07 April 2017


Hey guys, this is my first post for #ThrowbackBeautyProducts. LOL... This was Laneige's 3rd cushion generation that came out last year. I was invited to the launch here in Malaysia and yet I have not posted about it. Yes, so bad! I know... I think I have been intending to write about this cushion a lot of times but I always end up with one paragraph and go completely lost. Since this is just a 'Throwback review' I'm just gonna share my opinions and not go in completely detailed about the product.

Starting with the cushion case, I think Lanegie started the revolutionary holographic case that we see in other brands now, just like how cushions started to become a beauty trend here in Malaysia. I think Laneige have contributed a major role why K-Beauty is so popular now. Having So Hye Kyo as their brand ambassador plays a major contribution why women want to own Laneige products. I'm just saying because I'm partially guilty for having that conscious as well. Their marketing affects me honestly. 😂

Anyways, the new holographic case at that time was a hot topic among the beauty addicts and it seems to have circuled it's way to all social media platforms. So of course when a thing becomes an internet sensation, other brands will tend to follow. I also happen to own their 2nd generation BB Cushion and they have totally improved a lot from the previous design of the cushion to something that urges you take a picture of its beauty.

The difference inside were quite comparable too. The new design seems more sheek and elegant with silver linings at the outer circle compared to the dull plastic one they had before. Even the feel of both cushions are different and from my point of view, the new improved BB Cushion is hard to beat.

As you could see clearly from the pictures, the puffs and cushions are both very different. The feel and texture includes.

The formulation is also different for me, probably because the new one I used was the pore control while the old one was the whitening one. Even though both are the same colour, I feel like the new formulation is a little bit brighter compared to the old one.

I used the Pore Control BB Cushion for sometime now and I bought it everywhere. BB Cushions are a really great help to have in your handbag all the time, especially when you don't wear makeup but suddenly something came up and you need to fix your face. Plus, the texture is light and it does give you the coverage that you need. Since I have oily combination skin, using the pore care cushion really helps control the amount of oil that comes out. Rather than having you look so shining at the end of the day, it manages to control my skin to have a rather dewy look which turns out pretty nice in selfies. LOL

So overall this is my review for the Lanegie BB Cushion which took me almost a year to do.
There will be more coming up soon. 

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