20 August 2017


Hey peeps, as most of you know me, I'm not blessed with a V-shaped chin which everyone nowadays wishes for. I have a round face which clearly shows my double chin especially when I put on weight. Lol... I think I've been fighting with this since forever, I just can't get my ideal weight back and this worried me the most during my wedding preparations. This was one I was going obsessed with V-shaped chin masks and during that time Sephora so happened to introduce me what they have. So check out my shopping haul from Sephora especially on V-Shaped Neck Masks that they offer.

So honestly, I was given RM300 to choose from their mask selections at Sephora's Online Website since at that time they just recently launched their website portal. So you can guess I took a really sweet time to update on this, which is not good. So today's post I'm gonna tell you guys my past experience on shopping with Sephora and a little review on the products I got.

Just tell me, which girl you know doesn't know about the existence of Sephora? We go crazy in the store, even I do too. You'll see the white black tiles from afar with displays of colourful products on the shelves, makes you itchy to at least touch it. Because we all have that window shopping experience right? To think about it, I rarely shop at stores and the reason why I'm so fickle with my choices. I take a really long time to choose and it makes me uncomfortable to make a decision so rash without doing a bit of research about the product I'm about to buy.

As you may know, Sephora has a lot of choices to choose from and some girls could stay in there for hours but I'm not that type. I prefer to test out the products and do a bit of research back at home and there is where the real shopping happens. Thank goodness now that Sephora is offered online, people like me that have shopping moods are blessed.

So back then my mission was to only focus on V-Chin mask products which still I really badly wanted to get Kat Von D's newest lipstick but I managed to keep myself under control. Lol...

To think of it again, it's much easier to shop online if you are looking for something specific and you'll be able to see a whole lot of options within seconds. Just like Sephora's website, it's clean, simple and broke down into specific categories which make shopping easy. The best part also is that the pictures are big and each product you click on you'll be able to read reviews from users that have used these products before. It's such a great feature which you don't get if you're shopping in stores and I usually don't like a consultant bothering me while I'm walking around the store. My introvert-ness can't take it unless if I need consultation. So since I was hunting down V-shapes makes, all I had was to use keywords and within seconds all the results came out. And of course, I did take the time to shop since I love to study about the products first which results in 3 different kinds of V-Shaped purpose masks.

One of the masks selected is Mirenesse Fast Fix Solution V- Shape Neck Lift Mask, this mask is the most expensive of all, so I could only afford one but to be honest I still haven't had the courage to try it out. I thought I'll use it a day before my wedding but I was so busy that day I totally forgot and now I haven't found the right time where I think I should splurge on this mask. It's freaking expensive so I should at least have something worth to use it for. LOL... I'm not sure why I bought this in the first place but probably I thought that if it was expensive it should work. I kinda checked back the website to find out the price of this mask but it doesn't seem to be on the website anymore. So probably Sephora discontinued this mask. Should I do a blog post when I finally use this mask?

Another mask I bought was the Klarity Lasertox V-Line Slim Up Mask Lift Up, I see this brand has several products offered for the V-Line purpose so I googled it up for reviews. I see most good reviews especially for their Lasertox V-line Shape Up Set which made me so tempted to get it but the price made me think a lot. In the end, I didn't get the set since I still wanted to try out different kinds of V-Shape masks. So I tried out the Klarity Lasertox V-Line Slim Up Mask Lift Up and this mask comes in 2 steps. The first step is to apply the cream then step to is applying the hydrogel mask under your chin. It only covered the chin area so the piece is kinda small. What you have to do it stick it on the chin first then stretch it until your ears. You'll feel the tightness once you have it on and after 30 minutes with the mask applied, take it off and rub in the essence. Honestly, I couldn't see any instant difference after applying once but it did feel great.

The Dr Jart+ mask was actually the mask that I have been aiming for. Tammy gave me one of this mask to try out before and I loved it so this mask was actually the first thing that I added to my Sephora cart. I loved it so much that I bought 3 boxes of Dr Jart's Neck & Chin Lift Mask. Each box contains 3 masks each and even these masks you'll feel the expensiveness. I checked the website again but sadly Sephora doesn't carry it anymore. I hope the don't discontinue it forever since the Dr Jart Masks are amazing.

Here is why I love it so much. First is the packaging, its design is simple but the quality of the packaging makes you feel guilty to rip it apart. Well probably just me, since most of you know I'm a freak when it comes to packaging. Different from other masks, V-Shaped mask purposes usually are dry masks especially the hydrogel ones, so don't expect to see essence bursting out once you tear it. This mask covers your chin and neck and it's quite heavy as well since the layer of hydrogel is quite thick. It covers the front of your chin as well and you'll feel a slight cooling sensation when you apply it on. Let it stick on your chin first and then stretch the mask to your ears and you'll feel the tightness.
Apply it within 30 minutes but I love leaving it for more than that, but be prepared that you'll feel a slight pressure at the back of your ears which could hurt if you put the mask for some time but for me it's tolerable. The hydrogel won't dry out or even get thinner so you'll throw it away just like that. Sometimes I have this heavy feeling to even throw it away.

Overall having to try out V-Shape Chin & Neck Masks was fun but of course, I was never expecting seeing instant results. Having the feel and taste to use it was already a soothing pleasure. These kinds of masks are not usually that hyped but it's good to know that Sephora carries them and it's easy to get them if you suddenly feel to splurge.

Till then peeps

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