26 August 2017


Thank you Mentholatum for being a great help towards my pregnancy journey. Lol... I received so much lip balms from them until I had a hard time to choose which one to use first. Currently, I'm having really bad chapped lips, I used to have them before but when I got pregnant it became drier and I had to carry a lip balm everywhere. My current lip balm was the normal range of lip ice and it ran out just in time when these lip balms came in the mail. When I opened it I saw Miney ears popping out and got excited instantly. Keep on reading to know more.

These Disney range lip balms are adorable. I received 3 shades that come with different berry flavours which are Baby Pink (Strawberry Flavour), Poppy Pink (Rasberry Flavour) and Berry Red (Wildberry Flavour).  These lip balms are formulated with Super Hydraulic Acid which helps seals moisture in the lips for a long lasting hydration. It also contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil and collagen that helps improve lip texture. The collagen acts as an anti-ageing ingredient to help restore lip elasticity. The formula is also infused with Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant to repair dry lips.

Another thing that changed me during pregnancy is that I don't prefer to even wear lipstick anymore which makes me look sick as ever. As I said again, these lip balms did come on the right time. I usually prefer clear colour lip balms since I don't want it to mess with my lipstick colour, but now since I'm avoiding lipstick having coloured lip balms sure helps to reduce the pale look I have right now. Above are the swatches of the lip balms, even though the colours may seem a bit faded in the picture, the colour surely shows on the lips. I especially love the red one, makes my lips look naturally red while the pink tone makes me look too pale. For the orange shade, well my skin tone has never gone well with orange.

The downside is actually the formula of the balm, it seems too oily for me which makes my lips a bit uncomfortable since it doesn't absorb much into the lips making it not kiss proof and leaves marks. But I do very much love the colour, so I have the red one always in my handbag right now for a bit of colour if I need to.

Overall, having Disney related products surely excites every girl that grew up with Disney. I just wished that the cover of the lips has black and red polka dots. Lol... It surely would have been great to show off and I bet every girl who sees this in stores will be tempted to get out of shelves since I'm one of those guilty ones as well.

More Info
Price: RM12.50
Purchase: All leading pharmacies & major supermarket outlets

The next range of lip balms I received are Mentholatum's Premium Rich Moist Lipbalms and honestly, these lip balms are amazing! These lip balms are super nourishing which is formulated with 8 moisturising ingredients that are Olive Oil, Honey, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Royal Jelly Extract, Shea Butter and Moringa Butter. It's also fortified with Multi-Ceramides that functions to maintain and restore the skin barrier function for intense and long lasting moisturisation. It also comes with SPF23PA+++ for protection against UVA and UVB rays and comes in two variants which are Fragrance Free and Natural Honey.

Honestly, to compare between the Disney Lipbalms and these ones I prefer these ones better. Even though the packaging may not be cute which I find one of the downsides of it but the formulation is truly amazing. It's one of the best lip balms that I've tried that really functions to its purpose. I have really chapped lips and it peels off very easily especially when I'm in an air-conditioned room. It feels totally unpleasant when you feel roughness on your lips because it's peeling off and I have the habit to peel it off which causes my lips to bleed and hurts which I regret after.

Since I received these lip balms, I left them at the office to use and to my surprise, it actually helped a lot. My favourite is the Natural Honey since it has a nice sweet scent to it compared to the fragrance-free which is suitable for those who don't like scented products or have sensitive skin. I'm using the Natural Honey Lipbalm almost every day now and would apply it almost 4 to 5 times a day in the office. It's kinda addicting though, even though my lips ain't dry I just apply it for fun since I like the feel.

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Price: RM22.90
Purchase: All leading pharmacies & major supermarket outlets

Till then peeps!

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