10 April 2017


Hey, peeps, here's another one of my #ThrowbackBeautyProducts post today. So I received this cushion concealer as a door gift probably two years ago. If you just landed on my blog and wondering why I just posted out the review of the product today, well your questions will be answered if you read this.
Laneige was popular back then, and I remember bloggers were talking about it all the time. I was invited to some of their events too and managed to get a few products from them as door gifts. If you're wondering do, I still use this product? Keep on reading.

The answers to your questions are of course no. I have stopped using this product for a very long time already. Why? Well, I'll tell you at the end of this post. Let's start with a closer look at what the concealer looks. From the first glance, you could tell that this product does have an expensive feel to it, which is known for most Laneige products. It looks like a pen, and it functions almost similar to it too. Rather than using a brush as the tip, Laneige used a soft sponge instead which creates an attractive smooth application.

The back of the concealer is clickable to enable the right amount of concealer to come out quickly. It does take a few clicks at first for the product to come out but later on, you'll just need a click to damp the cushion in front. I found this concealer unique when I got it, but after working for a Korean cosmetic company, I believe beauty brands commonly design products like this.

So let's cut it short then, the concealer has a nice feel to it, especially the packaging which looks expensive. The formulation is quite good to me, it's not oily, and a blends well with the foundation I use. I sure have used this a lot since I received it until one day the sponge on top was torn, and there was no way to be used again. I still had a quarter of formula left inside, and I felt such a waste. But since the concealer had a click function to let the product out, I had no problem to remove the access formulation into another concealer container. But after that, I just didn't use it anymore.

Till then peeps.

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