19 August 2017


I can't believe that I'm already in my 6th month of pregnancy. Changes are clearly seen day by day now and now I obviously look like a pregnant woman who gets priority seatings on public transports. Well, most of the time. I feel like a different person and look very different too. Well, most of you could see that already. These pregnancy hormones are overwhelming. So here is my journey so far.

Currently, I'm just so tired, I have my times though. Sometimes I'll feel energetic and be able to get my work done but most of the time I'm just sluggish and my body seems to be failing me. All I wanna have is some sleep. Waking up in the morning is the most struggle, sometimes I feel like crying like I hadn't had enough sleep even though I had enough hours of rest. Probably the frequency of me waking up to pee contributes to the tiredness but what can I do. Even going to work feels like I'm forced to now. I just don't wanna come out from the bed, my body hurts, I'm uncomfortable, I'm sleepy and tired. But still, I try my best to fight all of it unless if I really can't. Usually, when I start getting headaches I lose the battle.

So far I only took a few MC's because of my pregnancy but never once direct for a few days. I try my best not to mess up with work even though how I'm feeling nowadays. I'm imagining how other pregnant ladies could cope with all this. Fatigue is really a challenge here. Thank goodness my work colleges are understanding. There was once I fell asleep on my chair with my hands still on the computer board and no one woke me up. I woke up after my head slighted down with a shock and I saw they all just ignored me sleeping. Huhhh... When I asked they said I looked so tired and no one didn't even say anything. I just hopped I didn't snore. My husband says, when I fall asleep I start snoring within minutes.

I could tell he's not lying because when I wake up my throat feels terrible. Especially when I fall asleep in the car, I don't even realise I'm asleep and he says that nowadays I start sleeping even after a few minutes in the car especially when he drives me to the LRT station on working days. At least all these tiredness are paying off. I could finally feel the real deal. My baby has been actively moving and I could feel it with ease. It was not so long ago when I felt my baby with my hands the first time and I felt like crying. It's still a slight feeling if touched by hands but I can feel it in my belly. There was only one time that it was moving quite hard and my husband managed to feel it. I was laying down it kept on kicking so I pulled my husband's hand on my belly. He usually will just say, 'yelah' because I keep on saying that the baby is kicking but he can't feel it and suddenly it gave a hard kick and my husband finally felt it.

His reaction? He laughed, that's all and he continued playing his game. Huhhh... Reaksi bahagia tak tahan seminit pun. And when I keep asking he'll say, 'saya tak tahu nak bagi reaksi apa.' And laugh again. Haihhh...

So this week was my latest appointment with the hospital to check on my fibroid and it turns out everything should be fine for now. The fibroid has shrunk but it's in the womb so I should expect an early delivery. I also managed to ask the doctor for the gender of my baby since everyone including myself has been so eager to know. But I'm not telling all of you yet. Try playing the guessing game first. Lol

I also had my monthly clinic appointment this week and the results don't seem to be good. This is the first time I got a bad result and my nurse keeps asking what happened to me. First of all, I gained 4kg in a month. I'm now 68kg which obviously is not healthy for my height, 2nd she says my blood pressure is high and 3rd my urine is dirty. I also told her that I'm feeling nauseous again, getting frequent headaches and my hands and feets are swelling badly. So she's making me come for more check ups next week since just in case I have preeclampsia.

Well, I kinda know the main reason is that I'm not really taking care of what I eat. I literally have the appetite to eat right now and I eat whatever I feel like. Even though I eat a lot of fruits and drink milk every day, I don't think my body gets enough nutrients because my meals are always whatever I can get. Especially lunch time at the office, most foods available are unhealthy and I don't think much as long as I eat. I do eat vegetables but not every day, only when I come across it and I don't cook myself either since I'm just too lazy to go in the kitchen.

I know it's a bad habit and now I'll have to start changing fast. I've been told again by the nurses that if this keeps going on I might need to go into early labour. I need to think of a way to create simple yet healthy meals for me since I know it's not gonna last of I complicate myself with cooking tiring meals. I need fasts options and I need support as well. So now I'm thinking I should go back to my mum's house and ask her.

Btw I also got my 'kancing gigi' shot and damn my arm still stings till now. I have no idea what's it for. I really need to start reading. If you're reading until now you may say that I'm not really doing a good job. Well, you can say that I'm obviously not prepared. While I only seem eager at certain times to this and that for my pregnancy journey I usually fail from time to time. I really need support right now.

Till then peeps.

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