05 August 2017


There are millions of bath & body care for you to choose from in the market. But what differentiates it with one another? As you know most products in the market nowadays contains harmful chemicals which may not be seeing side effect instantly but you'll happen to see it soon if you don't make a change. Probably that's why most people now are turning to organic products which may be a bit pricey but people are still okay with it. Why? Well, Jerlynn'L is one of those organic brand offered in Malaysia and I have been using this brand for months now. Read more to know how I feel about this brand.

Jerlynn'L comes from the same company as Shizens which specially formulate products for all age groups. They specify most to children ranged from 3 to 18 years old since this age range are more exposed to the sun and pollution compared to adults which have more matured skin. Jerlynn'L promises strict control of materials-from source to production which not only will help to protect the skin but restore it as well.

Jerlynn'L bestseller product in their Body Wash Plants and Herbs Extract which is one of the best that I've tried. I have always been changing shower gels before, and sometimes I don't use it until the last drop, I just get bored. There are a lot of factors why, the scent, the usability to use the product and also if I start getting itchy I'll ditch it forever. I tend to get itchy very easily and I also have eczema on certain body parts which makes me need to be careful with the shower gels I choose. If not it will make the itch worse and my eczema is for a lifetime, it will never heal.

Believe it or not but I'm already on my 2nd bottle of Jerlynn'L's shower gel. First, I so love the scent, for an organic brand, the scent is amazing. You would know that organic brands don't really have a strong scent to it which is good since its proof that it's all natural without adding scent chemicals to it. But some natural ingredient scents are just too strong for me which I'm unable to take. But Jerlynn'L has this soft sweet scent which really got me addicted.

Not only that, the texture of the product itself is great! It's smoother, if you lather it with your hands it won't produce much soap which will make you get some more but once you put it on your bath sponge it creates quite an amount of foam for an organic brand which surprised me. So if you're like me and don't wanna waste too much, make sure to use it with you bath sponge. It's more satisfying.
After I got pregnant, my skin tends to get drier and I get itchy because of that. That's probably the reason why I haven't changed my shower gel after my first bottle finished. I find it soothing after I take a shower with this shower gel, and it doesn't even cause my eczema to get worse.

Besides from their shower gel, their shampoo's have captured my heart too. I have 2 types of them and I love both of it! The green one is their normal range shampoo while the white one is their scalp care. I'm using both of them at the same because I still cannot choose which one I love the most.
The reason why the scents are amazing for an organic brand. It's sweet and soft and it relaxes and calms me down at the same time. The scent stays pretty long as well, even after my hair is dried several hours later, I can still scent it.

Their lotions are so good as well. And I love it that it comes in a small bottle which eases me to carry it around. The product I'm most thankful for is their Moisture lotion. As you may know already, I have eczema and the skin area that is affected will always need to be moistened. This moisture lotion really helps me out when I'm out and I don't take my eczema creams with me. Sometimes I prefer to use the moisture lotion even at home rather than the creams given to me. The Dr says that my eczema is forever and the creams they give me isn't a cure, it just helps soothes it. Well, the moisture lotion does the same and its scent is good as well.

While for the lotion, I've been using it a lot on my belly. Since I'm pregnant, a lot of people have advised me to keep on wearing lotion on my belly to avoid stretch marks and that's what I'm doing. I love it because it's small and pumpable and again the scent. The most important thing that it's not oily and it absorbs pretty fast. I really hate lotions which leave your hand greasy after an application. 

Honestly, I feel like I'm hooked on this brand already. To think of it, my pregnancy journey started with Jerlynn'L as well. I started using most of it during my early stages of pregnancy and until now I'm pleased.

Another product that I so love is their mosquito repellant spray. Guys, I don't know how to say how thankful I am to come across this product. Mosquito's have been a problem for me since forever. I'm an O+ and I just came to know that this is one of the reasons why I easily get bitten by mosquitoes. My blood is said to be sweeter, (only my blood, not me. Huhh...) So usually when I go out camping or places with mosquitoes I have to apply lotion which do not help, I even tried the mosquito repellant body sticks and I hate it. It's sticky and uncomfortable, I'll rather get bitten.

So once I got this spray I tried it out and it works! Honestly, it works and it's organic too. No sticky feeling, no hassle, it's the best. I have 2 bottles of this and I think I might need more. I keep 1 in the car and in my travel pouch as well. I don't keep it in my everyday handbag since it consumes space which I only use it at night. My husband usually avoids bringing me to outdoor dimmed light restaurants because I'll start itching and whining because of mosquitoes and when I get home I'll have red dots everywhere, especially my hands and feet. But now, it's fine. With a simple spray, I'm safe. LOL.. and did you know that babies could use it too? I'll surely have to keep one extra when my baby comes out just in case she inherited my problem. Hehe...

You'll be surprised on how many products Jerlynn'L could offer, going through their website jerlynnl.com already makes you want to get everything they have to offer especially for your child. Yeah.. I'm already having the new mum syndrome. Especially their cute products for children as for instance their Art Soap. These tiny soaps like candy packaging are soft like clay and your child could play with it while taking a bath. It surely will get them excited to hit the shower. Besides that, they have this Ice Cream freshener which smells amazing! I put it in the car and it lasted for almost a month. Surely gonna get more of that soon.

Overall you could tell that I love this brand, it's great! I think I already know what brand I should use for my baby as well. Even though organic products may be a bit pricey but it's worth it.

For more info:
Website: www.jerlynnl.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JerlynnL

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