05 April 2017


Hey guys, again it has been a while since my last post. This is because I was frustrated with myself, after drafting for hours I accidently deleted it. LIFE!!! I felt like punching someone. So now I'm rewriting the post again but probably a shorter one than before. From the title, you'll probably have guessed what this post is about. Keep on reading if you're curious.

If you are new to Malay culture, usually there will be two wedding receptions for each marriage.  The first one will be the bride's side and the second will be the groom's side. This has always been the tradition, most probably we usually have a huge guest list for each side. My one was considered big as well since I'm the eldest daughter and grand-daughter in my family. So usually the first time reception will be massive but to do so requires a lot of money. To lessen the burden on the unstable economy right now, my dad and my uncle decided to do combine my ceremony together with my cousin. Which at first I objected, but then I thought I'm just being selfish.

Anyways, I'm not gonna talk much about that but gonna share more on the wedding services I chose for my wedding. I know some bloggers usually have a diary for wedding preparations but I'm just too useless to do one.

Let's start with my bridal, we chose the bridal after getting a pretty good deal (which I hoped we had) at the annually held wedding fair in SACC. The package was RM4k++ for 2 ready made wedding gowns, 2 'mini pelamins', 2 makeup artists and 2 accessories sets. That was pretty much it. We were determined to take this bridal since their gown designs are not that bad plus they had plenty of designs to choose from.

When we first came to our fitting session to book our dresses, my eyes were already set on the purple dress that I wore to my wedding. This is because my mum had worn a dress similar to this one and it feels kinda nostalgic even though it isn't the same dress. The team was also very friendly and we were, very much pleased with their service at first. They even bought me the new traditional crown I requested it and I was so happy that I got it.

Everything seemed so fine at first but we did have a feeling that they were looking down a bit at us since we didn't seem to look like people with money. Anyhow it finally became obvious at the day they had to start work. I requested for them to come a day earlier, but they said that they cannot because there is another wedding on the same date as mine and since it's in a BIG HALL they will have to do mine 3 days earlier. So I said okay then.

The agreed time was supposedly after maghrib and they showed up at 11 pm. I called at 9 pm and without a single sorry, they said that they just moved from Ampang. They should have had common sense since my wedding was done at a housing area and showing up doing heavy work in the middle of the night is so inappropriate. It's not like I didn't tell them, though.

Thinking of it again, I feel furious now, oh yes there is a story behind this but I'm just too lazy to rant. Their work seemed decent but I wasn't really pleased, I literally faked the pleased face because I feel bad that I was asking them to change this and that, (since it was not the design I asked for). But what I really wanted was them to leave already because my grandparents inside had a hard time to sleep properly and the neighbours might find this a nuisance as well.

After the ceremony, the attitude shown to us got worse. I was like literally begging for my deposit money to be returned, which was 1K. They only returned it after 2 weeks, that's when my husband finally spoke up. Well, there are a few other things that pissed me off real bad but I think this is enough. It was not like their service was so awful, they still served us pretty decently and I'm thankful that my wedding wasn't ruined because of the bridal. I've heard far worse cases here in Malaysia. I know that we cannot expect everything to be perfect. At least their selections of dresses were stunning and they even offered me a few extra accessories.

Moving on to my solemnization dress, it was bought by my mother after we had a long day walking around boutiques at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. The white dress was what I have always imagined but it was a bit dull. My sister who has always had a creative hand added beads to my dress and it looks absolutely beautiful. It's quite a shame that I didn't manage to get a full shot of my dress since I was rushing to get changed to my wedding dress. Probably I'll update a post on the dress when I have the time later on.

Next are my flower bouquets, yes I had 2 excluding the battered looking plastic bouquet from my bridal. My flower bouquet for my wedding dress was actually unplanned. My mum and I were looking for wedding things at GM Klang and across a really nice flower bouquet that looked so real but it was actually plastic. We were impressed and looked at the price and yes it was pricey, then my mum said, 'ala... mak boleh buat sendiri' and yes she did. My family is well known for owning really creative hands, so no surprise, crafty things like this always turn out good.

