18 April 2017


Hey, guys, I have had these TEA selections for a while now, well actually I received them late last year. So I'll be honest with you all that I just tried only 2 products from the range mentioned. The Tea Bird Tea is from a company called Balcony Bloomer which originates from Australia but they also ship from Singapore. This tea range focuses on helping our body work more effectively. I received their 5 Day Teatox & Scrub set and it consists off Green Tea, Liver Detox, Colon Cleanse and a Coffee Scrub which this set's main focus is to help you slim down. If you're curious to know if I managed to slim down, keep on reading.

The set comes with three tea selections packed in a box with a tea infuser and a scrub included. The packaging is simple and nice while the tea diffuser was a shape of a strawberry and very easy to clean. Thank goodness this set came along with a tea diffuser since the tea are not in sachets and it'll be a nuisance when you drink the tea. The first tea I tried was the Green Tea, which functions to help slim down the body. I was eager to slim down fast because my wedding was coming up in a few months back then. 

As you could see inside, the green tea leaves look crumbled and dried which makes it looks like it's actual green tea leaves but they do mention that their green tree is not an organic product. Tastewise it does have that slight bitter green tea taste but does not taste exactly like the green tea we usually drink.  We all know the benefits of green tea and it seems that this green tea has the same benefits as another other do. It's high in antioxidants which are believed to helps heart diseases, strokes and also cancer. It also helps to increase metabolism to help the body burn more fat faster. All you do is brew 1 teaspoon of this with hot water for 1-2 min without and sugar or milk. At first, you'll surely will not like the taste as it does not really taste like our normal green tea, but after a while, you'll get used to it. I managed to finish half the packet before I got married and forgot about it after I moved. I kinda regret it now since this helps in detoxifying your body and my body really did feel light on the days I drank this regularly.

Besides the Green Tea, another product in the range that I tried is the Coffee Scrub which purposes for slimming as well. At first, I thought it was gonna be just like any other scrub until I opened it a few weeks after I got married. I instantly thought I opened a packet of coffee beans and it smelled amazing! I'm not sure if everyone would prefer a strong coffee scent in the bathroom but for me it's fine. When you later the product to your body, you can actually feel like you are using coffee beans and dried coconut together and when you rinse it off, your water turns into coffee colour. Haha
My husband finds it a bit disturbing though when I come out of the bathroom smelling like coffee and coconut. LOL... But what really is important is the effects after. My skin feels so smooth like a baby and you surely feel light and refreshed as well. The coffee scent is quite strong though even after a shower, so it may take a while before the scent is completely gone.

Overall I'm sure this 5 Day Teatox & Scrub might help you out if you are persistent in using it, I didn't really follow the program since at that time I was busy preparing for my wedding and after that, I just forgot completely about it except the body scrub though. I really love the body scrub and will really recommend it to you guys too.

Till then peeps.

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  1. I am a new TBT drinker, and I like the effects on my body. Previously, I was dependent on coffee on weekdays, but now no more! :D But I don't see the scrub in TBT online store.


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