23 April 2017


Hey peeps, just a short post today. Check out my latest video that I did for fun with my husband. 😅
We were on vacation when we recorded this and it was raining outside, so this video came out unplanned as we were stuck in our room. I also wanted to try out some new video editing tricks that I learnt from Youtube, so this video was an experiment as well. I still need a lot of practice though. Tell me what you think and how I could improve my channel more.

Till then peeps.

18 April 2017


Hey, guys, I have had these TEA selections for a while now, well actually I received them late last year. So I'll be honest with you all that I just tried only 2 products from the range mentioned. The Tea Bird Tea is from a company called Balcony Bloomer which originates from Australia but they also ship from Singapore. This tea range focuses on helping our body work more effectively. I received their 5 Day Teatox & Scrub set and it consists off Green Tea, Liver Detox, Colon Cleanse and a Coffee Scrub which this set's main focus is to help you slim down. If you're curious to know if I managed to slim down, keep on reading.

14 April 2017


If you are looking for an excellent place to meet up with a couple of your close friends, probably a date night out or maybe you just want to try out something different, I suggest you Marco's Creative Cuisine located in 1 Utama. The ambience of the restaurant itself will make you feel this is the right place to meet up as soon as you walk in. If you're with friends, you'll surely be thinking of all the beautiful shots you could take together, and if you're with a date, (either new or old 😏) you'll surely have a lot to talk about with a nice surrounding to support you. Wonder why? Keep on reading.

10 April 2017


Hey, peeps, here's another one of my #ThrowbackBeautyProducts post today. So I received this cushion concealer as a door gift probably two years ago. If you just landed on my blog and wondering why I just posted out the review of the product today, well your questions will be answered if you read this.
Laneige was popular back then, and I remember bloggers were talking about it all the time. I was invited to some of their events too and managed to get a few products from them as door gifts. If you're wondering do, I still use this product? Keep on reading.

07 April 2017


Hey guys, this is my first post for #ThrowbackBeautyProducts. LOL... This was Laneige's 3rd cushion generation that came out last year. I was invited to the launch here in Malaysia and yet I have not posted about it. Yes, so bad! I know... I think I have been intending to write about this cushion a lot of times but I always end up with one paragraph and go completely lost. Since this is just a 'Throwback review' I'm just gonna share my opinions and not go in completely detailed about the product.

06 April 2017


Hey, guys, I'm back and I'm trying my best to be on track this time. I know I have said this so many times but still, I'm still stuck where I started. So recently I have been motivating myself that I should do more and really stop giving excuses and here is me trying to do so. I'm currently using my free time to learn some new things and read contents that are related to my field. Since my job scope is merely in the same field as my hobby right now, I feel I should strengthen my knowledge so that I could grow my career further.

05 April 2017


Hey guys, again it has been a while since my last post. This is because I was frustrated with myself, after drafting for hours I accidently deleted it. LIFE!!! I felt like punching someone. So now I'm rewriting the post again but probably a shorter one than before. From the title, you'll probably have guessed what this post is about. Keep on reading if you're curious.