The 2nd flower bouquet was from Flower Chimp, and yes I was sponsored for it. Looking at the flowers offered on their website I really wanted to get myself a nice jar of flowers, but I was thinking it would be nice to have a fresh flowers hand bouquet for my solemnization. Baby breaths are usually a really popular option for this event and Flower Chimp happen to have it. It was perfect! I looked at the picture shown on the website and it shows a really nice hand bouquet and I said this should be the one.

The delivery for the bouquet was on time and smooth. Unfortunately, I was surprised to receive a bouquet, a massive one in fact that is completely different from the picture shown. Thank goodness I got the bouquet delivered a day before my reception. The bouquet was totally different from what has been shown on the website, it's supposed to be smaller and has a really nice design to it.

Despite my disappointment, I am at no place to complain though and I'm thankful enough to be given it. So my mum helped me out and created another smaller bouquet out from the bouquet that I got but still using the same ribbons and wrappers received. Looking to the bright side, it does have a good to it. The extra ones, my mum cut them into small pieces and added it to our 'hantaran' which to sadly say that I have no pictures of it. Why? Let's say it was forgotten inside the room and no one took charge of it. Pity since the 'hantarans' did look amazing especially after adding the flowers, it looked liked a classy premium design already. LOL

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So here comes the exciting part, my makeup artist for the day. I hired Nurliyana which I have been following on Instagram for years and she has always been the person I wanted to do my makeup. Her rate was above my budget though and of course, I did have doubts about it, but after rethinking so many times I came to the conclusion that I only get married once. I was afraid that the makeup artist provided by my bridal was someone who wasn't experienced enough and it would just ruin me.

I don't know how I would have dealt with it if that happened but I'm thankful that I hired Liyana. Since I could not really afford for 2 different makeup sessions, I had my makeup done only once before my solemnization, then straight to my wedding after which was just a few hours apart.
But still, I was worried who would be able to help me style my hijab and wear me the traditional crown which looks like it was gonna be a tuff job to do so.

Luckily I'm related to people in the creative industry. Here I introduce you The Latifi which is my sister's classmate in Uni and also our distance relative (which I must say I just met) LOL... Anyway, my sister is really close to him and he has experience in the fashion industry. When I asked him if he could help style me for my reception he was glad to. And I couldn't thank him enough. So if you guys need a talented guy in the fashion industry you can look out for him. Just look at his portfolio here:

Moving on to the wedding photographer team, we chose RG Studio which happens to be my husband's friend. Since he is in the same industry we managed to get a pretty good deal. We also only paid a quarter of the price because my husband's friends collected money to pay for the rest as our wedding gift. Sweet right? We were really grateful that his friends has chipped in and can't thank them enough.

Our package was for 1 videographer (edited video) and 1 photographer (shoot & burn) and an outdoor session. It was such a good deal for us since my husband was able to do the wedding album himself, we just needed someone to take the pictures.

We didn't really have any problems with their team, we just clicked. Their service was great and it was fun too. The end results of the video just made me to tears, however, for the first video I wasn't quite pleased since it only focused on the bride and groom. Then I asked them if they could redo again and they did without any questions. The new video they included more shots of families and friends just as I wanted it to be. It seems that they did take quite a number of shots to be able to redo a video again. Impressing really. You could check out the video here:

For the caterer and the tents, my mum and aunt handled it. Basically, my family from both my father's and mother's side helped out a bit. If you didn't know, my wedding was held at my grandmother's house. I have always wanted my wedding to be there because my parents also got married there too.

Both of my mum and dad came from Telok Panglima Garang and our relatives were also living there. So it was more suitable for my wedding to be done at my grandmother's place since the neighbours all know our family and the caterer is just beside her house. Yes, the caterer is my grandmother's neighbour and they we also the caterer for my mum's wedding.

So overall this is pretty much my wedding story. Did I have my dream wedding? Well could say so, I really wanted a traditional wedding at my grandmother's house just like my parents did and I got it. There were a few tensions and mistakes we did but it wasn't so bad.

The important thing is that we both managed to get married and the ceremony went well. A lot of guest showed up non-stop from morning until sundown. We we're surprised too.

So that's all peeps, till then


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  2. Congratulation to you Kak Mira and your husband <3
    Stay sweet and loving with him alright? hehe



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