19 July 2017


Have you all ever tried Instagram shopping? There are a lot of selections you could find on Instagram compared to the one sold in stores. But it's quite a hassle. Why? Well, let's say, the internet is not that safe and the possibility to get scammed is very high. Hence, research should be done when you shop online especially when Instagram itself is not a specialised shopping platform. That's where Pocket Mall comes to the rescue. Wanna know what's good about it? Keep on reading.

Pocket Mall is something different from other shopping platforms. It actually compiles all local Instagram shops in one platform. When I mean all, I mean only trusted and verified shops are listed in the platform so anything you see from Pocket Mall you know you don't need to doubt about it. No need for further research either the shop you are buying from is actually legit.

If you had tried buying from Instagram before, you would know that it's actually a hassle especially when you're looking for a specific item such as shoes. How would you filter it out? Of course using hashtags right? So if you use #shoes you'll probably get a whole lot of results which doesn't actually lead to Insta Shops. So then you use another #shoesmalaysia and you see the results don't even help. So you go on into more specific hashtags like #cheapshoesinmalaysia #kasutmurah #kasutmurahmalaysia #jualkasutmurahmalaysia but in the end, you are unable to find what you really want because of so many criteria especially if you're a picky one like me.

When I was introduced to Pocket Mall, I didn't quite understand it as well but what I knew is that it's a platform for us to shop through legit Insta Shops in Malaysia. You can check out the video below which shows my first-time impression of Pocket Mall and shopping through it.

So you would know that this video has been taken several months before and I'm so sorry I posted it up this late. Something came up which I'll let you all know in the next post. 
Anyways, here is a more in-depth review of my thoughts of Pocket Mall which I couldn't elaborate much in the video. I still need to practise with my talking skills in front of the camera.  So here it goes.

First, I find it very easy to find what I needed. You can see all the categories already which has already been filtered out. It's easier to compare products and prices which will actually shock you on how much selections you can choose from. I didn't know that Insta Shop has such a wide variety of choices. I was impressed.

Even though Pocket Mall is a shopping platform but it does not act as the middle person between you and the Insta Shop. I thought that I could add the products in a cart and shop everything at once but it seems that it's only a platform to redirect you to a shop. Which at first I found quite inconvenient honestly but I still tried it out.

Thank goodness, Pocket Mall has this feature where by simply pressing a button, it directs you to WhatsApp. Bearing the shops phone number and a prepared message you can instantly send. I FREAKING LOVE this feature because I hate having to save numbers that I'll only use once. You all must already been aware that if you contact manually, you will have to save the shops number on your phone, then only will you be able to contact through WhatsApp. #MajorHassle. With Pocket Mall you get to contact the shop with just a button without saving the number.

Besides that, I find it easier as well as the message sent to WhatsApp redirects the shop to the Pocket Malls page which shows which item we actually want. No need for the shop to ask us more details, we could just simply transfer the money and send our shipping details within minutes.
So it's basically just shopping through Instagram but Pocket Mall helps make it easier to find what you need from Instagram. I'm thankful that we are able to use a feature like this since it helps save your time and energy. Trust me, I am not a patient person and an app like this makes me okay shopping on Instagram again. Finally, I'm able to shop nice Muslimah clothes which we usually find in boutiques without much hassle. And the best thing, Pocket Mall works the best with your mobile phone.

Overall I'm pleased. The website is fast and doesn't lag which makes shopping more pleasant. I've been going to their website from time to time and see that they always have regular updates on their site which enhances user experience and makes it easier to understand their platform. I could also see they have added more selections which mean more choices for us. So what are you waiting for, just google Pocket Mall.

Till then peeps

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