristles is that they are all in light colours which make it easy to know the time your brush needs to be cleaned. I haven't tried cleaning the brush yet so I don't know if the bristles are good enough. I'll update this post once I have.
Overall I find the unicorn brushes was dusted in magic, but it's always great to have them in your collection since its presence is absolutely soothing for a makeup junkie. Great for displays and even flat lays, more reasons why the brush should always be clean. LOL... 

More Info
Price: RM89 set (10pcs)
Website / Purchase: wanderlustthings.com
Facebook: facebook.com/wanderlustthingsshop
Instagram: instagram.com/wanderlustthings

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