21 July 2017


Caprilicious could be an annual thing for me now everytime Ramadan comes. Yes I know this entry has been so late! But I'm not at ease until I get this posted since it is a waste if I don't share with you guys what Capri has to offer. Located in Bangsar just beside Nexus Bangsar, you'll find this serviced residense standing tall. On the ground floor you'll be able to see Caprilicious from the side of the road. Keep on reading for the full details.

If you hadn't read my post from 2 years before, you could read it here Capprilicious Ramadhan Buffet at Capri By Fraser. Their Ramadan buffet prepared authentic dishes from the South-East Asia region that savoured our taste buds for those who love Kampung dishes. Some of the dishes that were served were Gulai tulang rusuk kambing nangka muda, Ayam Panggang, Sambal Udang Petai, Opor Ayam, Bihun Singapore, Nasi Arab, Mee Rebus Tulang, Kambing Panggang Semarang, Murtabak Ayam and wide arrays of desserts like Bubur Keledek dengan Sagu and Serawa Durian.

Surely if you see a feast like this you'll instantly have the appetite to eat even either fasting or not that day. Caprilicious like years before will serve a wide variety of food which comes with many selections to choose from. So there is a dish for anyone. If you don't eat one type of food you could also go to another. You won't be able to feel the limitation because there is just so much you might cannot try them all.

The dining area is divided has indoor and outdoor where the outdoor section is nearer to the grilled food section.

They served almost every traditional dish you could think of. Lemang, ketupat, everything was there while the choices of sauce is much more. There's meat and fish and a whole lot of traditional desserts as well. 

I bet most of you would stop by this most of the time. My husband surely did since he loves goat meat.

Overall that's it, I don't have much to say though since it's been quite a while. But you could expect a feast like this probably next year as well since it was almost the same as the years before.

More Info:
Capri by Fraser Facebook
Capri by Fraser Website

Till then peeps

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