13 August 2017


Lipsticks are like my holy grail when it comes to makeup. I could give up anything else but not lipsticks. It's one of the items that I can never have enough, even though some may say I already have the same colour. Well, I bet most of you lip junkies out there will say, there is never one the same, it's a different brand. Since Colourpop made its way to Malaysia, liquid lipsticks have become an obsession and a few years later we see local brands coming out with liquid lipsticks as well. Not complaining, it's actually great! One of the brands is Orkid Cosmetics and I've been itchy to try it out since I knew their existence. Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I received a few in their Birthday Goodie Bag. Keep on reading to know more.

Nowadays, we see that people are more aware of animal cruelty products and the ingredients in a product, which is awesome since exposure like this drives brands to be more alert on these kinds of things and Orkid Cosmetics is one of those brands that take concerns of this as well. This brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan, not only that, it's halal and wudu-friendly which is approved by JAKIM as well. I love it now that more people are more concern about animal testing and banning brands that still do this help creates more awareness especially to smaller brands that are just starting to rise.

Coming back to Orkid Cosmetics, they have quite a range of Liquid Lipsticks now but they gave us some of their bestsellers. Let's talk about their packaging first because you know I'm a packaging freak. I love their gold hot stamping, it makes the lipsticks look elegant and the patterns at the side of the packaging are lovely. Puts a bit of hipster touch to it. The downside is that the colour shown on the packaging is not the same as the lipstick inside, it's actually an obvious difference though, but I understand that it's hard to get the exact colour during printing, which probably they should consider removing the colour to avoid confusion.

Here are the swatches of Orkid Cosmetics that I received which starting from the left is Mars, Blush, Turnt and Vibes. I didn't manage to get a perfect swatch of the lipsticks due to lighting but one I have I'll update a picture again here. If you knew me you'll know that I'll go crazy of lipstick colours and will usually post on Instagram since my pregnancy hormones are taking over, I rarely makeup now.
But I tried the lipsticks out and currently my favourite colour would be Turnt. As you may know that liquid lipsticks are mostly drying, well I couldn't say that this one is any different. If you have chapped lips like me, make sure to put on some lip balm first before you apply a layer of the lipstick.

Overall I could say that these liquid lipsticks are a must have, at least one. It's a bit creamy upon application but it sets fine after it dries out. The colours are gorgeous, but you'll still need to reapply after a meal since it does fade away a bit. Anyhow, I'm still eager to try out their other range and see if it's any different from this one. I'll take an MOTD look and post it here once my pregnancy hormones allow me to.

More Info
Price: RM39.90 per piece
Website / Purchase: www.orkidcosmetics.com
Facebook: facebook.com/OrkidCosmetics
Instagram: instagram.com/orkidcosmetics

Till then peeps.

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