22 April 2017


Here is the story of #MyTravelAdventure. I'm not sure how many times I said this but I'm sure for those who have been following me you would know that I have made a deal with my husband. And what deal is that? Well, I always dreamt of travelling here and there but I didn't have many chances when I was single due to many reasons. My boyfriend before which is now my husband spent his single day's backpacking and going to places and I envied him so much. Him knowing about this lead him into sweet talking me before we got married. He promised after we get married we will go travel somewhere once a month until I get bored of it. So our story goes like this:

We are married for 4 months now and indeed he did keep his word. We both planned to travel around Malaysia first since I myself haven't been to a lot of places in Malaysia even though I am a local here. Sad but true. The best part about this deal is that we both agreed that the place we should go should not always be fancy. Going into the woods was one of our options.

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So our first trip was a week just after we got married. We went to The Pines Melaka because I kept saying that I wanted to go to Melaka again. I managed to find a very good deal too for 3D2N. The Pines Melaka is a new 4- Star hotel but it does have the feel of luxury. We had the view of Melaka's river from our room and the night view was breathtaking. It is located so near to Bandar Melaka that we didn't even have to drive far to go to places. It surely was a very nice trip especially a trip for new couples. 😉 Breakfast there was so nice too. In fact, it kinda caused my husband to be addicted to croissants, he couldn't find another that could beat the croissants there after that. 😅

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Our second trip was our honeymoon trip, a gift from my colleagues and friends. You could read about my honeymoon post, we went to Pangkor Laut Resort and it was such a dream vacation! It was the right place to go for a honeymoon and we both couldn't get over it even until now. The taste of luxury for three days surely felt good. The place was a private island so most of the time you could only hear the nature talking to you especially when you're chilling out at the beach enjoying the sea breeze. The food, accommodation and service were the best there, I surely had a hard time leaving especially when you could find picture perfect spots everywhere.

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For our third month, we went to Copthorne Cameron Highlands with his family. Again, I was able to find a promotion, we received a pretty good deal (but still a bit pricey, since breakfast is not included) for all the rooms we bought. I have never been to Cameron Highlands before and I was so excited about it. I keep seeing people posting up pictures on Instagram and Facebook showing off their couples. So I assume Cameron should be a pretty famous honeymoon spot for the newlyweds. When I finally arrived there, my husband made sure that we visited all the places that he knows that would excite me especially the Boh Plantation. It was a really good trip, especially when we got lucky to have gone there during the cold time. It was literally freezing there, reminded me of London. I also had the best time exploring the food there and surely had plenty of strawberries. Now I'm thinking of the waffle strawberry ice-cream I had. *Drools...

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For last month we went to The Phillea Mines Resort. I got this super cheap deal from Traveloka. We didn't even pay much for a 5-Star hotel. The booking process was so easy and simple. No need to print vouchers, I just used the app to check in. Unfortunately, we didn't really much enjoy our stay here because there was nothing much to do. The hotel itself isn't well maintained and the breakfast was bad. I kinda regret not choosing Holiday Inn Glenmarie for Traveloka's promotion since they were offering a really good deal at that time. It was almost 70% OFF and I received a coupon code from them as well. Probably next time I'll start reading hotel reviews by people at the app instead of on focusing on the stars the hotel have. 😂

This month we were supposed to have a gathering with our close friends so we booked rooms at Padi Box Sekinchan. A place surrounded by the Padi fields. Our original plan was to have a bbq session, catch up with each other and also eat seafood there since it's cheap at that area. We already made the deposit for it a month earlier but when the week finally came, my friend's baby was admitted to the hospital and another friend of mine had to go back to Johor since her grandmother passed away. So we didn't manage to go on a trip this month but it's okay since we still did have a plan to do so. We were all kinda sad though since we were really looking forward to it. I have already pictures how I wanted to do my vlog video. 😝

We're not stopping here yet. Malaysia has a lot of interesting places and tourist destinations where even locals themselves have not explored yet (I'm talking about myself). 🙈 My dream is to explore the whole Malaysia before I find myself travelling to other countries. Our country is rich with food and tradition which I would love to experience it for myself too.

So I'm not giving up just yet, travel plans for next month have been planned as well. We're going to Lost World of Tambun, which I have been before, you could ready my past trip to The Lost World. This time I'm going again for team bonding! Yes, as you all may know, I have a super cool boss who always plans out the best team bondings, for us. Our team has 6 people and we're bringing along our partners as well. 🙌 After a fine time at the park, we're planning to head down to Ipoh and go food hunting. Ouh, I can't wait for the taste of cendol, kopi-o and toast! Yumsss...

If your thinking that's it since the next month will be fasting month, well you're wrong. Or probably not that wrong, we don't have any plans yet for Puasa but I'm feeling a nice 2D1N stay at a nice place in the centre of KL would be great.  Not sure, yet but we already have plans for July. I got another discount code from Traveloka to use and I'm itchy to use it. Probably check in at Holiday Inn Glenmarie since it's near and my husband says the place is nice.

On July, we are going to SABAH for Raya! Yes!!! I have always wanted to go there and we're finally going. This time I'm going with my family. My cousin is getting married there so that's why suddenly Sabah was a chosen destination. At first, I didn't really wanna go despite for my unhealthy financial status, but my mum said just go and don't think too much if you want to travel. I still have a few months away to find the money. So my husband managed to get us really cheap flights and we manage to buy tickets including returns about RM200 per person. From there my husband did the planning and searched for homestays and transportation at Sandakan and also Kota Kinabalu. We are landing at Sandakan to attend the wedding first then stay a few more days to visit the places there. My dad says Sandakan has really nice views since it's near the ocean.

After 3 days at Sandakan, we plan to head to Kota Kinabalu since we're flying off from there. We had the thought since we're already here in Sabah we should just go to both popular places. I'm excited to visit Kundasang, the Dairy Farm especially since a lot of people has been posting about the place on social media. My husband managed to get a budget of RM500 per person including flight tickets, accommodation and transportation. Food is not included yet but let's see if this turns out to be okay. If you guys have any suggestions let me know so we could prepare ahead. It's gonna be all our first time going there, tips are surely needed.

So finally we come to an end. Our travel plans stops at Sabah for now, but of course, I won't be stopping here. My dream has always been to go on a vacation with my family, I mean my parents and my siblings together. For Sabah, I'm going with my mum, grandmother, and aunts so I haven't reached my dream yet. My family never really had a proper vacation where we all went together. We have always had went separately, joining other groups since it was a cheaper option. To go on a nice vacation with the whole family would surely cost a lot, so I'm hoping I could win this contest from Traveloka so I could finally bring my family on a nice vacation and take beautiful family pictures!  My parents and siblings sure need a treat. There are just so many great places here in Malaysia and I wish I could go to all of them with my loved ones. Wish me luck! 😘🙏

Till then peeps!

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