19 July 2017


I bet a lot of you have problems with pores. Blackheads and whiteheads are just the same nuisances. Well here is something that might turn that have into a had after a while of usage. Yes, the b.liv by cellinique 'off with those heads' will be able to help you out easily. Keep on reading for more details.

Before I go into the product itself, let's talk about the packaging. As usual, I can't let myself miss on a few words about packaging. #PackagingGeek The outer packaging is just simple and neat. It looks elegant with such a minimal design. I was most impressed with the inner holder of the product. Usually, it will come will cheap plastic, I was wrong. I had a velvety texture for a reason I cannot conclude why but I'm impressed. While the bottle for the product itself is plastic, it still looks nice.

The main purpose of B.liv's Off With Those Heads gel is to remove blackheads gently without stripping your pores with a painful mask. We all been there right? B.liv helps by easily cleaning your pores deeply with it's gel formulated to soften the clogging and blocking of your pores, hence makes it removable with ease.

This product uses bio-technologically formulation which is formulated with tea tree oil, witch hazel extract and aloe vera extract that works as a dual-action process. This product also has powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which help prevent acne formation and speeds up the recovery process as well.

I love that the bottle comes in a form of pump which easily helps to get the product right a way. It's quick, hygienic and convenient for travel as well. The gel texture is smooth and a bit dense but once applied to the T-zone it somehow softens but it's not watery. It has a cooling sensation to it which feels really good but it doesn't absorb fully in the skin no matter how much you rub. So you'll be able to see you pores expanding which leads your blackheads and whiteheads to come off.

Of course, one attempt doesn't get rid of your pores completely. You'll need time and recommended by b.liv is 14 days you'll start seeing the difference and it sure did. Honestly, it didn't completely remove everything but the reduction was noticeable.

Overall I find the product nice to use. The price may be a bit pricey but it can be worth it if you're the type that takes really good care of your skin. Harsh treatments may see instant results but it's actually not that good for the skin, you'll feel pain, it irritates the skin and also loose skin moisture. B.liv helps you avoid those problems and you know people say that great things take time.

Product Name: B'liv Off With Those Heads (15ml)
Price: RM99
Buy: www.bliv.com/my

Till then peeps.

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